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  1. Wow. I will never see Images for example but can still enjoy the music.
  2. Nice Thanks. It's confusing with the different time zones.
  3. Many. My reference recordings are the studio recordings which are perfect! The whole discussion is bs. So if ASM played 1st violin it would have sounded better? Let me add something I already mentioned: Compare Raiders March and Flying Theme from Waldbühne 2015 with these concerts. The 2015 concert sounds like a local youth orchestra playing, and all principals are there. So what now?
  4. Did you guys notice the young oboe player who played in the Vienna Philharmonic before (also on the Blueray)? It was his first week with the BPO. Quite a debut. He performed his solos in Nimbus 2000 very well.
  5. You can go on and on about it. We got an almost 100% performance. Nobody cares for the principal snobs who didn't play. They wouldnt have sounded better, that is a fact!
  6. That's a big problem in major orchestras. Also "Yoda's Theme" was quite shaky from the Glockenspiel on saturday. BTW: I compared the three Williams pieces from the Waldbühne 2015 concert with Simon Rattle conducting (including the principal members) to this year's concert. This year's performance was soo much better.
  7. Not a good comparsion. I went to see John Williams and I got to see him. Your comparsion is more like if Claptons drummer was Steve Gadd or Steve Jordan and not a substitute for the star himself. A big deal for drum nerds but a big deal for most people in attendance.
  8. Exactly! But it would still be nice to know why they were missing.
  9. Yes, unfortunately it was the B-Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in some sections. Someone should have asked Sarah Willis why they all chickened out... Maybe I'll ask her on Facebook.
  10. The violin concerto no. 1 and other violin compositions were already released by DG years ago on an album called "Treesong" with Gil Shaham. https://www.deutschegrammophon.com/en/catalogue/products/williams-violin-concerto-shaham-2199
  11. It's harder to fix a timing problem than a missed horn tone e.g.
  12. Most flubs were edited out on the digital concert hall version. There were very few mistakes though. I'm glad I have both versions.
  13. No worries😉 yeah hopefully they will announce the 100 different editions soon😅
  14. Oh, nice. That is new today and wasn't shown yesterday yet.
  15. It's strange they didn't even interview Williams for this event. I guess there was too little time and he was too tired.
  16. Seems like CD only so far. No mention of Blueray or DVD. I hope that changes. 4 discs should include a video release...
  17. What is that? Says 4th February 2022. Deutsche Grammophone. 4 Discs. Not sure what it is. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B09KN2QCP4/
  18. Maybe an expanded "John Williams in Vienna" will come 😁
  19. As I said before, you can at least read the transcript 😅
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