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  1. Excellent to get your insight on that. What lens did you use for this? Thank you for your answer in advance
  2. Thank you for our answer. Would you be able to answer the last part of my question regarding cameras? I've never been and have not been able to find anything on it in the tanglewood rules
  3. As a long-time lurker, I've finally decided to pull the trigger on Tanglewood Film Night tickets this year. Previous comments seem to show that Williams as HOST listing tends to only conduct a third (from last year) or only the encore pieces. Is there a chance that he wouldn't conduct anything and just host or is it too early to know just yet? I want to prepare for the worst just in case but until then just be happy I'm able to go!! Also, does anyone know the rules of the shed regarding cameras? Would I be able to bring my DSLR with me?
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