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  1. @Fal J. M. Skywalker, I like the way you think. @mstrox, I feel like War Horse might seem a bit out-of-place amidst so many Jedi... @Pellaeon @Sandor THANK YOU!
  2. Wow, thanks everyone! Really glad you liked the suite. 'Preciate the critique as well, @wowbobwow. Haha agreed, @crumbs. Great idea about adding TROS themes! I just might do that. @Quintus I don't know about that...is that even possible? Haha, but thank you for the VERY high compliment!
  3. Greetings, fellow JW fans! My name is Aaron Fullan and I'm a film composer from near the Chicago area. As you know, John Williams' 88th birthday is this weekend (February 8), so I decided to arrange a musical tribute piece in honor of this most special occasion. It's entitled "Skywalkers' Legacy | A Star Wars Symphonic Suite" and it highlights some of my favorite themes from the Star Wars saga. Much to my surprise, John Williams' go-to orchestrator (William Ross) listened to the piece last night and used words/phrases like "quite good", "wonderfully arranged
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