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  1. If anyone gets geoblocked, I clipped the more relevant parts in a previous post. 😉
  2. Don't forget that the VPO is a proud (vain) orchestra and they'd probably like to show off the fanfare they commissioned from a famous composer at some point. Also, there are many VPO chamber ensembles, including brass ones, who record CDs as well. So that's another possibility for a release. They featured the Strauss fanfare in the 2015 edition of the Summer Night concert, so this is indeed a possibility.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about this one - I'm sure the VPO will record it at some point, the question is when. Thank the Lord for attention-seeking Opera Divas, we wouldn't have much of the fanfare without it! I once sat in front of her at a VPO concert and was slightly irritated by her flamboyantly recording an IG video right before it started. When I checked her IG account later, it turned out she had even recorded during the concert itself. 😅
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this friend of Anna Netrebko recorded most / all of it (with the purpose of filming Netrebko's entrance) : https://instagram.com/eskildsennatalia?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Anybody wanna ask nicely? 😉 Edit: Scratch that, it must've been someone else in the Netrebko entourage.
  5. Another Instagram reel, showing some parts not heard before: 10000000_521723326725509_8042354972702817529_n_1.mp4
  6. No, it was a mini-exhibition for the 80th anniversary of the Philharmonikerball, showing some of the history of it. At least that's what the TV news said.
  7. EDIT: Guys, I've just stumbled across the goldmine that is Anna Netrebko's Instagram. These are by far the longest clips yet. Enjoy! 307283632_1263627530855250_5466483508045496409_n.mp4 304DF1FD32B5FF21A95B882C44C0DDAA_video_dashinit.mp4 3543B34DB024924DCBEC20ACBFE79387_video_dashinit.mp4 It's a 720p encode from a clip that was also 720p. Not sure if there is any noticeable extra compression loss, but here's a screenshot from the original file:
  8. Unfortunately only a tiny snippet again on Austrian news... I guess we'll have to wait until the VPO decides to release it in some fashion. 1144007843_WienHeute-Philh.BallMitClipchamperstellt.mp4
  9. Hey, an Austrian is winning the skiing downhill in Kitzbühel, causing the country to grind to a halt. I guess we all have to wait with bated breath if the society TV program at 8 pm local time shows anything interesting...
  10. Another (tiny) snippet, from Instagram 320143238_586137943337670_717687597222034185_n.mp4
  11. What we can see in the video on the far left of the formation is that JW included a Wagner Tuba and an Althorn (tenor horn) in the score, a nice touch. Otherwise it probably follows the already lavish instrumentation of the Richard Strauss fanfare. 2 timpani 2 (normal) tubas 6 trumpets 6 trombones 6 horns + Wagner tuba + Althorn (8 horns in the RS piece) Edit: It's a bit difficult to tell exactly which instruments they are, since there's a lot in that horn family that look similar. One's definitely smaller than the other, though.
  12. Here's a little snippet from the rehearsal that was included in Austrian TV news. https://clipchamp.com/watch/vkhmvU3xUHk Maybe we'll get something more complete from the ball itself tomorrow. A recording would be nice, though. (maybe in conjunction with his entire 2nd Vienna concert?)
  13. The solos were great for the most part and principal flutist Karl-Heinz Schütz was gleefully attacking every phrase, not just the solo parts. I guess I was trying to say that the second half had a lot of heroic, full tilt brass and maybe playing with the dynamics and the balance would've brought out more orchestral details in some pieces. E.T. was probably my personal highlight - just beautiful playing all around! Anyway, it was a fantastic concert! The concert critics are just taken aback by the frequency of the standing ovations. Don't make too much of it, they just live in a different bubble than us. Consider on the flip side that some JWFanners have accused the Saturday audience of lacking enthusiasm, because there wasn't a standing ovation every time. I'm pretty sure that the program was structured in such a way that there wasn't supposed to be long applause inside of the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Star Wars blocks, which is why JW after some pieces didn't really turn around to acknowledge the audience on Saturday. Steude as concertmaster was a definite upgrade, otherwise it was also pretty much as good as it gets (though the lineup for the first concert was also good). Schütz, Schorn, Dervaux, Lenaerts, they are all great. I didn't see the horn section well from where I was sitting... was it Janezic messing up the horn solo? If so, we can't complain there either, because he's the best.
  14. Review in Wiener Zeitung: https://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/kultur/klassik/2140736-Alle-lieben-John-Williams.html Another classical music critic somewhat alienated by the standing ovations. 😅 I do slightly agree with the point that a little bit more refinement and a little less volume would've been beneficial. But that's complaining on a very high level. It can mean both, depending on the context. It's a little odd that both used the same term, though. Makes me second-guess a little bit. After all, DG has to find a way of releasing this without bastardizing its other products. So maybe an initial vinyl-only release with a later general release isn't impossible.
  15. Did the rumor of vinyl-only arise from the fact that the percussionist said 'Schallplatte'? Because that word - strictly speaking - means vinyl record, but colloquially it also includes CDs and other media. As PetePan said, this just means a recording is being made!
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