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  1. Again, 8f she likes to write Star Wars themes there would have been more than enough opportunity to do it for the scenes and places without Obi Wan, most prominently Alderaan. But what we are hearing there is neither a theme nor Star Wars, it is just rhythmic chord pastiche, like @Edmilson wrote, "RCP trailer style epicness".
  2. That's a pretty good scale to write a theme for a sad lonely man on a desert planet.
  3. I wrote it already in the other thread. Just listened to it again and realised, that, what I find quite unusual, the theme has no B-section or another part. It is just this short melody, maybe four or six bars, and that gets repeated and varied rhythmically and harmonically a little, but that's it. Even March of the Resistance had some kind of B-part. This one doesn't. I thought, it's rather derived from Battle of Heroes which also had no b-part except the insert of the force theme and it had more variation).
  4. Just listened to it again and realised, that, what I find quite unusual, the theme has no B-section or another part. It is this short melody, maybe 4 or six bars, and that gets repeated and varied. Even March of the Resistance had some kind of B-part. This one doesn't. And somehow it sounds related to Battle of Heroes a little bit. Or not?
  5. Anybody else disappointed with this boring Alderaan music? I thought, this would have been a great opportunity for another theme. Holt said in an Interview her Kenobi theme was similar to Williams'? So, If she can write themes, then why didn't she? I appreciate more and more what John Powel did in Solo, how he used Williams' theme and added so many own brillant ideas.
  6. The funniest thing for me was to see Flea in the show as a gangster.
  7. This. The theme starts off pretty well. For me the weak part is the more dramatic one in the middle with the string ostinato, sounds like kind of Across the Stars imitation, but not as good. But I guess its purpose of this part is to give Holt something for more dramatic scenes at hand. Anyway. I am quite sure it might grow on me.
  8. You are right. That sounds worse than I meant it. I mean, it is still a pretty good piece and appropriate for the show, but just quite unspectacular for such a spectacular character. On the other hand is one subject of the show, that the character is not as spectacular as it used to be. Therefore it fits. But in a ranking of Williams' Star Wars Theme I see it in the lower third (which is still great and brillant compared to anything, I heard in The Mandalorian or BOBF).
  9. I think, the Williams piece is good, It is not his best Star Wars theme, but for his own level it is rather mediocre. But obviously, even though he layed the mark probably as low as he could it is still the best music in the show. Apart from that, the show gives a canvas for much more quotes of classical star wars themes. I am not sure, why Holt diesn't use more of the classical Star Wars references like Leia's theme, the force theme, Luke's theme. Maybe it is a contractual thing or maybe we would have been better off with Williams new theme and Kevin Kiner merging it into his usual Clone Wars thing.
  10. Not sure if this is really any kind of spoiler, that needs to be hiddeen but...
  11. If Hulk looks comparably like Shrek the Oger why does She Hulk just look like a green edition of beautiful human princess Fiona and not like Fiona the Oger?
  12. You mean like they used the Boba Fett show to show us more about The Mandalorian? That's one of the great things about the trailer.
  13. Haven't seen it. But the same applies to Superman. And the score is great.
  14. The complication with Goldsmith is, that sometimes He wrote quite forgettable scores for big blockbusters and sometimes wonderful rich scores for rubbish movies. You never know. But basically I am rather a fan of his music from the 50s and 60s.
  15. The biggest question is, what do I do with my single disc OST If I buy this one? Probably I will keep it just for the liner notes.
  16. I listened to it two times today and really enjoyed it. It is a very good balance of synth and orchestra, Not like what I criticized about modern scores in the neighbour thread.
  17. When I thought, why doesn't anybody talk about the music, I was not thinking in terms of OST or expansion. I just thought, in the one way or the other people here are familiar with the music and such a thread would be a good opportunity.
  18. Yes, but I thought, almost everyone here knows the music or even owns the OST.
  19. Jay spends way to much time here. So, he wouldn't be able to finish the Indy V score on schedule.
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