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  1. That would be Too Far and Away! I'd prefer Stavanger Symfoniorkester!
  2. Thank you! I think the maestro has earned himself a lusekofte by now. I have been lurking around this forum for years with joy and fascination. I have been a fan since Kevin tried his dad's after shave but had never imagined I would see him conduct in person before the Vienna concert in 2018 opened up a series of opportunities in spite of the first cancellation. Seeing him conduct Film Night in Tanglewood was my first live experience and a very special one since many had doubts whether be would be able to physically conduct the concert since he had had health issues the previous fall. Thankfully he shows no signs of stopping and he is a great inspiration both musically and as a humble and respectful human being. John Williams and his body of work has proven to be quite addictive..
  3. First encore on Saturday filmed from just underneath the ceiling. E.T. Flying Theme: https://youtu.be/mCK3UtBVmU4
  4. Lucky to get a ticket before the concert after attending yesterday's concert. An impressive performance so far. The mishap in the horns in Olympic Fanfare from last night is long forgotten by now.
  5. I simply can't wait to attend tonight's performance. After the disappointing cancelation in Vienna in 2018 I doubted I would ever see him conduct in person. I have since seen him both at Tanglewood and in Vienna. I am so grateful to be able to witness this larger than life person on stage and to share the experience with my family.
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