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  1. Am I the only one that is fond of the original Vol. 1 & 2 assemblies? Maybe I am just used to them and admittedly, I have never listened to The Epic Symphonic Score but I enjoy having two very different walks through that score, like two ballet suites. I especially like how much longer it takes to get to the main themes in Vol. 2. In fact, Vol. 2 almost plays like a sequel score a la Chamber of Secrets, with some straight reprises and other more interesting variants. I don't think I've ever tried listening to it in chronological order.
  2. I would own anything Menken's done, don't let my comments fool you. Hercules has some great score in it, though Hunchback it's not. But I'd buy it. Even more than Hunchback, I want a nice release of Aladdin with bonus material. I hope they record new versions of cut songs like they did with Mary Poppins, but I would be content with demos. Howard Ashman was taken far before his time and anything we can find of that man's, I want it.
  3. I am very excited. If we could just get Aladdin out of them, we would have all the essential Menkens except perhaps Hercules.
  4. I really want The Secret Ways. I love that title.
  5. They also just added Hunchback characters to the Disney Sorcerer's Arena mobile game.
  6. Maybe they are planning an even more massive release when Justice is Gray hits? Honestly, I have no idea. They know the effect the Darkseid vision will have so withholding that music has to be a decision. I suppose it could be composer intention but I doubt it because the whole event has been very fan-servicey so far. It's frustrating to have this much, some of which is actually quite fun and good and still be missing the music from the parts of the movie that are the most interesting. You still get the original theme a whole bunch, don't worry. It is used for the Amazons as well
  7. Much of And The Lion-Earth Did Roar is either alternate or original intention. The film version has quite a lot different. I am thinking maybe some of this was tracked in from the suites at the end but I haven't got that far yet in my dissection. You can especially hear the differences during the carrier destruction of the tower, which seems unreleased. Then again when Aquaman is slicing parademons in the air you can hear a string line that is rather interesting that carries through the next section of the cue, including JL theme interpolations that also aren't included unless they are in the
  8. Did you notice that We Do This Together has many alternate sections in it? Possibly tracked music from other Wonder Woman scenes especially. Also, the Aquaman motif return with the water seems to be missing. It begins being different when Wonder Woman jumps down to fight Steppenwolf and her vocal section appears. As well, Vic's vision during Superman's resurrection is completely different. The full choir section has been entirely excised. Odd, considering how much music we have. Maybe it is somewhere else, but I haven't found it yet. Those are the only two examples I have found so
  9. And I would rather have Batman v Superman. I'll take a disaster with vision than another mediocre popcorn film any day. Hell, I'll take three. To each their own. I'm over here loving the Martha moment since 2016.
  10. I think Marvel wastes a lot of time and panders more often than not, over explaining, etc. and then get praised like they are crafting masterpieces. WandaVision is a perfect example. Not to mention the sad overused plot devices. Did we really have Jimmy Woo steal a cellphone in handcuffs? I like entertainment that treats me more my age. I'm not always watching movies with my friends' kids.
  11. Because people want family movies with a little bit of everything rather than one distinct vision that can occasionally polarize but takes risks. I've said it before, Marvel is movie-by-committee. The only three directors in the MCU that have managed to maintain some semblance of a voice are James Gunn, Taika Waititi, and Ryan Coogler.
  12. One at a time: 1. He knew posting that word would be triggering. The comment wasn't necessary, it didn't relate to the topic much, it was hot-button to be hot-button. Even if it is that serious to him (which I question the ethics of), we are now possible offending someone by having a discussion about it. This just doesn't seem like the place. Why not move it to a thread that makes it clear what it is, if you aren't going to do anything more about it. That way someone isn't blindsided by it. 2. If I am black and I am clicking around this site and I see someone using that
  13. I didn't say you did. You made it very clear we can talk about it. That you will allow a troll post with a racial slur in it to hide under the guise of "well it's the dog's name" is crazy to me. You are making the assumption that if it offended a person of color enough to leave, you would get to hear about it at all. This imagined outrage I am trying to prevent will only happen if someone stays long enough and feels welcome enough to do it. I was offended so it's my responsibility too. I am never going to stop advocating for these spaces to be less white, less male, less straight.
  14. I addressed it because I thought your initial response had a tone of "enough already". I didn't think that should go unremarked and it didn't seem like anyone else was going to address it. It going unremarked like it's just another day here at JWFan was my reason. I normally agree with you but not on this.
  15. If no one can see how this would possibly deter a person of color from feeling welcome at this site, then I don't know what else to say. We can argue the merits of that word as a name? Again, I highly doubt the poster would have said this to a forum that he knew wasn't predominately white. I didn't report it on a whim. I read it to a few friends of mine, one of which was a person of color. They felt the same way so I did not expect this reaction.
  16. You're right, I should have commented on it. I'm just curious where the line is? Because if it would be inappropriate to say out loud then it is inappropriate to type out. I wonder if the poster would have made this comment in a less typically white online room. Just because it isn't directed at someone, doesn't mean reading it wouldn't hurt. Especially in the context of "they should keep the N-word in this movie." That seems fairly evident to me. I know I wouldn't think "here's a place where I could feel welcome." I think it is odd that we can't degrade another forum member but we
  17. Politely, what bothered me was the tone of "I can't believe they'd do that, what an over-reaction." But why do you think the black dog was called that name? There is no other interpretation of that word. It only means what it means. I know I don't want to see it and I imagine a black person reading this site wouldn't appreciate it either. I know the film score community is really white overall, but c'mon. Why say it at all? It feels like the definition of a troll post. When there is policing of other language on here, even slightly rude comments to other posters, like n
  18. I can't imagine that John Williams wouldn't want to be involved in a Star Wars box set now. It is such an incredible achievement, he must care a little to approve a definitive presentation of it. And considering what I can surmise from reading his interviews over the years, he likes the Indy scores even more so that must be just around the corner. Especially if he is considering stepping down from Indy 5 now that Spielberg has, this would be the John Williams Indiana Jones Collection, essentially
  19. Here's three off the top of my head: The original 14-track Laputa album by Hisaishi The Fountain by Clint Mansell Under Fire by Goldsmith
  20. Sure, but then the reason for my very mild annoyance in the first place was doing that. The track seems unnecessary to me, but if it someone wanted it, hey great. Although I cannot imagine who that someone is who had to have that. It is mainly irksome because it is the last word on that set. The equivalent of finishing a lengthy book series with the phrase "All was well."
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