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  1. Bond sounded more authentic with Barry, surely, but he never sounded cooler than when he was with David Arnold.
  2. This is the cruelest thread on the forum. At least until Amistad gets here and I can join your little club. It seems nice there, lots of Cinque’s theme
  3. Unless it got sent and I just didn't get another email? Doubt it though. I don't get lucky like that
  4. This is now two days that I have been awaiting shipment without actually shipping.
  5. I don’t know, 112 sounds nice. So does 113 and 114 and 115…
  6. At least there are others waiting with me in this miserable boat while we starve to death. Misery loves company as they say. Some of you are starting to look like chicken
  7. I ordered Amistad on the 30th. I really hope it ships today. I understand they’re busy so I am trying to be patient but six days is a lot to ask of this little guy
  8. The website it is taking me to isn’t the USPS but sure looks like it. Also, I read about it and it seems like there are scams like this. The USPS doesn’t send links in texts. That’s the clincher
  9. The tracking number is also odd. Is capital US and then 13 digits. Seems like USPS express mail. It’s not the exact same. But when I try to track that number it says that tracking information is not available from this company. I’m not sure what all this means
  10. I just got a message from the USPS saying my street number is missing from my address and they want 3.00 for a redelivery fee? It doubt it is this Intrada order that I just placed. Maybe my La-La Land Black Friday? Has this ever happened to anyone before. I double-checked my information and I definitely gave my address to both places. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t ordered anything else so it has to be one of these two. Thoughts? What should I do? On one hand it’s only three dollars but on the other hand, shipping is already massively expensive. It seems so difficult to order anything nowadays. It really puts me off.
  11. It is terrible shame that Basil had to constantly concede and compromise his working conditions. He was severely under-appreciated in his time. He too often still is. Basil is the ultimate What Could Have Been? film composer.
  12. Ordered both Destroyer and Barbarian as I said I would 11 years ago when they were both announced. I’m an advocate for scrappy ensembles so I’m gonna fucking love this. I am also of the belief that every note of Basil’s work should be released, whether we need to re-record it or deal with an inferior ensemble.
  13. Well then, brothers in Williams, the shipment still merely awaits shipment. Life is the pettiest, isn’t it (I should have just bought Spider-man)
  14. So am I going to receive another email that says Shipped? Or is this awaiting shipment notice the only one?
  15. There’s no doubt that it is between Pocahontas and Hunchback and Beauty. Those are the top three guys in no particular order. Sorry to break it to all of you
  16. Idk. I can wait. Menken’s redos of Beauty and Aladdin leave me cold. Hunchback has gotten enough love over the years. Well, not exactly enough. It should have gotten enough love to treat its legacy collection with respect but besides that, I need nothing else.
  17. I will definitely be grabbing them both with whatever their next Williams is UPDATE: my vigilance has been rewarded. I am ‘awaiting shipment’ !!!!!!
  18. I’m so damn impatient. I check my email like fifty five THOUSAND times a day. I can’t wait for Amistad
  19. Michelle Yeoh is the one Bond Girl that doesn’t feel like one. Capable as fuck
  20. I didn’t get Spider-man for this reason and it happened anyway. Shrug. Such is life. I’ll definitely be grabbing Spider-Man with whatever comes in January. I have a feeling I’m going to need to set aside about a hundred. Especially because I also need to snag this Godfather album. I’m very curious about the remastered original album in disc 2. My grandmother and I shared that album together before she died in the early naughts. It’s very special to me. I’m going to play disc 2 first and I’m probably going to cry when it plays, if they’ve done right by the mastering (which I imagine they have)
  21. I hope it is. I’ll cherish the singles in the meanwhile.
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