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  1. This was really hard actually but this sums it up perfectly for me!
  2. Hi Myth, Welcome to the board! To answer your questions yes Screen Archives is quite reliable and reputable I've been purchasing from them for years (mostly the FSM and overseas stuff) As far as the song you are looking for. I assume you are talking about the song that appears in the film by Paul Haslinger. To my knowledge it has never been released ( I could be wrong here) and like the other Non-Williams source tracks and other songs is not included on either the OST nor the La-La Land expanded edition. The score is however complete.
  3. Had this show up in my feeds today... good discussion with Matt Verboys of La La Land with Mike M and Bruce Broughton
  4. Yes I remember reading that thread back in Jan and shedding a tear... I sit here looking at my shelf with the TND OST, Chapter III and DVD rip sitting there next to the beautiful LLL TWINE and DAD releases hoping someday to be able to chuck my DVD rips in the trash and place a rightful complete TND in their place! Oh well I guess I'll have to console myself with Quartets images and LLL Always when they arrive!
  5. Can I get an amen here! Certainly looking forward to Always but if LLL puts out their version of TND I might just plotz!
  6. Empire of the Sun is in the TBD... oh well At least it's not out of print really should not have slept on that one! Weird they didn't mention Potter as Jay quoted it sounds like it's a beast to produce I'm surprised they wouldn't have it at least in the TBD column.
  7. That it is indeed. It was already a ton of work to put that list together on your part so thank you for that!
  8. If the board works the way I think it does you might be able to put /&do=getNewComment at the end of any link to get the first unread post when you are logged in.
  9. taking that further those that didn’t have or have gotten rid of their OSTs you can still listen to many of those on these services if you miss them.
  10. New Trailer talking about the stories of those who were in the war and the telling of their stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwSA2syQoFE One cool thing to note it looks like there is another Giacchino, working on the game... this time Anthony Giacchino. (sibling I believe) [0:52 in the video]
  11. Grabbed this then realized with the exchange and shipping it's really the same price as if I grabbed it from Screen Archives.... Oh well.
  12. Also in Canada, I ordered it direct from La la land back in Jan and did not get hit with that “handling charge” in fact I’ve never gotten that before.
  13. I hear ya! I’ve had mp3 copies of scores like heartbeeps and eiger forever but I can’t bring my self to listen until I can get a real copy for the shelf. Case in point the recent release of the river it was amazing to give it a first listen with liner notes in hand.
  14. there are days I feel the same way but with all the work MM does to preserve these at lest they’ll be around to release again later.
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