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  1. It might be controversial if any artificial reverb had been 'baked in' to the first-gen master tapes (i.e. added as the tracks were recorded, not in any subsequent mixing sessions). Since the edits to Superman had been done on the first-generation tapes, this isn't completely impossible. If that were the case, no-one would then be able to release the tracks in 'dry' form. I'm surprised there was any artificial reverb added at all - the fashion in the 70s was very much to record everything (esp. drums) as dry as possible - it then went to the other extreme in the 80s.


    I love the Baroque Jazz feel of Eiger - it's one of my two must-haves if it ever gets the full proper re-release treatment (the other being Hook, obviously).

  2. Talking of the Flute Concerto, can anyone check my working on the separation of the four movements? Based on nothing more than the liner notes of the Varese LSO/Slatkin recording, I think each movement starts at the following times on the recording:


    Movement 1: 0:00

    Movement 2: 4:13

    Movement 3: 5:39

    Movement 4: 9:58


    Anyone agree? Disagree? Has anyone got sight of the score that they could check with?



  3. 1996 LSO for me. Maurice Murphy’s still sounding glorious in the prime trumpet seat, the Abbey Road recording quality is top-notch and, particularly personally, it was recorded mere days after I’d seen JW conduct the exact same band in the same piece at the Barbican. A happy day.


    Does anyone have a list of the actual orchestration changes since 1977? Having just bought the Hal Leonard score, it’d be nice to be able to pencil in the changes that have been made.



  4. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty good 2.0 system and a decent 5.1 system (though the main speakers do double duty with a change of speaker cable):


    2.0: Naim CDX2, NAC202, NAP200 into B&W 804S.


    5.1: Sony UBP-X800M2 disc player into STR-DA2400ES to B&W 804S/HTM4S/DM600s3/ASW675


    In full flow with the volume up nice and loud, each system makes me grin like a happy fool.



  5. LAPO/Mehta (1978) is called 'Suite' but is pretty similar to the 1980 and 1990 recordings to my ears, including the interpolation of When You Wish... Excerpts is also on 2019's LAPO/Dudamel disc, and also on last year's VPO/Williams recording, but the version played on these recordings is shorter and I can't hear When You Wish on these. I think these are the only two versions of the piece


    Anyone have access to the Hal Leonard full score? We could see which version that is.



  6. Hopefully just a. quick one: on the Sony 1991 Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, track 13, where exactly is When You Wish Upon a Star interpolated? I don’t know my classic Disney songs as well as I know my JW themes, so it keeps passing me by.


    A precise timecode for where on the track it starts would be great.





  7. Thanks Bespin - that must have been a lot of work. I will be looking at this when deciding what to buy next...


    At the risk of adding to your workload, would it be possible to add a note to the releases that consist entirely of previously released material? For example, I've been looking at Star Wars - The Best Of Space Music from 1990 and I assume it's just a rehash of the stuff he previously recorded in the 80s with the Boston Pops, but it'd be helpful if your discography confirmed one way or the other. Same goes for Space-Taculars and Space and Time from 1995.





  8. Yes - for the avoidance of doubt, I'm talking about the passage in the concert suite version of the Main Title immediately after the strings play a heavily modified version of the Rebel Fanfare. It occurs at the following times:


    OST (no Throne Room quotation): track 1, 5:00

    Skywalker SO (with quotation): track 1, 5:16



  9. I'm trying to write some notes for my copy of By Request... and I'd like to have the recording dates for the re-released tracks. Can anyone who has access to any of the original CDs/LPs of Pops Around the World, Pops in Space, Pops on the March, Aisle Seat or Out of this World either post the recording dates or confirm that no such information is given? I've checked discogs.com but they only have the year of release, not the recording date.


    On Philips Classics of that vintage, the recording date was usually given as a month and year at the bottom of the back cover (e.g. "Recorded Boston, 11/1983").





  10. Actually, it was both I was asking about - since the endings are otherwise identical, I suppose I was assuming the change would have been made simultaneously on both pieces. Obviously not! I should have checked my Boston Pops 1980 recording (on By Request), and I'd forgotten that the end credits to Jedi included it. It was clearly a change that was made much sooner than I imagined.


    Thanks also for the HP confirmation - I've only got the single CD OST, so do I take it that my only option to have those two tracks conducted by JW is to buy the LLL set?



  11. I’ve had a very pleasant hour or so playing various tracks with my new Christmas presents - Hal Leonard editions of Adventures on Earth, SW suite and HP1. A couple of questions have occurred to me:


    1) When was the Throne Room theme quotation added towards the end of the SW Main (bars 183-4) and End Title (bars 193-4) concert versions? It’s not on the 1983 Utah SO recording, but is on the 1990 Skywalker SO recording.


    2) From HP1 are there any recordings conducted by JW of  The Sorcerer’s Stone or Nimbus 2000? I’ve found the Prague Phil version of the latter but no versions of the former show up on Spotify. Is it a retitled version of something on the OST?





  12. 22 hours ago, oierem said:

    But many of them are unused in the actual film. Only a few statements survive.


    That was the reason for my original question, hence I was asking for Blu-ray timecodes from the film, not CD timecodes from the score recording (but thank you for your efforts, @Falstaft).


    I might just about be able to hear the statements when Boushh /Leia is negotiating the bounty for Chewbacca, but I'm pretty sure the 'Han Solo Returns' track cuts when Jabba has his big reveal. As for the usage in Sail Barge Assault, I'm pretty sure that's buried in a sandstorm of deafening sound effects!


    The later usages in TPM and the 1997 restored Jabba scene in ANH are both pretty clear in those films, I'm just curious how much it got used in ROTJ when it was a new theme.




  13. I’m moderately sure I’ve never heard Jabba’s theme in the actual film - am I missing something? If it is there somewhere, please post Blu-ray time stamps so I can have a really good listen.


    I’ve been playing the theme on piano from the 1991 anthology, and I hadn’t appreciated how harmonically fun it is - so many minor(major 7th) chords...



  14. No, don’t be silly. I was trying to to be subtle, in case some of our legal friends were watching and decided to get punchy.


    If that’s still too cryptic for you, just PM me and I’ll feel comfortable filling in the blanks for you without feeling like the rest if the world is watching.



  15. Would it be too controversial to request a list of Marches for us to choose from? I suspect so. Nonetheless, I find myself reading the above posts and agreeing with some, only to find (for example) Parade of the Ewoks being mentioned and then thinking 'oh yes, there's that too'.


    So, on the basis of what I can remember (and as someone who has not only been trained to march but done so many times in front of large crowds), I'd say:

    • 1941
    • Raiders
    • Superman

    In that order, but with Parade of the Ewoks and others like the 1984 Olympics theme (or at least the last minute or two of it) bubbling under.


    Now all I need is for someone to mention another one I've forgotten for me to go 'oh yes, there's that too' again.



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