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  1. I found it a little difficult listening to Sondheim so soon so after The Ladies Who Lunch by Elaine Stritch, I passed over to a piece of Mahler's: the 6th as conducted by Mariss Jansons in 2002 on the LSO Live label. I had a really profound experience with it, I am not at all ashamed to say.
  2. "There's a lot I'll have missed... but I'll not have been dead when I die" -A Little Night Music
  3. The old cartoons on HBO Max are where it's at. If I had kids, I would make them watch it
  4. I've said this before on here but regardless of whether or not it is intentional or even correct, the off percussion in that final statement of The Imperial March sounds unhinged and I like it. My biggest problem with TROS OST is the straight reprise of TFA's lead-in to the end credits. That hurts me to hear it every time.
  5. Good luck to all those waiting for the five minutes this is available
  6. I don't think Baz Luhrmann gets enough love.
  7. I used to visit soundtrack.net and moviemusic.com. God knows the last time I clicked on either of those
  8. Born on the Fourth of July and Last Crusade both feel very lush compared to everything before. Even the closest passages from Empire of the Sun don't seem to have the passionate abandon of Fourth's end credits.
  9. Maybe I'd like it now. It was a long time ago. It just isn't high on my priority list to revisit. I always found the "beautiful" plastic bag to be terribly pretentious, which it's probably meant to be but induced a lot of groaning and eye-rolling from me at the time despite my intense love for Thora Birch.
  10. Any John Williams release is a good John Williams release. EDIT: Except the Shawn Murphy Star Wars demasters. *spit spit spit* That was close.
  11. The Wikipedia soundtrack article on this has a curious track listing at the moment... The comment before this was deleted and I'm curious what makes the reference so sweet.
  12. I have a hell of a time getting into Thomas Newman. It just hasn't clicked for me yet. I really really hated the film American Beauty when I saw it. That could be it.
  13. He definitely has a bias. I have a soft-spot because I found this site and filmtracks around the same time in the early 2000s. His reviews of the complete scores of the OT Star Wars trilogy were actually printed out by me at school to have for easy reference. That's how old I am; my parents didn't let me on the computer without supervision. The internet was very very scary. I also printed out a bunch of shit on Hook from this site. That was first. Also, the hunt for prequel music was fun to lurk and watch here at JWFan over the years. I'm digressing. Filmtracks is a place where I know exactly what the review is going to say before I read it but I still read it out of sentimentality. I often shake my head or vehemently disagree, but with a smile. It bears repeating that I do not often agree with the man's reviews. But as said above, his 5-star scores are generally good choices and he makes interesting cases for his yearly round-up, by far the most interesting writing he does on that site.
  14. I'm very excited for this release. Have we figured out why the track order changed a little and why yet? I'm very curious if this is Tiomkin's order and how they know vs. the Kritzerland
  15. I didn't confirm. I merely stated what I had been reading. Thus the quotes. According to the actors, that is completely false speculation. I honestly wasn't trying to spoil anything. I figured by this point we all knew they were speculated to return (we had been talking about the themes for a while) so I felt the quotes were a great way of saying that it was just part of that sea of Marvel rumors we are all floating in.
  16. Word on the street is "They show up an hour or so into the almost three hour runtime"
  17. Question for the community: Which Tristan recording do you all prefer? And why?
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