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  1. Do you happen to know a charming female triangle virtuoso with a talent for baking cookies? Because that‘s what we‘d need to make it happen. 😉
  2. Yeah, but that snippet is from a separate Beethoven documentary, so I‘m not sure whether that interview will be part of the concert DVD as well. Let‘s hope so!
  3. Edit: I saw just now that Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images, the main production company, has updated its Showreel with some awesome footage from the JW concert. It's marked as "work in progress". I'm not sure if it's the same clip that briefly popped up on social media, but check it out: (The JW part starts at 09:25) Edit2: There's also a small snippet at 07:12. http://www.bfmi.at/showreel.html No, not that I know of. I've been regularly googling 'John Williams Servus TV' and so far only some reports from hired production companies have shown up. I did find a list of the production crew, if someone maybe wants to write and ask them. 😉 I assume they will let DG's PR department do the announcing, though. Crew: Produzent: Bernhard Fleischer Produktionsleitung: Judit Stassak Bildregie: Michael Beyer Regieassistent: Leopold Knötzl Lichtsetzende Kamera: Wolfram Zöttl Redaktionsleitung ServusTV: Frank Gerdes Produktionsleitung ServusTV: Melanie Kaboto Moderation ServusTV: Niki Löwenstein Redaktion ServusTV: Marie Goltermann Künstlerisches Betriebsbüro: Klaus Krenn Orchesterwart: Martin Stangl Executive Producer Deutsche Grammophon: Ute Fesquet A&R Production Manager Deutsche Grammophon: Malene Hill, Albrecht Klutmann Artists & Repertoire: Dorothea Schlegel EB Kamera: Michael Köblinger EB Kamera 2: Leopold Alzner Lichtoperator: Oliver Göstl-Titz Lichttechniker / Followspot: Lukas Bruneder Musikregie/Producer: Bernhard Güttler Tonregie: Tobias Lehmann Tontechnik: Wolfgang Schiefermair Technische Leitung: Florian Neiss Technische Leitung remote System: Sandro Gregor Frei Videotechniker: Michael Pösl, Sebastian Aberer Bildtechnikerin: Julia Mott Kamera: Christoph Ainedter, Alexander Boboschewski, Wolfram Zöttl Remote: Andreas Reischl, Florian Lindenberg, David Horswell Source: https://www.cinewolf.com/WP/business-directory/4004/a-tribute-to-john-williams-wiener-philharmoniker/
  4. In the news article on the main website, it says that the concerto will be premiered this year. In the interview, ASM says „next summer“, which is slightly ambiguous, but I‘m 99% sure she means summer 2021. Otherwise, she would‘ve said „this summer“ and 2021 also makes more sense given the rest of the schedule she discusses: This year she‘s gonna play a whole lot more Beethoven due to the anniversary and there is another premiere of a piece by Widmann, and then - in 2021 - she‘ll take time off (sabbatical) before premiering the JW concerto in the summer. At least that‘s how I‘m interpreting what she‘s saying, it‘s not 100% clear. So please change that in the article.
  5. Given the fact that she said the concerto will be premiered next summer, it pretty much has to be at a summer festival. Tanglewood seems likely (and/or Los Angeles?). Vienna is out of contention (no summer festival here), but one can dream of Salzburg and Lucerne, where ASM is performing this summer. 😊
  6. I think people have speculated about this, but it hadn‘t been confirmed yet (as far as I know). Now, ASM has confirmed in an interview with Bavarian television that JW is indeed writing a new „big“ violin concerto for her. She says it will be premiered „next summer“ (likely meaning summer 2021), even though she also talks about taking a sabbatical next year ( I guess she will make an exception for the premiere?). Here‘s the interview (in German). The relevant part starts at 13:13: I’m hoping that the premiere will bring JW back to central Europe. 😁
  7. Great read, really brings back memories from that weekend. I didn‘t know that Sinkovicz was an opponent of JW‘s music, I usually enjoy his reviews. I guess a lot of classical music people still fall victim to this excessive compartmentalization of musical genres. A shame. A question about queuing up for concert tickets in Vienna for Mr. Schedenig: Do the ticket offices open before tickets are available online? (or were you just trying to avoid a crashing website) I‘ve only done this once at the Philharmoniker ticket office and they did indeed open up like 5 minutes early – so I‘m wondering if this is the usual procedure. 🤔 Thanks!
  8. Yeah, but I assume (I didn't go to the Sunday concert myself) that you're referring to the Direktionsloge of the Musikverein (in the middle of the left side balcony), which is not for sale but reserved for the Direktion (and their guests?). There's almost always empty seats there, which is kind of dumb. At the same time, they run the whole thing. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yeah, embedded facebook posts are kinda weird. Does this Direct Link work for you?
  10. Some looks behind the scenes of the audio and video production:
  11. Then again, nothing sounds better than Kleiber‘s Beethoven recordings. 😉 I kind of see what you‘re saying, the Nelsons recordings don‘t sound quite as clear. You absolutely should check out Carlos Kleiber‘s recordings of the 5th and 7th symphonies with the VPO as well as the 4th with the Bavarian State Orchestra. I completely adore these recordings. 😍 I‘d forget about the Thielemann cycle - it may sound clearer, but the interpretations are imho worse than Nelsons. I think Blomstedt with the Gewandhaus Orchestra would be a good choice in terms of a 21st cycle with great sound quality.
  12. There's also tons of microphones hung from wires that run from one balcony to the other in the Musikverein. I assume that's what is used for livestreams and radio broadcasts and will also be used here in addition to the mics that were specially set up. Edit: I should also mention that the Musikverein's Golden Hall basically serves as Vienna's recording studio for orchestral music. So it should sound very well indeed. 😉
  13. Yes. In the German version it says "TV-Konzertmitschnitt", which means something like "tv concert recording", nothing too fancy. 😉
  14. It‘s actually a Red Bull TV channel ( though with some interesting programming). "Servus“ is a casual way of saying "hello" in Austrian dialect. 😉
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