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  1. taking that further those that didn’t have or have gotten rid of their OSTs you can still listen to many of those on these services if you miss them.
  2. New Trailer talking about the stories of those who were in the war and the telling of their stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwSA2syQoFE One cool thing to note it looks like there is another Giacchino, working on the game... this time Anthony Giacchino. (sibling I believe) [0:52 in the video]
  3. Grabbed this then realized with the exchange and shipping it's really the same price as if I grabbed it from Screen Archives.... Oh well.
  4. Also in Canada, I ordered it direct from La la land back in Jan and did not get hit with that “handling charge” in fact I’ve never gotten that before.
  5. I hear ya! I’ve had mp3 copies of scores like heartbeeps and eiger forever but I can’t bring my self to listen until I can get a real copy for the shelf. Case in point the recent release of the river it was amazing to give it a first listen with liner notes in hand.
  6. there are days I feel the same way but with all the work MM does to preserve these at lest they’ll be around to release again later.
  7. Ugh this is a sore subject as I do want them all but I have to be choosy with which ones I pick up when because you know life gets in the way is: exchange and budgets Excluding the old FSM stuff and sticking with stuff released in the last 10 years.... Here we go... Fitzwilly [music box] - couldn't get into this one and wasn't going to pay the price Land of the Giants set [La La Land] - too much for such little Williams Tom Sawyer [Quartet] - No good excuse for missing this gem The Long Goodby [Quartet] - Like the song but not that much Jaws [Intrad
  8. Worth every penny but not my fav Williams scores but saying that my not fav Williams scores are still better than most others by a mile 😊
  9. Yeah it's strange it seems sometimes to be at the discretion of the folks running the site... sometimes thy leave them sometimes they delete them... doesn't seem to be a hard fast rule there.
  10. maybe but also if you were able to release such music wouldn’t you want the to keep the pages up as “hey look at the caliber of releases we’ve done!?”😊
  11. I see what you mean! "Starts track 1".... oooh ver nice Williams in fun mode... "20 seconds in" .... ok ok taking a step down here in the bright feeling "~30 ish seconds in" .... whoa is that a drum kit!? then back and forth we go for the rest of the track... "2:20ish" ...ok did I just start a film noir score here? "buckles up for the rest of the listen thinking... I hope the liner notes have some insight "
  12. It has arrived!!! This is one I've never had in my collection and managed to hear very little of over the years. Sitting down now to savour some vintage (mostly) unheard (by me) 84' Williams!
  13. That's what happens when you relegate John Eaves to designing tricorders and other gadgets in the kelvin timeline and them bring him back to do the Enterprise on Discovery!
  14. Shoot... missed this... but it looks like they archive them.
  15. I don't know if it's just because I bought Minority Report and Far and Away but I have a feeling we'll see Born on the Fourth of July before too long. Crazy thing was i didn't even think of the Tom Cruise connection until I was holding both discs in my hands.
  16. Let's give this a go. Probably more of a show off the collection than just the Williams but I usually group Composer then by composition date... the box sets have always been a hitch in the system (the disaster box is the only one that wasn't off to the side) Need to go through and fix the rest of the collection as I've only sorted Williams and Giacchino so far.
  17. Forgive me if I missed this in the thread but I didn't catch it while going through. On some of these releases they have a "technical note" from Matessino where they mention the source that was used for the restoration. In this case I didn't see anything in my quick run through the booklet or this thread. Anyone have any info the source used here? Thanks!
  18. Well... It looks like La-La Land is out of stock on this again. I put in an order on the 27th before it went out of stock but it hasn't shipped yet... let's hope I was able to get in under the wire.
  19. Can't say as I've ever had this happen before!? Yes I have contacted La La Land and offered to send the second back
  20. if the inside pieces of your original case are ok you could transplant it into the new one, but yeah that’s not what you would expect when they send a replacement!
  21. Got the chance to listen to this over the weekend and it has a nice little theme to it and it does have a couple solo male boys pieces, reminiscent of some of the old medal of honour stuff, that are quite pretty but for the most part a decent albeit low key score that fits in the usual Giacchino style. There were also a few piano queues that sound like they would have fit with John Carter as well. Needs another listen but so far 3/5
  22. For AI, From your interview with Mike http://www.jwfan.com/?p=7726
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