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  1. Me too but man they look awesome! Though looking at the titles I was like 10 years old but still missed these.
  2. Hey @ConorPower You can see the liner notes here https://musicbrainz.org/release/769232c1-d416-4ff8-8a95-d4e66c249921/cover-art
  3. I can understand that. I ended up breaking up everything into the episodes so I cold have bite size chunks over the 4 sets and pick and choose based on my mood.
  4. This is almost more essential than Batman 89’ in my humble opinion! If you are even on the fence about this one go grab it now!
  5. This is absolutely right from an SEO perspective! You know, if this gets someone to fall in love with Williams then bring it on. Besides we can name the tracks whatever we want in our own libraries.
  6. Looks like the cd is showing up on Amazon after all ?? - American Link Too bad here in Canada it's still listed as Unavailable - Canadian Link
  7. Ok I'm going to say it I've always loved this score! I think someone mentioned before the Varese Star Trek DE's and how they opened the score up and I have to agree this does he same. Although yeah what is up with the random silence that others have already brought up. Now let's see them let Mr Matessino tackle the Williams scores! I'll wait right here.
  8. IF there was an option for "Almost Everything: Every OST, every expanded set, and any new concert pieces" I don't need every recording by every orchestra just trying to represent each piece that has had Williams involvement.
  9. Wow that took a little while for me to be able to grab that concert... well now to give it a listen!
  10. That's very true even if parts of it are shall we say "very inspired by" the whole is done so very very well.
  11. After all the chatter and the news of Orville season 3 being held back till June I bit the bullet and finally snagged a copy of Season 2 on Disc. Man I love this stuff and honestly it's one of the few places keeping orchestral TV writing alive but wow I can really hear some spots where they didn't stray far from a possible temp track... I mean if your gonna temp track I guess using Horner (Kahn), Goldsmith (TMP and even some Insurrection), Williams (Lots of Star Wars Original trilogy and Prequels) and even some David Arnold (Independence day) is the way to go. Even some nice Blaster beam in there in a few spots. Trying to sit back and just enjoy but sometimes I can't stop the ... "Hey That sounds awfully familiar!" in places. Timelines on these must be super short and truly I am loving these but kind of hard to miss sometimes.
  12. Bruce is correct, they did indeed drop both tracks Disc 1 - Track 01 - Gotham City Overture - 14:01 - Which really if you have the sets this was an edit of character themes together consisting of Batman [1] Man Bat [2] Joker [3] Charlie Collins [4] Batgirl [5] Mr Freeze [6] Maxi Zeus[7] Penguin [8] Harley [9] and Disc 2 - Track 35 - Music of the Bat - 6:45 Which is indeed Shirley at the piano explaining the different variations of Batman Themes. According to La La Land on the second edition pressing they said
  13. Maybe I missed something but didn't they only offer the autographs on the first edition with the Shirley extras? Did they do it again for the Vol 1 re-print they did a few years later?
  14. Yeah, BTAS is out there on streaming, I believe it's broken up differently like over 6 Volumes with different covers, instead of the 4 physical. For Mask of the Phantasm I've only ever seen the OST on streaming.
  15. Didn't include it in the pic but I picked up Superman TAS when it came out as well. Couldn't pull the trigger on the Justice League one as it is all synth and not an actual orchestra.
  16. I've been very lucky and have been able to pick each one of them up right at launch!
  17. Whoa.... That's gotta be close to the definition of a great variation on a theme.
  18. That's pretty much how it works I just want to ensure I get one and not for the $140+ prices I'm seeing for CAD elsewhere.
  19. I also think I'll do the same as we are in the same boat here in Canada with Amazon. Thanks for the posting the link @JohnnyD!
  20. Yeah it's got a good number of the Williams releases in there, They had Eiger in there pretty quick after release. Someone spent a heap of time scanning.. Even the book from the FSM Blue Box was in there. Wonder who took their book apart for that!? I like it because I've got a digital copy of everything just in case disaster ever befalls the house.
  21. @Jay you can take this down if links to here aren't allowed but. @Hayden Jonas you can find scans of many booklets including the DCC raiders here: https://musicbrainz.org/release/a6a132cc-5081-4026-bc9c-0f8f7046776c/cover-art
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