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  1. You once said, you have plenty of space.
  2. My top 10: 1. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind - John Williams 2. E.T. - John Williams 3. Alien - Jerry Goldsmith (if only for the opening titles) 4. Signs - James Newton Howard 5. Jurassic Park - John Williams 6. Minority Report - John Williams 7. Planet of the Apes - Jerry Goldsmith 8. The Black Hole - John Barry 9. A.I. - John Williams 10. Bladerunner - Vangelis
  3. If we count this type of movies to Science Fiction were extraterrestials come to earth with space ships, then I would say E.T., Signs and Close Encounter of the Third Kind are Science Fiction.
  4. That is why I asked for a contemporary positive example. It is too easy to drop Mona Lisa or Beethoven and still not making clear what we are actually talking about.
  5. Yes, it is like Anne Sophie Mutter said, there is brillant classical music and bad classical music, same applies to movie scores.
  6. Why not? If you consider all those people around us calling themselves artists claiming that all their creative output is some kind of art, how could you think, that any of the music written by John Williams is not art? What's art music then, contemporary art music, and why is Williams' music not art?
  7. HM. Maybe the term "masterpiece" is particularly overrated. I would say, John Williams is a master of his craft and hardly any other living and active fulfills such high standards with each of his recent scores. Therefore, I would subscribe that each of his works from the past 30 years is a masterpiece, which just means for me a work fulfilling highest standards of film music composition.
  8. Recently, I watched the movie for the first time and I didn't hear anything that I really missed on the OST.
  9. Nice and to my mind very typical Herrmann score from 1967 with a beautiful song and a cute moog synthesizer teasing the orchestra from time to time. Like a lot of later Herrmann scores it contains a lot of harmonic traces of Marnie and Vertigo.
  10. For a second I was wondering how it is possible that we both picked the same score, because for any reason, that I don't understand, we usually don't. But then, Avatar. So, here we are again.
  11. The score vote is quite clear. Would not have expected that. As if we were here in some kind of John Williams fan forum.
  12. Geisha suffered for me from two issues. First, the two main themes reminded me of other Williams themes, (Chairman's Waltz shares that significant key change with abandoned in the woods from A.I. and Saruyi's Theme to a side theme from Seven Years in Tibet), secondly, even though Geisha played in Japan and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in China I found both scores comparable in their way of adaptation of traditional asian music elements in a european classical orchestra scores. And in that comparison for me Tan Dun's score wins (which really doesn't happen often with a Williams score in compe
  13. Somehow my Impression is, that mostly Villeneuve takes a bit too much time for the story exposition in his films. So, when you think, now starts the main act, the film is already ending. Just my impression.
  14. Anyway, I am quite happy that the Lord of the Ring trilogy was made by Peter Jackson and not by Denis Villeneuve. It is even surprising to me how little I am looking forward to this Dune movie. Villeneuve movies always leave me unsatisfied somehow.
  15. It's really wonderful. It's not my favourite Myasaki movie but probably my second favourite score of them, after Mononoke.
  16. From the ones listed I've got a crush in Howl's Moving Castle. Wonderful music and a larger than life main theme.
  17. It's no secret, that generalizing is the shortcut to develop some kind of taste and opinions instead of laboriously gathering knowledge and experience.
  18. Anyway, my Impression is that storytelling in many popular media seems to have developed an educational touch, pointing with a giant forefinger to some moral message along a quite generic plot, but maybe that's just because of my bad movie choices or my poor way of reception.
  19. This does not only aply to Star Trek, but to the real world (apart from that replicator thing at least). But also people should not feel too well and not needing to worry about basic needs over a long period of time. Because if they do they become paranoid. So, they always need something to worry about and be kept busy.
  20. For some time Chris Young's main titles for copycat were often used in trailers. But I guess Reise doesn't count here?
  21. Yes, it doesn't happen too often. As I mentioned The Black Hole. I watched the movie in cinema about three times in different theatres and only once the overture was played before. The Last movie I realized that has an overture is BFG and I guess hardly any cinema plays it. But it is always a great thing when it happens. A lot of golden age scores have an overture. In my opinion almost bad manners to skip it.
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