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  1. Also been enjoying this cue today. I mean, he instills such fun and joy into a film that…is not. He certainly earned his paycheck with this one. I’d say Powell is the heir apparent to Goldsmith for the “incredible scores to dumpster fire films” category.
  2. Happy to help! Yeah this score is a blast. Perhaps a little too synth-y at times (probably due to budget, or Powell trying to blend his style to Zimmer’s) But that kinda adds to its nostalgic charm for me. I don’t think there’s ever been a composer to come out of Zimmer’s camp to have such a distinct and identifiable musical voice. Even more than HGW.
  3. OH yeah. Haha. I completely agree! Also the theme at the beginning of this cue has been used liberally in many a “media ventures” score. Badelt primarily used it in Equilibrium and later in PoTC. Not sure if Powell came up with it first or if Zimmer himself used it earlier.
  4. Just wanted to take a moment and recognize this fantastic cue. I couldn’t stop humming this swashbuckling theme ( starting at 3:07) when I saw this as a youngster. This was the first time I wanted to know who this Powell guy was! The swirling strings that build to an explosion of that same theme (3:51) is such a joyous adventurous moment. And the rocking-zimmer-esque theme at 1:43 is a great fun too. Just a great sample of his ability to tell the story musically. Powell has become and even better composer since then! Man I love this guy’s music.
  5. Very cool. It sounded way different than anything else in the score. Almost source-like. That whole moment when they cut to the various people praying and watching behind that iron grate felt like a scene from documentary.
  6. Isn’t the BVS Batman theme the one that sounds like “The Pity of Gollum” theme? lol. That was always so distracting to me.
  7. Listened to Goldsmith’s LA Confidential and currently listening to his rejected score to Public Eye. Just dreaming what he would have done with a Noir Batman score 😔 I suppose The Shadow is as close as we’ll get. I will say listening to my shortened 45 minute playlist of Gia’s score was a better experience than the 2 hour version. Interested to hear it in context this weekend.
  8. This poll is amazing! Personal favorite (and my vote) goes to Brian Adams. But I can’t deny how popular My Heart Will Go On is. If the “general public” took a crack at this poll I’m sure that song would dominate. Did “Now We Are free” get some radio play outside the states? Rumor has it that dance version was huge. I never once heard it on the radio in the US. But then, funnily enough, I was usually listening to film scores and NOT the radio around 2000 lol.
  9. Man. I’m so glad it’s done! Are they doing pick-ups /reshoots at all? Those tend to be normal occurrences on big films like this right? Seeing an 80 year old Ford doing press for this movie next year will be interesting. He’s gonna have to field a lot of tactless interviewers asking him “ So what were you guys thinking with ‘Crystal Skull?’”
  10. It feels like Gia wanted to combine the minimalist take of the Zimmer scores with the more noir-ish/Herrmann-esque underscore of Elfman’s ‘89 score. Which seems like it could be a cool take. But it sadly feels kinda forgettable. For those interested, I cut things down to a 60ish minute playlist: Can’t Fight City Halloween Crossing the Feline Funeral and Far Between Mayoral Ducting Escaped Crusader Highway to the Anger Zone Riddles Riddles Everywhere Meow and You And Everyone we know An Impurrfect Murder The Riddler- Suite Flood of Terrors Bat in the Rafters pt 1 Bat in the Rafters pt 2 Alls Well that ends farewell Catwoman- Suite Batman- Suite
  11. Finished my first listen. It’s ok. Wasn’t a chore to get through. I will say it’s a nice mystery/drama score. Kind of akin to his score to Bad Times at the El Royal. But as a Batman score? Nah. (And that’s probably the point. To make this film as deadly serious as possible) Theres enough I could make a decent 20-30 min playlist from. Perhaps if I enjoy the film it might improve my view of the score. But right now, it’s about 3 stars from me.
  12. They aren’t even recognizable as puns anymore. Lol In any case, looking forward to giving this a full listen on Friday.
  13. When an expansion is eventually released, I look forward to this “Gabriel’s Letter cue” There’s a little melody at :58 seconds into the clip (and right at the end but it gets cut off) that only appears once on the ost. Kind of a “family hardship” motif. But it appears in the film a handful of times. Also the beautiful “North Star” motif plays more throughout the film (cant find that specific clip when Martin’s daughters are looking at the sky at night pointing to the North Star) I believe it too only pops up once on the ost.
  14. I picked the Patriot. Nostalgia pushes that one over the line for me. Although I realize now how similar the main theme is to “Dry Your Tears Afrika” and the Civil Rights portion of Williams American Journey symphony.
  15. Two sweeping romanticized war films scored by the Maestro. Different eras, and different continents. Yet both have moments of heroics, tragedy, love, terror, soaring pastoral moments. In short, all the ingredients for a great Williams score. The Patriot may be the more upfront action/adventure score. War horse is perhaps more gentler. Sort of an E.T. Set in WWI. But “No Man’s Land” could certainly compete with “Tavington’s Trap” in getting your pulse racing. What’s your favorite?
  16. So I suppose it won’t be Powell/Sener doing Obi-Wan then huh? Since we all thought the digital release with the “bonus track” was going to be that one…😔
  17. I’m feeling this will impact Zimmer getting the gold for Dune. It’s gonna be Greenwood now for sure.
  18. I listened to this interview. I believe Pope mentions he was referring to Kamen’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves score. Kamen was a real champ and took out an add later in one of the trades thanking all the additional composers and orchestrators for such committed work in such hectic circumstances.
  19. I find it silly that people would be “confused” if all the other composers were credited. Do people believe the production designer built every thing seen on film themselves? Or the sound designer did it all himself? Each person on the poster just represents an entire department. But I suppose the average Joe wouldn’t know that(?) I dunno. It’s sad not everyone is getting their due credit (or rightful pay).
  20. Didn’t Alfred Newman get like 30 Oscars back in the day because he was the head of the music department of whatever film got best score? Maybe they should change some titles around. That way people would know they’re essentially just directors of all things related to the music. Sure they wrote some stuff. But not every note you hear. (Like the general public would assume)
  21. So…any bets/idea when we think they’ll announce the series composer? (I started following Batu Sener’s Instagram account juuuust to put some good vibes into the universe 😉)
  22. Very cool to see this get a spotlight. Also glad Powell and Elfman are, reportedly, “one of the good guys” 😊
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