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  1. WOW listening to those samples makes the iso score from the DVD sound like it was playing underwater all of these years... CANNOT WAIT to dig into this one!
  2. Thanks @Jay! As always a superb job! I use these sheet constantly as I'm always trying to remember what has what on it
  3. Album art exchange typically has the covers in different sizes as well and are usually pretty good scans. https://www.albumartexchange.com/covers?q=The+Fury+Williams&fltr=ALL&sort=TITLE&status=&size=any
  4. So who would have Heartbeeps at the moment... or would that be up for grabs by another label at this point?
  5. In case anyone is wondering which episode is on which set and what tracks they are I've been working on this a bit to help. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u1Ffzx-gw-KgcwIPRsj-NNw6r03Ix6WotmmTXeU5D9A/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Never heard of this one before but it is Morricone and after giving it a spin is actually pretty good!
  7. Not an overall bad week of thrifting while on vacation. OK, Jurassic and MOTUR are of course new but rest are from thrift stores but all are from this week Hard to believe I didn't already have the Barry ones.
  8. If any McCreary score deserves a nice CD this is at the top of the list!
  9. Me too but man they look awesome! Though looking at the titles I was like 10 years old but still missed these.
  10. Hey @ConorPower You can see the liner notes here https://musicbrainz.org/release/769232c1-d416-4ff8-8a95-d4e66c249921/cover-art
  11. I can understand that. I ended up breaking up everything into the episodes so I cold have bite size chunks over the 4 sets and pick and choose based on my mood.
  12. This is almost more essential than Batman 89’ in my humble opinion! If you are even on the fence about this one go grab it now!
  13. This is absolutely right from an SEO perspective! You know, if this gets someone to fall in love with Williams then bring it on. Besides we can name the tracks whatever we want in our own libraries.
  14. Looks like the cd is showing up on Amazon after all ?? - American Link Too bad here in Canada it's still listed as Unavailable - Canadian Link
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