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  1. Jurassic World (2015) would have insane union fees since it was recorded in LA right? Then again, maybe not if Rogue One got an expansion...


    3 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

    I'd love them but I don't see why any labels would be looking at doing them - they're too new.

    There's also the session leaks for Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom that probably lower desirability for those scores a bit

  2. 19 minutes ago, DarthDementous said:

    Agreed. Nu-Lucasfilm set themselves the logistically unfeasible goal of flattening the hierarchy by doing away with the EU's tier system for a binary distinction of 'canon' and 'non-canon', but in doing so made the more public-facing films subservient to relatively obscure pieces of fiction, gradually making it more and more necessary to have experienced other works in completely different mediums to get a satisfying experience from the main content which in turn alienates a mainstream audience

    I'm not sure how much they've done this actually, yes you probably should watch the animated shows if you want to watch some of their more recent content but they haven't really referenced the books or the comics or any of that other shit at all. In many ways it's very similar to the old EU except that the official canon policy is no longer honest about what really matters.


    In fact I can think of multiple times recently where Disney canon stuff has been explicitly retconned, for example the 2015 supposedly canon Kanan comic series showed what he was doing in Order 66 which was completely contradicted by The Bad Batch. The 2016 supposedly canon Ahsoka book had tons of information that was already retconned a bit by S7 of the Clone Wars and I've read is likely going to be completely invalidated by Tales of the Jedi whenever that comes out

  3. 11 hours ago, HunterTech said:

    (To be more serious, if more of the recent projects have kept having the same issues, then maybe there might be more mandates behind the scenes than we're really privy to (especially given the mess that was TRoS's production)).

    There's a very interesting 2-part semi-documentary series on Youtube that I've seen recently called Star Wars Apocrypha that deep dives into the behind the scenes making of the Sequel Trilogy based on all the public primary source information that we have. There's a lot of information in it, but one of the main points of interest is that it seems like Disney was very hands free on the making of TFA and TLJ, they pretty much let JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson do whatever they wanted.


    I don't know for certain how any of the more recent projects have been run, I guess it is possible that the Disney+ series' have been more controlled. But it does seem like the Mandalorian, the Clone Wars S7 and the Bad Batch have had mostly hands free development cycles. The only two entries I can think of to have explicit interference from Disney were Solo and TROS where the directors were replaced

  4. 39 minutes ago, Corellian2019 said:

    Quick, someone buy both reissues to check if LLL accidentally used the wrong master!

    Even if such a thing were to happen, is there any music of value for these two scores (such as vetoed source music) that wasn't already on the previous LLL releases?

  5. 15 minutes ago, stravinsky said:

    Can anyone tell me why the LSO was chosen to record Star Wars in 1977?

    I know the orchestra were involved with recording British Film Scores mostly conducted by Muir Matheison from the 40s to the 60s. Was there a lull in soundtrack work for the LSO before Star Wars? 


    I read somewhere that Fox were hoping that Damnation Alley would be the big hit of 1977 and that as a consequence George Lucas' little movie wasn't paid much attention. 

    How did it come about therefore that a low to mid budget movie like Star Wars would end up with a stellar soundtrack recording by one of the top five orchestras in the world? 


    Did Lucas specifically want the LSO or was it John Williams idea? 


    Had Williams actually worked with the LSO at all before 1977? I'm not sure. 


    Lastly why didn't Kurtz as producer just get the score recorded in Holywood? 


    Extra lastly were all the major studios still in possession of their own orchestras in 1977? Like the famous MGM, Warner Bros and Fox ensembles? Or had all of that died out by the mid 70s?


    Sorry if this the wrong topic for this thread but I know the minds on here will have the answers. 



    From what I've read they chose to record in London since principal photography was done there and it was cheaper than in the States, the LSO was chosen specifically because it's usual conductor was André Previn, a good friend of John Williams.

  6. Okay so to recap there's two versions of Finale


    The longer version used on the original OST (John Neal mix), the 1997 SE set (Brian Risner mix), and the 2018 remaster (Eric Tomlinson mix)


    The shorter version used on the Crimson Empire audiobook. 


    The anthology set and the film seem to use the shorter version but segue to the longer version for the last statement of the love theme


    Did I get all that? 


    As for the End Credits cue, this is where I'm really confused

    13 minutes ago, mstrox said:

     Here’s what the liner notes say.



    This seems to imply that the film version is an entirely separate recording, but the John Takis cue list (https://www.jwfan.com/?p=4092) refers to it as "End Credit Insert"


    Is it an insert that replaces just part of the cue with the rest of it just artificially sped up? Or was the entire cue rerecorded with the new insert


  7. Here's something from ESB I've never understood that I'd love to know.


    Can somebody explain all the variants of the Finale and End Credits cues? I'm aware of at least two different recordings of Finale and at least two different recordings of the End Credits but I'm not exactly sure why they exist and which is available where

  8. On 15/07/2022 at 12:23 PM, Marian Schedenig said:


    Yes, that makes sense - for *software* players. I've been there myself. But a "traditional" hardware CD player would just play the one single audio stream on the CD, without "changing tracks" (unless you've programmed a different order), and would therefore have no need for buffering.


    Unless it's in fact just a glorified mini computer with a CD drive that effectively just live-rips every track individually and then plays them back digitally as separate streams (in fact, in a way that's how I think a typical Blu-ray player works; from what I've seen in firmware upgrade screens, they're usually Linux based (and yet there's still no proper Blu-ray playback software for Linux…)). In that case, you'd be just as well (or in fact) better of with a computer and the CD ripped to files on a local or network drive. (Though if someone goes to the lengths of building something like this, neglecting to do the proper buffering for gapless playback seems even more of a blunder)


    I'm not saying such players do not or cannot exist. I'm just saying that from what I understand, making something like this makes little sense, and I would expect them to be a very small minority of lousy products.

    Yeah the reason blu-ray players operate like that is for DRM and control purposes. There's an excellent writeup on the makemkv forums that goes into detail about this process and how blu-ray drives evolved from cd drives: https://forum.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18856

  9. 20 minutes ago, Jay said:

    I haven't finished the interview yet but damn I would've liked to have heard some of her earlier theme ideas. She says that she wrote a lot of Williams-esque themes and Deborah Chow didn't like any of them, the only early theme she approved was the RCP-like inquisitor theme

  10. Okay I've determined the recording session footage in Empire of Dreams is actually fake. They just took some of the existing footage from the Empire sessions and digitally replaced what was on the projector with ANH footage. You can tell because all of the orchestra players are wearing the same clothes as the Empire sessions, the camera angle is the same, and you can sort of see a border on the projector where they made their digital alterations

  11. Finally got around to splitting the ESB breakdown into separate cues. Once again the breakdown itself is entirely the same as @Counterparts original, just with corrected timestamps for the original cues


    Main Title:

    0:07 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:26 Luke's Theme (B Section)
    0:49 Luke's Theme (A Section)


    The Imperial Probe:

    0:08 Imperial March
    0:22 Imperial March
    1:19 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    1:35 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    1:46 Han Solo and the Princess
    2:40 Luke's Theme (A Section) [Strings]
    2:55 Luke's Theme (B Section)
    3:12 Princess Leia's Theme
    3:50 Princess Leia's Theme
    4:17 Han Solo and the Princess
    5:01 Droid Motif
    5:29 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    5:40 Luke's Theme (B Section)
    5:55 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    6:14 Han Solo and the Princess


    New Start:

    0:07 Imperial March


    Insert Bar 80:


    Insert Bar 109:

    Luke's Escape:
    1:07 The Force Theme
    1:23 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    1:48 Hoth Blizzard
    1:53 Rebel Fanfare
    2:03 Droid Motif
    2:46 The Force Theme
    2:59 Hoth Blizzard


    Ben's Instructions:

    0:00 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:35 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    1:18 The Force Theme
    3:09 Snowspeeder Search


    Luke's Rescue:

    0:00 Snowspeeder Search
    1:15 Snowspeeder Search
    The Probe Scanner:
    0:00 Imperial March Rhythm
    0:26 Imperial March
    0:43 Probe Droid
    1:18 Imperial March Rhythm
    1:36 Imperial March
    2:31 Imperial March Rhythm
    2:48 Imperial March
    Drawing the Battle Lines:
    0:10 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:40 Imperial March Rhythm
    0:54 Imperial March
    1:20 Imperial March
    1:42 Imperial March


    Leia's Instructions:

    0:58 Imperial March
    1:05 The Rolling Thunder
    1:05 Rebel Fanfare
    1:19 Luke's Theme (A Section)


    The Snow Battle:

    0:00 Imperial Walkers
    0:28 Snowspeeders
    1:01 Snow Battle
    1:38 Snow Battle
    2:15 Snowspeeders
    2:44 Imperial Walkers
    3:22 Snowspeeders


    Luke's First Crash:

    0:00 Hoth Evacuation
    0:23 Droid Motif
    0:53 Imperial March
    0:58 Hoth Evacuation
    1:34 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    2:04 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    2:31 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    2:41 The Force Theme
    3:05 Rebel Fanfare
    3:36 Imperial March


    The Rebels Escape Again:

    0:17 Han Solo and the Princess
    0:33 Imperial March
    1:08 Imperial March
    1:30 Han Solo and the Princess
    1:38 Imperial March
    1:50 Han Solo and the Princess
    2:24 Han Solo and the Princess


    The Asteroid Field:
    0:05 Imperial March
    0:33 Imperial March
    1:19 The Asteroid Field
    1:42 The Asteroid Field
    1:59 Asteroid Chase
    2:42 Asteroid Chase
    3:26 Han Solo and the Princess
    Crash Landing:

    1:00 Droid Motif
    1:20 Droid Motif
    1:42 Droid Motif
    1:54 Droid Motif
    2:15 Droid Motif
    2:41 Imperial March
    3:04 Imperial March


    Yoda Appears:

    0:57 The Force Theme
    Yoda's Entrance:
    0:00 Yoda Playful
    0:12 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    0:31 Yoda's Theme (B Section)
    1:18 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    1:32 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    1:48 Yoda Playful
    1:56 Yoda's Theme (A Section)

    End Fix:


    Solo and the Princess:

    0:16 Han Solo and the Princess
    1:32 Imperial March
    2:07 Imperial March Rhythm
    2:12 Imperial March
    3:07 The Dark Side
    Yoda's Teaching:
    0:09 The Force Theme
    0:27 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:46 Yoda's Theme (B Section)
    0:59 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    1:27 The Force Theme
    1:50 Luke's Theme (A Section)


    This is Not a Cave:

    0:07 Imperial March
    0:45 Mynock "Cave"
    2:26 Mynock "Cave"
    Training a Jedi:
    0:06 Yoda's Theme
    0:38 Imperial March
    1:07 The Force Theme


    The Magic Tree:

    0:34 Luke's' Theme (A Section)
    2:17 The Dark Side
    2:59 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    3:06 Yoda's Theme
    3:18 Imperial March


    Attack Position:
    0:00 Boba Fett Motif
    1:58 Imperial March (Fragment)
    2:13 Yoda's Theme
    Yoda Raises the Ship:
    0:28 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:59 The Force Theme
    2:18 Yoda's Theme
    2:30 Yoda's Theme
    3:01 The Power of the Force/The Dark Side
    3:12 Yoda's Theme
    3:41 Imperial March
    Vader's Command:
    0:03 Imperial March
    0:37 Imperial March


    City in the Clouds:

    0:12 Han Solo and the Princess
    0:36 Boba Fett Motif
    0:48 Yoda's Theme
    1:08 The Force Theme
    1:31 Yoda's Theme
    3:02 Cloud City
    3:40 Cloud City
    3:48 Cloud City
    4:07 Imperial March (Hidden at Cloud City Variation)?
    4:23 Imperial March (Hidden at Cloud City Variation)?
    Lando's Palace:
    0:06 Cloud City March (A Section)
    0:29 Cloud City March (B Section)
    0:43 Cloud City March (A Section)
    1:22 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    1:42 The Force Theme
    1:56 Imperial March
    2:05 Yoda's Theme
    2:26 Yoda's Theme
    3:00 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    3:16 The Force Theme
    Luke to the Rescue:
    0:03 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:30 Han Solo and the Princess

    9m2 Vader Shows Up

    0:06-0:27 Cloud City March (A Section)
    0:14 Rebel Fanfare
    0:24 Rebel Fanfare
    0:27 Cloud City March (B Section)
    0:42 Imperial March (Hidden at Cloud City Variation)
    0:52 Boba Fett Motif
    1:20 Luke's Theme (A Section)


    Putting Threepio Together:

    0:30 Droid Motif
    0:44 Imperial March
    Trouble in Prison:
    0:00 Imperial March
    0:08 Prison Motif?
    0:14 Droid Motif
    0:38 Prison Motif?
    1:05 Han Solo and the Princess
    2:10 Han Solo and the Princess
    Carbon Freeze:
    0:04 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:24 Imperial March
    0:57 Han Solo and the Princess
    1:19 Imperial March
    1:27 Luke's Theme (Fragment)
    1:35 Han Solo and the Princess
    1:59 Han In Carbonite
    2:27 Imperial March
    2:40 Han Solo and the Princess
    3:02 Han Solo and the Princess
    3:36 Unknown 1
    3:53 Imperial March
    4:01 Unknown 1


    Insert Bar 57:


    Luke Pursues the Captives:

    0:08 Cloud City Trap
    0:46 Yoda's Theme
    1:15 Yoda's Theme
    1:43 Yoda's Theme
    1:54 Yoda's Theme
    2:23 Imperial March
    2:42 Cloud City Trap


    Chewie Chokes Lando:

    0:00 Unknown 1
    0:17 Unknown 1
    1:06 Cloud City Trap
    1:20 Han Solo and the Princess
    1:45 Han In Carbonite
    1:50 Han Solo and the Princess
    2:17 Imperial March
    2:47 The Force Theme
    2:59 Yoda's Theme
    3:23 Yoda's Theme
    3:30 Luke's Theme (A Section)


    Through the Window:

    0:08 The Dark Side
    0:41 Imperial March
    1:41 Yoda's Theme
    1:43 Yoda's Theme (Shadow)
    2:00 Cloud City March (A Section)
    2:16 Han Solo and the Princess
    2:54 Han Solo and the Princess
    3:23 Unknown 2
    Losing a Hand:
    0:54 Imperial March
    2:08 Unknown 2
    2:13 Cloud City
    2:20 Cloud City
    2:25 Cloud City Rescue?
    3:22 The Force Theme
    3:50 Imperial March
    4:02 Cloud City Rescue?
    4:14 Cloud City Rescue?


    To Hyper-space:
    0:00 Escape from Bespin
    0:11 Princess Leia's Theme
    0:17 Escape from Bespin
    1:02 Escape from Bespin
    1:18 Imperial March 
    1:35 Escape from Bespin 
    1:38 Droid Motif
    2:07 Imperial March
    2:41 Imperial March
    3:04 Escape from Bespin
    3:23 The Force Theme
    3:37 Imperial March
    0:03 The Force Theme (A Section)
    0:33 The Force Theme (B Section)
    0:43 The Force Theme (A Section)
    0:58 Han Solo and the Princess (A Section)
    1:23 Han Solo and the Princess (B Section)
    1:46 Han Solo and the Princess (A Section)


    End Credits:

    0:00 Luke's Theme (A Section)
    0:08 Rebel Fanfare
    0:14 The Rolling Thunder
    0:17 Rebel Fanfare
    0:28 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    0:30 Rebel Fanfare
    0:55 Yoda's Theme (B Section)
    1:12 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    1:42 Imperial March Rhythm
    1:52 Imperial March
    2:46 Han Solo and the Princess (A Section)
    3:05 Han Solo and the Princess (B Section)
    3:25 Han Solo and the Princess (A Section)
    3:53 Throne Room Fanfare
    3:57 Rebel Fanfare
    4:02 Rebel Fanfare
    4:03 Imperial March


    Darth Vader's Theme:
    0:00 Imperial March Rhythm
    0:10 Imperial March (A Section)
    0:38 Imperial March Rhythm
    0:48 Imperial March (B Section)
    1:06 Imperial March (A Section)
    1:39 Imperial March Rhythm
    1:48 Imperial March (A Section)
    2:16 Imperial March (A Section)
    2:34 Imperial March Rhythm
    2:39 Imperial March (A Section)
    2:44 Imperial March Rhythm
    Yoda's Theme:
    0:07 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    0:58 Yoda's Theme (B Section)
    1:19 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    2:06 Yoda's Theme (A Section)
    2:33 Yoda's Theme (A Section)

  12. Update: I think they silently cancelled plans for the sale. Honestly I think that's a good thing. I do hope the music is made available to listen to eventually but this wasn't the way to do it.


    Technical details for those who care:


    This is the etherscan wallet that was going to do the auction:


    All the foundation auction reservations were cancelled and the tokens were burned a little over two weeks ago.

    It appears the way they had intended to release it was to do a release of four nfts for each unreleased cue, each in a different color. For whatever reason some of them are gone now but some of them are still up so you can see what they would have looked like. Unfortunately I don't think the links to the music are public, even if those are still active. Here are the links to the nfts I found that weren't deleted yet:


    1. Flight to LA
      1. Purple: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xb5447f0de37e85ca4d10bd51ff057e514685860b/1
      2. Orange: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xd47769a16f28c1aa0ccdaf0ce15e129dbbc9db7a/1
      3. Pink: https://etherscan.io/nft/0x3f62da3fe6052ad912f598bbb96009d975c887c1/1
      4. Blue: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xcfeab701218a906a0cf16565bdeee064f9bb909d/1
    2. The Rain
      1. Purple: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xb5447f0de37e85ca4d10bd51ff057e514685860b/2
      2. Orange: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xd47769a16f28c1aa0ccdaf0ce15e129dbbc9db7a/2
      4. Blue: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xcfeab701218a906a0cf16565bdeee064f9bb909d/2
    3. Voxton 4 Marketplace:
      3. Pink: https://etherscan.io/nft/0x3f62da3fe6052ad912f598bbb96009d975c887c1/3
      4. Blue: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xcfeab701218a906a0cf16565bdeee064f9bb909d/3
    5. K's Horse: 
      4. Blue: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xcfeab701218a906a0cf16565bdeee064f9bb909d/5


    In other news, I managed to glean the names of four of the five cues that were going to be released this way:

    1. Flight to LA
    2. The Rain
    3. Voxton 4 Marketplace
    5. K’s Horse
  13. On 18/05/2022 at 2:57 PM, Jay said:

    Jóhann Jóhannsson's estate is releasing unreleased music of his of the BLADE RUNNER 2049 ost exclusively through NFTs











    Did anything ever happen with this? I was looking around to see if whoever had bought them had reuploaded them online for everyone to listen to but I can't even find confirmation they were ever sold at all. The announcement tweet about them is now deleted, the foundation page is empty, and the only articles I can find talking about it are those from May announcing it was happening

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