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  1. Check your intrada account (if you purchased from them) I did and found a tracking number for my replacement disc.
  2. Either hardwired to my main sound system or streamed to the stereo set upstairs
  3. PC and Phone.... But NEVER through the speakers that came in them
  4. For those outside the U.S. that can't see the video Jason posted
  5. The Star Trek Prodigy Opening by non other than Michael Giacchino was released today https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTP9Z6-tvto/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=c475dc2d-25ac-4555-8463-90f506923571 Quote from Giacchino
  6. Don't you love it when you find someone who posts your exact same experience! You sir @Amer are a kindered spirt. This was one of my first CD's back in the day to and oh it got played to the point my parents begged me to play something else! lol
  7. Oddly enough my wife and I talked about this recently as we've prepared our wills. 1. If the kids still show any interest in any or all of them the of course get first dibs. 2. If there is a friend or family member that shares the interest/hobby they can take what they want. 3. Sell them at fair market value to the community Honestly my first preference is I just want the music to go to someone who enjoys it. If it's worth a great deal of money or not so be it.
  8. It seems so long when you look at it that way! I do however remember being thankful for each one and really it's been an embarrassment of riches these past decade+ seeing so many things we never thought we would see show up. I know we all sometimes pipe up with "I can't believe we don't have X yet it's been X decades" and yeah there are a few gems I'd actually get giddy to see show up but really these limited editions now are ensuring these scores are preserved and in some cases would even still be in existence to release to future fans. So if we can't have unlimited releases that will always be available I'll at least continue to support these labels to ensure the elements exist for future fans at all.
  9. This question was a lot tougher for me. On the one hand, of course I want every fan who wants to get the scores they want to have the ability to go and get those scores and enjoy them to the fullest like so many of us have been fortunate enough to do. This keeps the music alive, preserved and keeps these labels who have dedicated their working lives to these things in business and doing the work that we have enjoyed the fruits of so far. On the other hand, I started collecting this stuff when I was 14 (now about to turn 39) that is a lot of time saving and scrounging and collecting. Of course I still want people to have access but I can't lie there's a certain feeling I get when I look at the cd shelves in my office and think... You know I'm probably one of only 5000 to 10000 people on the planet with this kind of collection. Picking up these beautiful packages of music and knowing I can't just go to Walmart or Amazon to get them... there's something to that... I know that the days of the CD are numbered and these physical releases are probably only going to last so long but for now I'm enjoying the heck out of the music and the game of collecting. After all is said and done, I think the idea of limited physical releases and unlimited digital releases that has been mentioned here is a good idea (assuming the business side of things would ever work out!) It allows both camps to co-exist and in the end it's about getting the people who love this music a chance to hear it and feel like part of this family. So if I have to lose part of that pride when something in the Varese club comes out digital that I've treasured as physical for so long that others get to share in it... so be it and we're better for it. [Edit: and I just noticed it only took me almost 20 years to hit 500 posts.... that's pathetic lol ]
  10. If I'm reading the notes from Mike M correctly you would be right... They should be able to be added to the OST tracks for an extended version of that mix. So if you have the original as well It's almost like having a 3 disc set.
  11. I had the same thought the other day when I was asked where I got most of my collection and it dawned on me.... You can't get most of these anymore and that's a shame for newer fans. Also if something happens to my house how would I ever build the collection again?? I'm sure a lot of the catalog will be released again but wow having to wait for all these gems that were readily available just a few years ago that would be tough as a new fan!
  12. Anyone one know of a Mac App that has a copy range feature? Worst case scenario I rip the discs as wav and put the missing bits back in to the right tracks in Audition but this would be easier
  13. This was really hard actually but this sums it up perfectly for me!
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