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  1. What exciting news! 🙂 Does anyone know whether the BPO streams every single concert program on their Digital Concert Hall?
  2. Amazing that the album made it to the top of the Austrian DVD charts despite it not being released on DVD! Williams working miracles again! 😅
  3. Yeah, you're right, the lack of rehearsals makes the idea of throwing substitutes in there without a strong core of Philharmoniker sound even crazier! You're right, we can't let Covid take our balls away! 😬
  4. Well, the orchestra has commissioned him to write a new fanfare for the annual VPO ball, so I think it is quite likely that JW will attend the ball when it is premiered and maybe even conduct the opening (that's perhaps less likely, but who knows - Blomstedt conducted it this year and he's even older than Williams). But who knows when there will be balls again in Vienna... And I thought that after the overture there was only noise in Rheingold anyway! 😅 To be serious, I knew that the opera was getting the short end of the stick in the arrangement with the VPO, but I didn't know it could be this bad! 😳 I've mostly seen them in concert (somehow 5 times already in this crazy year) and I think I've always seen familiar faces pretty much everywhere except in the periphery of the string sections. Then again, the types of concerts that I like to attend typically don't feature a big Wagnerian brass section. Mistakes-wise, the JW concert was the worst I've heard them, though I don't think it was bad at all, especially since they really played inspired. My issues are usually with the interpretation instead, though cohesion can also be a problem - even in core repertoire.
  5. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is such a thing as a Philharmoniker "A-Team". Yes, this is a large orchestra that even regularly plays two performances at the same time (for instance one in the opera and one in the Musikverein or on tour) and they do use substitutes to fill out the string section in these cases. However, the vast majority of the players (including most importantly the principals) are always going to be Philharmoniker. It‘s no different here. The huge brass section seems to be there completely even, they had to mobilize everyone for JW‘s music. 😅 IMHO, the only place where the cast of these concerts was sub-par is the concertmaster. The VPO has 4 concertmasters and they often use 2 in concerts. Here, they used only one, Fedor Rudin, and he‘s still very young and inexperienced (he‘s only been with the orchestra for slightly more than a year). The poor guy looked visibly stressed during the concerts. I can’t help but think that someone like Volkhard Steude (probably my favorite of the 4 concertmasters) would‘ve smoothed out some of the communication issues between orchestra and conductor and kept everything more together. But for the most part, I think the issues that arose were due to the orchestra not being familiar with some of the pieces, not because the players weren’t the best the VPO has to offer. Sadly, even the VPO isn’t immune to that.
  6. Marion's theme... the strings are playing all out romantically, one of my favorite memories from the concert! At this rate, are they going to put the entire concert on YouTube? I wouldn't mind right now, because I accidentally let my BluRay/CD combo be delivered to the wrong address 🤪 (I'll get it on the weekend).
  7. I doubt that the piece will permanently be replaced. The VPO is way too proud of its tradition for that to happen. But I think we may very well get to see JW conduct at the annual Vienna Philharmonic ball sometime. 😃 (don't know whether there will even be a ball in February of next year)
  8. I think VPN is probably the most straightforward way. (can't think of another anyway) Here's the official livestream again: https://www.servustv.com/jetzt-live/ You get different versions of the TV channel (and stream) depending on if you're in Austria or Germany, but the concert should be on both. Let's hope that it doesn't buckle and that the concert isn't blacked out for some reason. 😬
  9. Awesome! Here's the same thing on YouTube (for people who don't have Spotify) :
  10. Yeah, perhaps you’re right. After all, the idea of the documentary seems to be to ask a wide variety of artists about the impact of Beethoven (including for instance Jazz musicians). I guess part of the reason why I think it‘d be a bit weird, is that WilliamsStarShip2282 said that Sarah Willis didn’t know what happened with the interview (haven’t seen her post myself). If the interview was specifically for a yet-to-be-released Beethoven documentary (entirely hosted by her), I‘d assume she would have some idea about what’s happening with it.
  11. I think the interview, or at least parts of it, will still be in the upcoming documentary (or video essay?) "The World without Beethoven". In the production company's showreel, there is a snippet from the interview. The World without Beethoven part starts at 6:07, the JW snippet is at 7:15 : http://www.bfmi.at/showreel.html I would be weird if the entire interview was only about Beethoven, though.
  12. Haha, yes, I can relate to that. Things are not so different here in Vienna. Since I‘ve heard them quite often, I‘m definitely more aware of negative tendencies in the VPO‘s playing. So it becomes a little bit of a "the grass is always greener elsewhere"-situation. When another great orchestra comes visiting, it‘s usually with a program that they‘ve performed a few times before - meaning they’ve had more practice than 2/3 rehearsals. The VPO mostly invites the conductors it knows and likes, but nonetheless only some (given the right repertoire) can get the orchestra to play at their peak ability. Standing ovations are generally rare. However, the Viennese very much adore their orchestra - and rightfully so.
  13. It is a bit odd that the more traditional, regional Vienna Philharmonic was able to convince him to come. The more international and technically perhaps more virtuosic Berlin Philharmonic seems like a more natural fit. Maybe the city of Vienna with its history and concert halls played a part in the decision. Vienna certainly must be a special place for lots of classical musicians - after all, most major orchestras visit here every year. Concerning future concerts, it‘s gonna be interesting to see whether he wants to conduct other major European orchestras or deepen the relationship with the LSO & VPO. Interesting that someone from Amsterdam would say that about the Berlin Phil. 😝 After all, the Concertgebouw orchestra is usually ranked by music critics at the very top along with the BPO. I don’t really think the quality of playing is much of a factor when choosing whether to conduct the LSO, BPO, VPO or Concertgebouw - they are all among the very finest in the world.
  14. That‘s exactly right. Recording multiple concerts (and also rehearsals) and then patching up those recordings in a session after the concerts is the VPO‘s preferred way of creating records nowadays. Even after the New Year‘s concert, they come back on stage to perform parts that were not perfect or obscured by coughing, etc. Sophie Dervaux, one of the VPO‘s principal bassoonists, has talked about the recording process a little bit: "Ich bin ein Wiener" - lesser known JFK quote Edit: A sweet message from John: 😀
  15. I don‘t think he recorded a whole bunch of baroque music with the Vienna Phil, other than Bach‘s B minor mass. So in good Austrian style, I‘m gonna accuse the Berlin Phil instead 😝
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