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  1. The version of A Little Night Music that we saw earlier in the year in Leeds was absolutely sensational. It had a proper orchestra (about 25/30 players, certainly far bigger than your usual musical pit band). I can’t remember who was in the role to sing Send in the Clowns, but their performance nailed it, with a “lost the plot” type reading (but not over the top) compared to the more wistful performances You tend to get from mainstream artists who aren’t actually singing in character.
  2. Is the current release legit but poor sounding? I only know the theme from the (excellent) Goodwin compilation on Chandos. For the most tenuous of reasons (so no complaining or asking for any more detailed justification!) I always considered Goodwin the 60s Silvestri. Great themes but underscore that sometimes felt like it was just marking time. I think that’s probably only true for a handful of their works but the association stuck. Still enjoy them both immensely (and mostly it’s exceptions to my comparison now…).
  3. 3CD set already ordered! Although I created the actual 2CD version as a playlist and enjoyed how it played. There's more variety of style compared to his first best of (A Secret History) and probably a couple of tracks I'd have picked differently, but hopefully it'll entice a whole new generation of fans. Look forward to the third disc of extras. Can't believe there's anything left after the boxed set. I forgot about Outside, thanks for the reminder, think it counts as the obligatory Covid inspired song!
  4. I think I’m just going to wait for these digitally unless it’s something really special. Such a waste of money for the sake of shipping a small plastic disc and its box…
  5. I don’t know how I’ve not watched this yet. Must rectify. I wish The Best Mistakes was the first single for a new regular album… I may have breached the maximum recommended dose of this song. I’ve had to force myself to listen to other stuff today. But with The Best Mistakes unceremoniously inserted at random points.
  6. Absolutely. Ratatouille is a terrific score. Still probably my favourite of his… before the bombast set in.
  7. I gave it a listen recently and Toy Soldiers is one of those fine 80's orchestral scores with a decent main theme, well written action music and just all round enjoyable. I'm not sure I was desperate for more but I'll happily support an expanded edition (who knows, there might be some treasures missing). Most Robert Folk I've listened to has been pretty good, it's strange he never really got much of a significant career. Although his name always reminds me of an FSM article (I think) which was railing against fans who said things like "Look out John Williams, here comes Robert Folk!" - i.e. expecting people like RF to take over from JW. I mean, JW is broadly in a league of his own but RF should have had a much more profile career than he did from what I've heard.
  8. Have to agreed that Presumed Innocent isn't JW's most thrilling score. Having said that, I wouldn't mind a re-release if only because the sound is quite muddy on the original album which surely doesn't help. Thanks. I didn't think so, surprising as Bear McCreary seems happy to release a decent amount of his music but yeah, I can't say I'd be rushing to get more music from Black Sails. I may have to try the show again; I'm sure I quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes I tried.
  9. Aren't they effectively still employees who are required to play music in accordance with the management's wishes?! I'm sure there is some give and take but a mass JW snubbing seems a bit unlikely?!
  10. I remember Cheapo Cheapo... not sure I ever found much there to be honest. There's one in Soho that has a fairly decent selection (can't remember if it's Reckless, but possibly) but otherwise I don't really bother with the second hand shops in London aside from M&VE in either Notting Hill or Greenwich. Might have to try the others...
  11. I do have Jordan: The Comeback and will give it another listen. Also have Crimson/Red and Let's Change the World With Music but not the other two albums but I'll check them out, thanks! As for The Good Life... I've not seen the film, but it's a nice version!
  12. I've got into the phase of listening to it over and over... it's just such a lovely song. I'm not sure I'd say it was much of a departure from his usual style, but love how lush it is especially after the electronica heavy Office Politics (which I'm only partially warming to... at least relative to his other albums). I really wish he'd go all out with a big orchestral album sometime... Interesting, I do love a bit of Prefab Sprout, although haven't enough any of their albums more than Andromeda Heights which is just gorgeous and the first one I bought. Terry Wogan used to play Electric Guitars, Prisoner of the Past and the titular track on a loop on Wake Up to Wogan (as well as I Don't Want to Be Alone by the Bee Gees). I think their styles would mesh though, albeit at the pop end of Neil's output.
  13. I know, me too... I'm over next week so will probably pop in and see how it's doing. I think some of the stock may have ended up at their Greenwich store which had a surprisingly large amount of classical music last time I went, but hopefully the Notting Hill one will get sorted soon enough.
  14. Spy Hard (Bill Conti) - Fun spoof (obvs) Bond score that sounds more like a Bond score than his actual Bond score (For Your Eyes Only) at times. Plus some other spoof moments, notably Speed, ET, True Lies and probably lots of others I missed. Black Sails Season 1 (Bear McCreary) - I wanted to enjoy this more than I did. Some nice drunken sounding, sea shanty type pirate music but it didn't fully grab me. Probably need to give it another listen or two. Are there follow up volumes? Crusoe (Michael Kamen) - Some quite stark moments at times, but plenty of more typical Kamen orchestral moments. One of those Kamen scores I don't really know well but probably should. Objective, Burma! (Franz Waxman) - Terrific re-recording by the MSO under William Stromberg. I should probably listen to more Waxman but he usually misses out in favour of Herrmann or Rozsa, if I'm after a golden age fix. Conrad Pope Collection Volume 1 - Gotta admit that I found this super disappointing. Given how great some of his full length scores are, notably Pavilion of Women, which is terrific, this just felt like a load of paraphrases of better scores, notably Total Recall and Basic Instinct, amongst a load more. I mean, enjoyable as it imitates great scores, but you might as well just listen to the originals?! Shame Pope has never really got a big break as the films featured sound dire.
  15. Hah, yes... I meant the Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky set. Can't remember how many discs it is and, a bit like with Sibelius, quite a few are filled with odds and ends rather than undiscovered classics, but it's still a great set to have and it was stupidly cheap for the amount of music.
  16. Classical music is so easy to collect in significant quantities... all those classic box sets where you can acquire dozens of discs for a couple of quid a disc (the Igor Stravinsky set, for example) and of course charity and second hand stores have loads. I was in Manchester last week and went to the Vinyl Exchange there and picked up 10 CDs (plus 2 at a charity shop and the RSNO re-recording of the Sand Pebbles at another second hand shop) but I've bought over 20 at the Music and Video Exchange in Notting Hill previously. Sadly they had a flood in the basement where the classical section was, but don't know how much of their stock survived. I believe they are going to start trying to sell some of it but from last time I went they said there were conflicting insurance issues... hope they can get it sorted, I love going there. I have a terrifying 2,255 classical albums in my iTunes library...
  17. It’s only really the opening that’s quite similar. The rest of the score is very different. Romantic 80s Jerry rather than terse 70s Jerry.
  18. I’ve commented previously about how great this score is. And that I have my copy signed by Jerry himself so even if it were mediocre it would still hold a special place in my collection. Fortunately it’s terrific.
  19. Hah. I thought it was odd as my version (bought from 7Digital) is only about 50 minutes. I thought maybe it hadn’t downloaded or imported properly. But apparently not. I quite enjoyed it but 50 minutes seemed like plenty. The main theme is quite blah and the rest is kinda Giacchino-esque without being specifically memorable. A couple of nods to Enterprising Young Men with the repeated repeated chords and also (oddly) a high trumpet figure from the Desert Chase from Raiders.
  20. Haha. He doesn’t tend to get me film music stuff to be honest. Far too much chance of accidentally buying something I already have! I think so but I’d check with the BIS website to be certain. It has lots of alternate versions of things so I imagine so. I’m away at the moment so can’t check!
  21. Definitely! I’d have to check but I think the only thing it doesn’t have are the tiny fragments from his never to be 8th symphony which I don’t think had been discovered when the set came out. Otherwise yes. He wrote an awful lot of short chamber odds and ends which I think probably functioned more like sketches or musical exploration for his more substantial works but plenty to enjoy none the less!
  22. It is. I’ve bought it because Hunchback is an amazing score but I’m glad there are Some expert unofficial fixes for most of the errors on this release. Given how good even free audio editing software these days, it’s unforgivable really. It’s not like these are defects in the source tapes that are just beyond salvation. Anyway, I digress. Loving the Eiger Sanction. I don’t think I’d ever really appreciated the score that much previously as the original album misses off some of the more interesting material and, yeah, the sound quality was pretty poor so the sonic improvement is pretty much night and day. And as for the cover. I have it in iTunes and there are some mighty talented custom cover artists out there…
  23. As I’ve said several times, given the budget and resources our specialist labels have to work on these albums and how brilliant that work is, it’s a miracle that most issues are minor quibbles or if more than that, usually fixed at their own cost. See Disney legacy collection to see how a company with virtually limitless resources can release albums with serious issues and not make any concessions to fix or rectify them.
  24. Having just chugged through the other preview stuff on Disney+ Day (apparently it’s a thing) which is all platitudinous fluff and fake spontaneity, this one is charmingly low rent and self effacing. But the main thing nobody mentioned… it featured James Horner’s main theme. Warm glow in my lower intestine* *see Matilda stage show by Tim Minchin for this reference.
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