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  1. I didn’t say I can’t tell you whether it was him . Not knowing is not a qualification and as you don’t know either - you cannot own the word qualify. I would like to know who did it and as Thor has diplomatically pointed out , it will no doubt come to light. Neither you or I should have egg on our faces making claims about its validity . If Williams composed it - fine - then you can criticise it but as you or I don’t have the info yet - let’s just wait and see who comes forward which is what I am asking - BECAUSE I DONT KNOW AND NEITHER DO YOU!!!
  2. So we should all use Penna and Datameister as the benchmark for qualifying any music of any kind and as to whether it’s any good or not. Well once you’ve watched thousands of films as part of your job and you listen to the music before anybody else does , been on hundreds of set visits and recording sessions and talked with producers, directors ,actors/actresses and musicians , in your eyes that obviously doesn’t qualify you for anything then when building your experience and knowledge.
  3. Well Tolkien , I think I do have an ear for music having followed John Williams consistently since 1972 after hearing The Poseidon Adventure. I have a vast music library ( vinyl, tape , CD and streamed )of Korngold, Steiner , Tiompkin , Williams , Goldsmith, Horner , Barry , Zimmer , Arnold, Goodwin , Walton, Jarre, Morricone etc etc etc to name but a few . And yes Williams to me tops the lot. What right have you got to say I don’t have an ear for music? My tastes range from Opera , to the Classics and to modern pop and rock I am merely asking the question if John Williams composed the trailer music and if not who did? And let me just say that perfectly capable composers who compose exceptionally good music for computer games are employed for trailer music . . I’ve met them at awards ceremonies for BAFTA. Are you putting down budding composers who don’t have an ear for music either ? I think I would have questioned the trailer music if the Indy music had not been included . Also experience of the film industry and its workings should never be put down . Years ago when JWFan was set up in the mid nineties I did furnish it with insider information that I was privy to . Ask Tim Burden who I am and then you’ll know!!!
  4. We can all say yes or no but where’s the evidence? Its still not answering the question Did John Williams compose the trailer music , if not , who did???????? if I was in the US working within the industry , I would have got to the bottom of it within minutes but being in the U.K. even with my contacts at Abbey Road and Air Studios , knowledge is limited
  5. Again you don’t have the answer just supposition. And I have to say sometimes it’s not “obvious” I’ve worked in the U.K. film industry at all levels so I have a bit of an idea how it works ! SO WHO DID IT???? Thats the question I’m asking ? Come forward those who know either from the scoring stage or a trailer house and prove it to us who scored the trailer !
  6. Still not an answer Holko And what would you then say if he had scored the trailer? Its not that bad after you get through the tinkling piano and shimmering strings at 1.00. In composition speak it’s called building to the payoff - the knowledge we are probably witnessing the last Indiana Jones film ,the last time we see Harrison Ford in the role - and of course John Williams final outing for it too
  7. What evidence do you have that he didn’t compose it? You can’t just say No! Come forward the person who did? There must composer/musicians out there who have the answers ? I am directing my questions to them who may be on this website and up until now have been sworn to secrecy re the score or trailer score. Dont forget that JW may have some input into the trailer music if any of his score is used and may have final approval over it ;so to say you hope he never hears it is a bit shallow. Consequently , if you were the producer director of the main film putting the trailer together , do you not think it would be respectful and a common courtesy to show a composer of John Williams standing, the treatment given to his music in a trailer before it went out? I think I would!
  8. Surely there are some musicians who worked on IJ Dial of Destiny who can clarify if John Williams did the trailer music. if John didn’t compose it , what music production company did and who was the orchestrator composer ? it does sound remarkably similar in its orchestrations to the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban trailer music
  9. Did John Williams do the music for the trailer at his first recording session a few months ago. Maybe some musicians out there who worked on the film and trailer can clarify ?
  10. I now know who Towner Fan is and he, with Mahler3 , have the contacts to know and get the answer I was looking for . And trust me , these two guys are well in the know . I hope they don’t mind me saying that.
  11. Well Crumbs ,this was posted on this very website on Sept 2nd prior to Classic FMs broadcast Speaking to Classic FM, [John Williams] said he had finished 30% of the soundtrack for the fifth instalment, which will star Harrison Ford. “I pretty much have the thematic scheme done. But we probably will be working on this into September.” Asked whether he would like to create work for James Bond, Williams said: “I’d love it.” He then went on to open up about the process of creating a soundtrack. . So completion of the other 70% of the score must have been undertaken through September and then JW must have been in the studio again for several sessions from early October and then finalised by October 18th tweaking the music to the visuals . I am assuming. Anyway , happy that it’s now complete. I would love Mike Matessino to be involved with JW and produce the album CD in totally expanded form from June 2023 rather than going back to the recordings years down the line.. Let’s have the final completed soundtrack for Indy 5 in a fully complete 2/3 cd release for us all to enjoy .
  12. Ahh Towner Fan has replied . Many thx Towner - I met you and Mahler3 in Vienna a few years back
  13. Hi Thor , having worked in the U.K. film industry ( exhibition side) , I had contacts who worked in Abbey Road and Air studios in London and got snippets of info as to recording sessions that were ongoing for quite a few years . As all of JWs scores in the past 20 years have been on sound stages in Hollywood , any info passed across the water here to the U.K. is non existent . i know that even living in the states info is probably hard to come by and those in the know are sworn to secrecy . The film industry as we all know is very masonic and secret society in its concept and sometimes it is like trying to get blood out of a stone
  14. In light of JWs penultimate score The Fabelmans about to be released, does anybody know if Johns (alleged) last film score Indiana 5 is now complete? is it “in the can” or digital memory so to speak? I think I remember hearing JW say on stage or in an interview that all the thematic elements were there prior to another batch of sessions that were in September but have there or are there any session musicians who worked on it been told to come back in the knowledge that final pickup or completed effects sessions to tweak, extend or play to new additional scenes with extra (new) music will be pending this or early next year? Or did JW compose everything to the final edit and September was it - FINISHED! Any knowledge or ideas or snippets of info to tell from anybody in the know at Paramount or from sound stage personnel too ,etc etc etc? it’s just that I will be happy in the knowledge when/that it’s all done and dusted and after listening to that beautiful Helena’s theme , will be waiting in high expectation for the CD/streaming release next year. As well as the film I might add!!!
  15. Well last week I created a post suggesting that I would love to see John Williams compose a requiem mass or piece of music (possibly Coronation) in honour of Her Majesty The Queen or the new King. I have followed John Williams since 1971 when I first heard his score for The Poseidon Adventure at the age of 13 and I have never wavered in my admiration for his music since. I knew deep down and my instincts were right that greatness was written in the stars for him . Ive not been proved wrong and it’s due to him that I eventually moved to working in the U.K. Film Industry as a Film Buyer for Multiplex Cinema Chains and I certainly made sure the films he scored were dated in the cinemas I looked after for almost 18 years. Being British and 100% Royalist you can imagine my ecstatic joy at the news that John Williams had been given an honorary knighthood, a KBE, by Queen Elizabeth as one of her final acts. Now she didn’t give these out as if they were confetti , she would have been inspired to give this award because she liked John Williams music personally. The knighthoods she gave out , were and are not just issued under the advice of the government or via certain interested parties but are personal . Williams music has been used by the BBC and ITV and British documentary film makers for many royal jubilee and commemorative events and for solemn occasions like Remembrance, VE and VJ days , so she would have watched the recordings go out on tv with Williams’ music adding to the mood . Truly she must have enjoyed the music he has composed over the years and which has been added by film editors, aside from watching films with a Williams score. Incidentally having worked in the U.K. Cinema Exhibition industry at top level , I know there is a screening room both at Buckingham Palace and at Windsor Castle and that 35mm prints of feature films ( before digital) were sent to the Palace for viewing and films were also considered for the annual Royal Film Performance so it’s safe to assume that she would have watched Spielbergs films ( the other KBE beneficiary) with Williams’ soundtrack. What an absolutely wonderful tribute to the top film composer in the world from one of the most remarkable women in the world. Our Elizabeth The Great has done John Williams proud in her last days as Monarch. it is just so incredibly sad that Williams will not be able to receive this honour from Queen Elizabeth II herself although yes I know awards like this are given out at a consular level. What he must be feeling today must warm his heart ,safe in the knowledge that his Anglophile connections (ie the LSO) and love of the U.K. has got the merit he truly deserves. This is far better than an Oscar or a BAFTA - it’s a thank you for ALL his compositions and works from the British people. I hope this award inspires him to write something in her honour as he moves into his last furlong as a classical concert composer (and hopefully he does come out of film composing retirement to top it all by composing a Bond film score) I know that his being american , you can’t use the word Sir, but god damn it , I’m going to break protocol from now on and say in light of the fact that Indy 5 may be his last film score ; and I know I say this on behalf of many if not all of you on this brilliant JWFan website and on others like The Legacy of John Williams who are dedicated to his music , “ARISE SIR JOHN. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL MUSIC THAT HAS INSPIRED OTHERS AND IS LOVED BY ALL YOUR FANS WORLDWIDE. THANK YOU SIR, FOR EVERYTHING”
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