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  1. i was at this concert and the Disaster Movie suite was as recorded by Mancini but with Poseidon ‘bolted’ onto the beginning
  2. Oh my god oh my god oh my god! the encore is his theme from Star Trek-The Motion Picture!
  3. Hi Guys, haven’t posted for a while as work is ramping up (so I can blame James Bond for that). Managed to bag A single ticket for Thursday & Saturday & a pair for Friday so Julie & I can actually attend together. Germany is currently on the UK’s ‘green list’ so no travel restrictions at present (that could all change of course) so will be booking travel and accommodation soon. Some of you on here already know me so I look forward to catching with some of you in Berlin Cheers
  4. He’s a well know instigator in classical music circles. I think its position in classical music charts around the world should speak for itself I’m sorry I wasted 30 seconds of my time reading it ! Also hello everyone-I’ve decided to jump in after reading this forum for years ! Many of you know me already so please be kind
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