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  1. Great read, really brings back memories from that weekend. I didn‘t know that Sinkovicz was an opponent of JW‘s music, I usually enjoy his reviews. I guess a lot of classical music people still fall victim to this excessive compartmentalization of musical genres. A shame. A question about queuing up for concert tickets in Vienna for Mr. Schedenig: Do the ticket offices open before tickets are available online? (or were you just trying to avoid a crashing website) I‘ve only done this once at the Philharmoniker ticket office and they did indeed open up like 5 minutes early – so I‘m wondering if this is the usual procedure. 🤔 Thanks!
  2. Yeah, but I assume (I didn't go to the Sunday concert myself) that you're referring to the Direktionsloge of the Musikverein (in the middle of the left side balcony), which is not for sale but reserved for the Direktion (and their guests?). There's almost always empty seats there, which is kind of dumb. At the same time, they run the whole thing. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yeah, embedded facebook posts are kinda weird. Does this Direct Link work for you?
  4. Some looks behind the scenes of the audio and video production:
  5. Then again, nothing sounds better than Kleiber‘s Beethoven recordings. 😉 I kind of see what you‘re saying, the Nelsons recordings don‘t sound quite as clear. You absolutely should check out Carlos Kleiber‘s recordings of the 5th and 7th symphonies with the VPO as well as the 4th with the Bavarian State Orchestra. I completely adore these recordings. 😍 I‘d forget about the Thielemann cycle - it may sound clearer, but the interpretations are imho worse than Nelsons. I think Blomstedt with the Gewandhaus Orchestra would be a good choice in terms of a 21st cycle with great sound quality.
  6. There's also tons of microphones hung from wires that run from one balcony to the other in the Musikverein. I assume that's what is used for livestreams and radio broadcasts and will also be used here in addition to the mics that were specially set up. Edit: I should also mention that the Musikverein's Golden Hall basically serves as Vienna's recording studio for orchestral music. So it should sound very well indeed. 😉
  7. Yes. In the German version it says "TV-Konzertmitschnitt", which means something like "tv concert recording", nothing too fancy. 😉
  8. It‘s actually a Red Bull TV channel ( though with some interesting programming). "Servus“ is a casual way of saying "hello" in Austrian dialect. 😉
  9. Some breaking news about the recording from Anne-Sophie Mutters website: https://www.anne-sophie-mutter.de/en/news/john-williams-und-anne-sophie-mutter-in-wien/ The essentials: It‘s going to be on ServusTV (Austrian TV) in the spring, DG is going to release a CD later in 2020. A film recording will also be distributed by DG. A conversation between ASM and JW will also be shown in the TV broadcast.
  10. Gott erhalte John den Kaiser! Wait... I mean Down with the tyrant! 😠 Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss, Furtwängler, Karajan, Kleiber, Williams, Schedenig? How did that happen? 😯😉
  11. Yes, violas on the far right is pretty common for them. They line up according to what the conductor wants (which can vary with different repertoire) . Mariss Jansons used it last year conducting an incredible Symphonie Fantastique; Welser-Möst likes it too, I think. Only in the recent New Year's concerts, it's always been split violins (earlier, with Maazel & Boskovsky this wasn't case, though). What was a little unusual about the JW concerts was the basses not being at the rear (which is Viennese tradition), that's not something you see too often. Maybe due to space constraints or due to JW prefering the American way. 🇺🇸😉
  12. I found out that Tibor Kovac, the VPO principal 2nd violin, who seemed to be in an especially jolly and enthusiastic mood during the concerts, is no stranger to performing JW music. He even arranged Hedwig‘s Theme himself for his chamber ensemble (Philharmonic Five, featuring other VPO members) and recorded it for Sony. Here‘s a live performance:
  13. Has no one pointed out yet that the Vienna Phil. accidentally tagged jwfan.com‘s instagram account in their announcement of the CD/DVD recording? 😂
  14. After leaving Lucasfilm, Rick learned to play violin and became the head of the VPO just so he could have Williams perform in the Musikverein. Brilliant plan! 😂
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