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  1. Oh I forgot about A Hidden Life. I agree. What a stunningly beautiful score. If there was a modern equivalent of something like Dr. Zhivago being produced where he could really sink his teeth into the beauty/romance/tragedy and then go to town on the epic sweep and scale with the battle scenes, THAT sounds like it would be the best of both worlds for JNH.
  2. I suppose yeah, Hidalgo is what come to mind for me. I think he’d definitely get the opportunity if he was willing to take on a big budget streaming show of some kind. That seems to be where all the historical epics have gone now days. He would rock something in the vein of “Marco Polo” or “Turn” or even “Outlander”. guess it just depends on if he’d be open to that much work.
  3. A full bodied superhero score from JNH would be terrific. While the score didn’t leave much of an impression, the “We’re going to fly now” track from Green Lantern was a fantastic tease of what he could potentially unleash. Personally, I’d love for JNH to get to score an old fashioned epic. In interviews when asked about what sort of film he still hasn’t had the opportunity to tackle, he often says how he’d love to do something like Lawrence of Arabia today. (We just need studios to actually be willing to make a film like that today)
  4. Finished my first full listen. It’s fun. But can kinda slip into anonymity at times. I’ll give it another listen with Anthony’s shortened prescribed playlist. Sometimes I have to listen to the highlights a ton to fall in love with a score. And then I can usually embrace the full score at some point and appreciate it all. EDIT: “Tree Fight” is a cool track. Reminds me of WaterWorld a bit.
  5. Yep! Is that just a fan-made graphic from theraider.net or something?
  6. Thanks for doing this! Yes indeed. There is such an elaborate tapestry of themes throughout all three of these scores. HTTYD 2 is actually my favorite of the three. The third score is a terrific maturation and leans into a more longing/melancholic approach that fits the film like a glove. “Once There Were Dragons” was everything I ever wanted from the final cue in this series. Perfect send off.
  7. The original is my favorite movie musical of all time. But Im excited to see Spielberg’s take. Especially considering he’s wanted to do a full on musical for some time now. Looks great
  8. This review was quite enthusiastic about the score. Calls out the Indiana Jones feel. ( Kinda luke warm on the film itself however)
  9. Huh. I confess I’ve never listened to any of the Doctor Who scores. I’ll have to give this one a spin and add it to my jogging list:)
  10. I was flying through Some great Powell cues yesterday during my jog. Bim Bam Smash Wild Hog Chase part 2 Bull Run Buck Takes the Lead I LOVE jogging to John Powell cues. Some other favorites score cues to run to are: My First Bus Ride (Mummy Returns) Like a Dog Chasing Cars ( TDK) Jungle Chase (Crystal Skull) The Huns Attack/Avalanche (Mulan) For those of you who enjoy a good run, what are some of your favorites film score cues you enjoy running to?
  11. The more reviewers call out a score for being too old fashioned and “in your face” the more excited I am to hear it
  12. I suppose the film may illuminate some thematic reason why they wanted to use Metallica’s song(?)
  13. Hmmm. Wonder if this was some unused concept art for one of the Indy desktop games in the early 90s. When Fate of Atlantis was being developed they were also kicking around Excalibur as a potential relic. Or it’s just a nice piece of fan art.
  14. I wish I enjoyed more Desplat scores (even Valerian didn’t connect with me 😬) But I did enjoy Girl with the Pearl Earring. That one score of his I do come back to every once and a while. After all these years and blockbuster franchises that Gia has scored, The Incredibles is still my favorite score of his. Powell: my absolute favorite of the three. For me that guy can do no wrong and I will listen to anything he writes:)
  15. Ah! Haha. Very interesting choice. Looking forward to this one.
  16. Hmmmm… Is it Rocky perhaps? In really listening to the strings in that remix clue, it has a pseudo 70s/disco feel. They haven’t done that one yet have they? I get them mixed up with “The Soundtrack Show” sometimes.
  17. Wonder if they’ll work in an intense bicycle chase just for him? 😃
  18. I agree with you it is odd as this is supposedly a sequel to the original show that Bear wouldn’t find a way to quote the original theme at some point. I’m only half way through my first listen of the score now. Perhaps he still might sneak it in. Or it could pop up in the second half of the show…
  19. I plan on watching this new series tonight. I confess that I didn’t grow up watching the original show in the 80s. But I did I joy the “reboot” they did in the early 2000s. But I don’t have a super deep affinity for the show. From what I gather, some fans are ticked by how some characters are being approached in this new version. (Flashes of “Last Jedi outrage” occurring;) But since I don’t have a real deep connection to the original show, I interested to see what all the fuss is about.
  20. Anyone checked out Bear’s score to the new He-Man show yet? Its fun. Reminds me of his work on Human Target Its on Spotify and YouTube etc.
  21. Haha. Watch. But between all those releases there will still be a great action cue that gets left off. And you’ll have to cut and paste bits of the suites that are from the film into chronological order
  22. I do hope there’s some moments of awe/wonder/nobility scattered throughout the score. Not just tension/danger the entire time. I get that it’s a “serious” film and there is a lot at stake in the story. But it’s not Dunkirk. Hans should be free to explore various parts of this world. Beauty of the desert, mystery, even love in there too.
  23. The two tracks are cool. I love the textures and soundscape he’s creating. Kind of a mesh of Interstellar, Black Hawk Down, and Gladiator. Melody-wise he seems to be riffing a bit on what I call the “anarchy theme” from TDK with a touch of the mermaid theme from Stranger Tides. Looking forward to the rest of the score and especially looking forward to seeing the film. “Anarchy theme” (0:00-1:25) Mermaid Theme
  24. Always thought this piece would be a perfect accompaniment to the new Dune trailer. It’s about the same length as the trailer (just 10 seconds shy or so).
  25. Can’t wait. Would you say the two cues are a melodic Zimmer than you anticipated?
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