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  1. Did anything ever happen with this? I was looking around to see if whoever had bought them had reuploaded them online for everyone to listen to but I can't even find confirmation they were ever sold at all. The announcement tweet about them is now deleted, the foundation page is empty, and the only articles I can find talking about it are those from May announcing it was happening
  2. Wow both that article and the video were fascinating and eye opening as well. I had sneaking suspicions that for listening 24/192 was a lot of wasted space for very little benefit, but I didn't realize the benefit might be completely nonexistent
  3. I found even more of this footage! In much better quality too. This comes from the Enhanced Edition ebook of J.W. Rinzler's "The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back": ESB_JohnWilliams_clip3_ProRes.mp4 Interestingly, even though the audio is largely the same, lots of the accompanying shots are different (especially in the first half), making me think that one of the two sources is edited, if not both of them. There's definitely footage edited out of this clip because there's an obvious jump cut at 0:18
  4. Wow thanks for this! I was hoping the "320" part at the end of the filename would imply there were other size files available, but if there were they don't appear to have been archived. Ooh maybe that "Unedited B-Roll" might include some of the raw recording session footage
  5. Honestly I'm not so sure that they will. To me it felt like they used season 2 as a way to set up BOBF and the Ahsoka series, for the latter particularly to set up the character for people who never saw The Clone Wars. Maybe I'm wrong and they'll do an MCU style thing where every character appears in every other show, but I was thinking that all that stuff will mostly be in the Ahsoka show now that her character and motivations have been introduced, and Grogu and Djarin can go off and do whatever in S3
  6. Oh okay interesting. I have the original Episode II DVD set still, would it be on the bonus disc? update: I've looked into it a bit, it would appear the DVD-ROM feature was just a key to get you into the dvd.starwars.com website where the actual featurette was hosted. This site has been defunct since ~2009. I've been trying to research if anyone ever archived a higher quality version but I've had no luck so far. All I found was this description of what was actually on the site for the AOTC disc: https://www.theforce.net/episode2/story/First_Look_at_Clones_DVDRom_Content_64676.asp
  7. I found more footage from the AOTC sessions: Based on the text at the beginning I'm guessing this came from some kind of Press Kit. Interesting they put so much effort into making this to not even release it to the public officially
  8. The 1997 sets have substantially more content. If you're looking at the score to Star Wars they're probably about equal in quality, I'd just stick with 1997. If you're looking at the score to The Empire Strikes Back, they both suck If you're looking at the score to Return of the Jedi, the 2018 sets (the ones on Itunes) are substantially better quality than the 1997 sets but have almost no music
  9. Wow this is great thanks! I've updated my list Is the clip at 1:43 the Olympic Studio footage? Because that looks like the same footage that also appears here: which people told me before wasn't from the Empire sessions: So you're saying it was from Olympic Studio for Jedi?
  10. Most cars and computers no longer come with cd drives as well. If you want one nowadays you have to explicitly buy an optical drive, which probably isn't something most people do
  11. Okay I've decided I might as well compile a list of all known footage from all the original recording sessions. This is what i have so far: Star Wars (1977) The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Footage of the spotting sessions for 9m6-10m1 Carbon Freeze appears in the BBC "Star Wars Music by John Williams" documentary scattered near the beginning - Footage of the recording sessions for 9m6-10m1 Carbon Freeze and 6m3 This is Not a Cave appears in the BBC "Star Wars Music by John Williams" documentary, the former at 16:21, and the latter at 52:00 - More complete footage of the recording sessions of 6m3 This is Not a Cave appear in that Michel Parbot "The Making of ESB" documentary at 55:40 - Footage from the Empire sessions was used to create fake sessions footage of ANH for the documentary "Empire of Dreams" Return of the Jedi (1983) - Footage of the recording sessions for 4m4 Rev. Jabba's End appear in the June 16th, 1983 episode of 20/20 in a segment on John Williams "Music of the Jedi" The Phantom Menace (1999) - Footage of the spotting sessions for the Darth Maul fight appears in the Movie Music webisode - Footage of the recording sessions for 6m7 New The Greal Dual (recorded February 10th, 1999) appears in The Beginning dvd documentary - Additional footage of the recording sessions for 6m7 New The Greal Dual (recorded February 10th, 1999) appears in the Movie Music webisode - unknown footage from the recording sessions appears in the Duel of the Fates music video Attack of the Clones (2002) - Footage of the spotting sessions for the first zam cues appear in the Music EPK - Footage of recording sessions for some of the zam chase cues appear in the Across the Stars music video - Footage of recording sessions for some of the zam chase cues appear in the Music EPK - Footage of the recording sessions for Across the Stars appear in the Music EPK - unknown footage from the recording sessions appears in the Across the Stars music video Revenge of the Sith (2005) - Footage of the recoding sessions of Battle of the Heroes (recorded February 3rd, 2005) appears in the Endlessly Compelling featurette - unknown footage from the recording sessions appears in the Endlessly Compelling featurette - unknown footage from the recording sessions appears in Within a Minute around 1:09:40 (there's a clip of john williams saying they will start with 7m8, but I believe the rest of the footage is from a different cue, presumably one of the mustafar ones. Maybe either Heroes Collide or The Boys Continue)
  12. Okay yeah that makes more sense Any idea why the title crawl would be on the projector 5 days after they recorded the main title?
  13. Wow that's so cool! This is from the Empire sessions too? Interesting how it looks nothing like the footage from the other two documentaries Maybe they spliced together footage from completely different parts of the sessions between shots. Edit: I went back to the cue sheet just for fun, it says that 1m2 Main Title was recorded on February 5th, and 6m7 The Great Dual was recorded February 10th. So not only different parts, completely different days too You can actually see more of the TPM sessions starting at 58:32 in this documentary:
  14. Is there any part of the show that did?
  15. Hmm maybe that footage wasn't all filmed by the BBC after all. I just learned of the existence of this other documentary by French cameraman Michel Parbot which most people thought never existed until it made its way onto the internet in 2018: At 55:40 here you can see a lot of the same recording sessions footage, but without any voiceover. There's some footage here that isn't in the other documentary and vice versa
  16. According to this site (https://missingepisodes.blogspot.com/p/timeline.html) the junking practice was officially ended in 1978 (although there was some material that was returned from overseas that was junked until 1981, but I don't think that would apply to the Empire documentary
  17. I was rewatching this excellent 1980 BBC documentary on the music of the Empire Strikes Back: It contains considerable footage from both the recording sessions and the spotting sessions of Empire. I was curious if anyone here knows anything about where this footage came from. Did the BBC just film bits of it specifically for the documentary? Or did they film large chunks of it for editing down later and for Lucasfilm to use for general purpose marketing use? I wonder how much of both the recording sessions and the spotting sessions were actually recorded and if any more of this footage survives beyond what's just in the documentary. Also, if the BBC filmed it, is it possible that the raw sessions footage exists in their archives somewhere? I'm not a Brit but I believe the archives should be openly available to British citizens right? edit: before submitting this I looked up the person credited for photography, Kenneth MacMillan: https://www.cinematographers.nl/PaginasDoPh/macmillan.htm Looks like he definitely did work for the BBC
  18. I recently picked up the 2007 La-La-Land release of this at a yard sale for $1. I know it's not quite as complete as the BSX release but I think that was a pretty good deal. I'm excited to give it a listen from all the great things I've heard about it here.
  19. Maybe I should read it too. I'm not familiar at all with how the Tusken Raiders were handled in the Kenobi book but I really like what was done with them in KOTOR
  20. Sorry this may have been mentioned in this thread before, but 45 pages is a lot to scroll through to try to find this, do we know what tapes were used as sources for each of the three original trilogy remasters?
  21. Did this happen for Knights of the Old Republic or The Force Unleashed or The Old Republic or The Clone Wars or Rebels or Rogue One or Resistance or Battlefront II or Solo or Jedi Fallen Order or The Mandalorian
  22. Maybe after they're dead she could send him a space hologram saying that padme had children after all and she butchered them
  23. This would probably never happen but I'd love to see a complete release of Murray Gold's score for his seasons on Doctor Who (2005-2017). There's some absolutely fantastic music he wrote for that series that hasn't seen the light of day. There are some pretty excellent fan rips from some of the blu-rays that are available that while they are largely clean, many cues are still riddled with sfx and it would nice to hear the score as it was actually recorded. Also I'd love to see some official expansions for some of the Star Wars animated shows, particularly the Clone Wars. I think there's a lot of great music for that too that hasn't been released. Even the latest season that got official albums for every arc still has tons of great music unreleased.
  24. Has anyone listened to this? I'm curious if there's any glimpses of any behind the scenes info on the score in it, but I don't have Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/more-score-41-natalie-holt-obi-wan-kenobi/id1357882784?i=1000563421396
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