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  1. Oh dear you are funny, Not another in the audience who was bleary eyed over every note, If the same concert had had another conductor there would have been similar comments ...10 fold
  2. The only living composer who we could say was of the standard or even greater than JW
  3. and the system doesnt allow registration after completing online application,,
  4. perhaps if more people were engaged in social/ political events and making sure they participated ,many countries( one in particular) wouldnt be on the edge of anarchy
  5. important not to cancel 1st Tuesday in November of 2020 although I can think some might want to.
  6. amazing that they were never digitalized and preserved amazing that they were never digitalized and preserved
  7. Watched whole concert today from the Servus tv archive link with my VPN. This time no problem. Often broadcasters are doing all they can technically to stop using a country's IP addresses from outside the country. Fortunately these tech companies just find another way around .
  8. Whole concert was interrupted trying to use VPN. got most of first hour and after that. "Not allowed in your location. Les hope some one recorded and it will be on a torrent e
  9. Um. not true and not clear. Thank you
  10. With the Vienna phil concert in the news recently because of A TV showing on Austrian tv on June 1st and the DG CD coming out, I was thinking why some of his lesser known works are not performed . It always seems to be the same stuff from Star wars, Jaws, Harry potter ,Indiana jones , Superman and a few others. I have a preference for his other film compositions , which are suited to a big orchestral concert in so many ways. It would be nice to hear works from his earlier day , particularly when he transitioned from TV to Films eg. The Cowboys, The Poseidon Adv, Towering Inferno, Close Encounters, I guess not deemed popular enough for concerts.
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