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  1. Okay, maybe I'm wrong. I recognized all the other ones, I probably looked right over that one. Oh, how I'd kill for a complete release...
  2. Hmm. I wonder if that's what it's supposed to mean, even if it is inaccurate, as many of Williams' titles are. I mean, "Indie Rescues the Ark" for instance? He definitely doesn't rescue it in that scene.
  3. Yeah, not the easiest reading in the world. I can see where the confusion comes from lol.
  4. One other thing. Rather a nitpick, but regarding Raiders: is 6m2 "Discovering the Script" or "Discovering the Seriph"? I've seen it listed as both. What even is a seriph, for that matter?
  5. Geez, I've never seen such silly cue titles from Williams 😂. I knew he sometimes referenced crew members, but this is extensive.
  6. I thought I noticed that they sounded the same until the end. This confirms it. And what's NTSC?
  7. How do the film takes differ? I thought we had pretty much everything.
  8. Ah, so I should refer to the cue list to get the proper titles?
  9. Is there a reason why the film version of "The Departure" from KOTCS is listed as an alternate? Was it not originally intended to be the film version, perhaps?
  10. Glad to see Young Indy getting some attention. Now, if only we could get a complete score release...
  11. I agree, it is odd. Maybe Farewell is right, maybe the two cues were written in opposite order.
  12. I thought "More Rescue" was actually the first part (i.e. "Detention Block Ambush" or the beginning of "The Last Battle")? Or was that an error the whole time?
  13. Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) by Andrew Lockington A score I've always had a soft spot for. Not sure if this one has been shared here before. I mostly just have titles via BMI, but there are also a few numbers thanks to somebody back in the Shrine days (I forgot his name). The BMI titles seem to be missing punctuation here and there. Also, I believe "Lab Packing Up" and "Iceland" to possibly be the same cue. Journey to the Center of the Earth Main Title Morning Routine Kitson Messages Box Lab Packing Up Iceland Car Hannah Lightning Cave In Trapped Descent Generator 2m15 Mine Car Ride Diamonds Drop 3m18-19 Reveal 3m20-21 Mushroom Forest/Burial 3m22-23rev Raft Building Raft Storm Fish Sting Sean on Beach Plant Fight Magnetic Rocks 4m28 Trevor and Hannah Split Sean Dinosaur Hannah's Boat Magnesium Volcano Skull Descent Italian Vineyard Journey to the Center of the Earth End Credits
  14. For Talgorn, are we referring to the suite that's been on YouTube for a few months?
  15. Does anyone have any good Lethal Weapon covers? I'd love some to use for the LLL set. Thanks in advance!
  16. That AotC cover is very unique and cool. Though I'm curious what the two lightsaber duels represent?
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the opening was a flashback. I'm starting to think that was intentional. It was nice to see the shadow of the purrgill, making their live action debut. Nevarro looks GORGEOUS, almost like something out of LOTR. To think it used to be Mos Eisley 2.0. As Mando says, "It doesn't even look like the same place". I hope Weathers gets more to do this season than in Season 2. And it was interesting to hear them explain away Carano's absence. The Babu Frik aliens had me chuckling. But why did Greef Karga need to translate? Did Mando really have that much trouble understanding them? Did Koska Reeve abandon Bo-Katan as well? Or was she just off somewhere else? Shirley's music stood out to me most during the asteroid chase (and a bit during the opening). I did appreciate how he manipulated the theme throughout.
  18. "White Knight" is my winner, along with the unlisted "Backseat Pilot". The cues from TWINE are a close second, though.
  19. I agree 100% about Backseat Pilot. Also, I wonder if the scene was originally longer? That would explain why the original cue is longer.
  20. I hope they commission you in the future. You make gorgeous covers.
  21. And it sounds like there's some unused music after Carver gets the jump on Bond. Also, it's not a David Arnold score unless somebody or something "gets it" by the end.
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