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  1. Sorry if I don't understand, what makes the John Williams composer announcement now debunked? All that video looks like to me is some marketing cross promotion thing slapped together in a couple of hours with some of the manga panels and an already existing recording/composition. Where does that say anything about his involvement or lack of involvement in the anime?
  2. Has there been any new info about this in the last 6 years?
  3. Yeah you're right I was probably a little too harsh. In all honesty I haven't actually listened to most of his work, I only said that because while I have heard of many of the shows he's worked on, I have not heard of much praise being given to their music, so that had implied to me that it was mostly unmemorable like what is in the Halo show. Maybe I should have checked out more of his music before being critical
  4. I've been watching it. I honestly don't think it's as terrible as many people are saying it is although it's definitely a lot worse than it could be. I'm still not a big fan of the music and I think it's visually one of the worst looking big budget live action shows I've seen in a while, but the story could have some potential and I'm not entirely opposed to the direction they're taking certain things. The acting and character stuff in it so far has probably been its strongest point. Even the cinematography isn't entirely awful even if the CGI it's used on is.
  5. Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (2005) 01 Star Wars and The Revenge of the Sith (7:31) 1M2 Main Title (TPM recording) (0:00-1:17) 1M3 Boys into Battle (1:17-3:15) 1M4 They're Coming Around (3:15-4:46) 1M5 The Elevator Scene (4:46-end) 02 Anakin's Dream (4:46) 2M6 Scenes and Dreams (0:00-end) 03 Battle of the Heroes (3:42) Battle of the Heroes (0:00-end) 04 Anakin's Betrayal (4:04) 5M3 Lament (0:00-end) 05 General Grievous (4:07) 3M7 Riding the Lizard (0:00-1:25) 4M4 Rolling With Grievous (1:25-2:20) 4M4A Fighting With Grievous (2:20-3:35) 4M4 Rolling With Grievous (3:35-end) 06 Palpatine's Teachings (5:25) 3M2A Palpatine's TV Set (0:00-1:35) 4M3 Palpatine's Seduction (1:35-2:28) 3M1 Council Meeting (2:28-end) 07 Grievous and the Droids (3:28) 2M1 Grievous and the Droids (0:00-end) 08 Padme's Ruminations (3:17) 4M5A Padme's Ruminations (0:00-1:36) 5M1 Palpatine Instructs Anakin (1:36-end) 09 Anakin vs. Obi-Wan (3:57) 6M4 Heroes Collide (0:00-end) 10 Anakin's Dark Deeds (4:05) 5M7 Anakin's Dark Deeds (0:00-2:14) 6M1 It Can't Be (2:14-end) 11 Enter Lord Vader (4:14) 5M6 Moving Things Along (0:00-end) 12 The Immolation Scene (2:42) 7M1 The Immolation Scene (0:00-end) 13 Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious (2:49) 2M5 Grievous Travels to Palpatine (0:00-1:50) 6M2 A Moody Trip (1:50-end) 14 The Birth of the Twins and Padme's Destiny (3:37) 7M3 The Birth of the Twins (0:00-1:25) 7M4 The Death of Padme (1:25-end) 15 A New Hope and End Credits (13:06) 7M7 A Home for the Twins (0:00-1:22) 7M8 End Credits (1:22-end)
  6. Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) 01 Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant (3:46) 1M2 Main Title (TPM recording) (0:00-1:25) 1M2 The Arrival at Coruscant (1:25-1:41) 3M6 The Meeting with Fett (1:39-2:11) 3M1 Finding Kamino (2:11-end) 02 Across the Stars (5:33) Across the Stars (0:00-end) 03 Zam the Assassin and The Chase Through Coruscant (11:07) 1M6 Zam's Dirty Trick (0:00-1:02) 1M7A Zam Chase Pt. 1 (1:02-4:20) 1M7B Zam in Pursuit (4:20-7:27) 2M1 Zam is Eliminated (7:27-end) 04 Yoda and the Younglings (3:55) 2M6 Lunch and the Younglings (0:00-end) 05 Departing Coruscant (1:44) 2M3 Departure (0:00-end) 06 Anakin and Padme (3:57) 3M7 The Dinner Scene (0:00-end) 07 Jango's Escape (3:48) 4M1 The Jango Fett Fight (0:00-end) 08 The Meadow Picnic (4:14) 3M5R The Meadow Scene (0:00-2:29) 3M8 Rainy Ramp and Anakin's Nightmare (2:29-end) 09 Bounty Hunter's Pursuit (3:23) 4M3 The Spare Canister Caper (0:00-1:27) 3M4 Interior Tipoca City (1:27-end) 10 Return to Tatooine (6:57) 4M4 The Arrival at Tatooine (0:00-4:09) 4M5 Obi-Wan Eavesdropping (4:09-end) 11 The Tusken Camp and The Homestead (5:54) 4M6 Rescuing Mother (0:00-2:43) 4M7 Exacting Revenge (2:43-4:00) 5M1A Carrying Mother Home (4:00-end) 12 Love Pledge and The Arena (8:29) 6M1 Love Pledge (0:00-2:42) 6M2 Entrance of the Monsters (2:42-6:58) 6M5 Padme Falls (6:58-7:40) 6M5 Insert Padme Falls (7:40-8:00) 6M5 Padme Falls (8:00-8:15) 3M1 Finding Kamino (8:15-end) 13 Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale (10:45) 7M3 Finale (0:00-2:59) 7M3 Insert (2:59-3:37) 7M3 Finale (3:37-4:43) End Credit (4:43-end) 14 On the Conveyor Belt (3:02) 5M5 Finding the Conveyor Belt (0:00-0:50) 5M6 The Conveyor Belt (0:50-end) notes: used @Jay's complete score analysis as a source:
  7. I was watching this old documentary I found on youtube and I noticed that a lot of the music in it sounds different than what is in the film. Are these alternate takes from the film recording sessions or are they a straight-up rerecording? Or are they just pitch shifted or something Like for example the version of "The Inner City" that starts at 8:00 sounds very different to me
  8. Wow I'm surprised this thread doesn't have more replies. I guess there really aren't that many anime fans on this forum. A couple other shows with excellent music that haven't been mentioned yet are the music for Dr. STONE by Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, and Yuki Kanesaka, and the score to Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba by Yuki Kajiura, and Go Shiina. You can't really call Dr. STONE a score because very few tracks are written for specific scenes, rather most of the music was written ahead of time as a collection of cues with certain moods or feelings, and then was applied to the show later in editing. Even so, many of the tracks are absolutely beautiful, with Some Primal Survival Gourmet, The Return of Chrome, STONE WORLD, and Fantasy vs. Science coming to mind as particular standouts. I made a playlist a while back with most of the music in the order it first appears in the show (like I said most cues appear in multiple episodes): Kimetsu no Yaiba on the other hand does have a proper score with many recurring motifs and is also absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately though, as far as I know it's not legally available for streaming/purchase outside of Japan so it's rather difficult to get your hands on. Fortunately on the other hand, due to its insane popularity, nearly its entire complete score has been released across a bunch of different promo albums, assuming you can find them: https://vgmdb.net/search?q=kimetsu+no+yaiba&type=
  9. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 01 Star Wars (Main Theme) (5:49) 1M1 Main Title (0:00-1:30) 1M2 The Imperial Probe (1:30-3:30) 6M3 This is Not a Cave (3:30-end) 02 Yoda's Theme (3:24) Yoda's Theme (0:00-end) 03 The Training of a Jedi Knight (3:17) 6M4 Training a Jedi (0:00-1:47) 5M3 Yoda's Entrance (1:47-end) 04 The Heroics of Luke and Han (6:18) 1M3-2M1 Luke's Escape (0:00-2:47) 4M2 The Rebels Escape Again (2:47-end) 05 The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) (2:59) Darth Vader's Theme (0:00-end) 06 Departure of Boba Fett (3:30) 10M3 Chewie Chokes Lando (0:00-3:17) 9M3 Putting Threepio Together (3:17-end) 07 Han Solo and the Princess (3:25) 5M4-6M1 Solo and the Princess (0:00-end) 08 Hyperspace (4:02) 12M2 To Hyper-space (0:00-end) 09 The Battle in the Snow (3:48) 3M3 The Snow Battle (0:00-end) 10 The Asteroid Field (4:10) 4M3 The Asteroid Field (0:00-end) 11 The City in the Clouds (6:29) 6M2 Yoda's Teaching (0:00-2:07) 8M2 City in the Clouds(2:07-end) 12 Rebels at Bay (5:23) 2M3 Luke's Rescue (0:00-1:37) 3M4-4M1 Luke's First Crash (1:37-end) 13 Yoda and the Force (4:01) 7M3 Yoda Raises the Ship (0:00-end) 14 The Duel (4:07) 11M1 Through the Window (0:00-end) 15 The Magic Tree (3:32) 6M5-7M1 The Magic Tree (0:00-end) 16 Lando's Palace (3:52) 8M3 Lando's Palace (0:00-end) 17 Finale (6:28) 12M3 Finale (0:00-1:57) 12M4 End Credit (1:57-end)
  10. Yeah I was about to comment again and ask, I was just comparing them myself again and the 1st track in that part sounds like its pitched lower than the last track, there's probably other performance differences too
  11. Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi (1983) 01 Main Title (The Story Continues) (5:49) 1M2 Main Title (0:00-1:31) 1M3 Approaching the Death Star (1:31-end) 02 Into the Trap (2:36) 10M3 Into the Trap (0:00-end) 03 Luke and Leia (4:44) Brother and Sister (0:00-end) 04 Parade of the Ewoks (3:25) Parade of the Ewoks (0:00-end) 05 Han Solo Returns (At the Court of Jabba the Hutt) (4:10) 3M2 The Big Thaw (0:00-2:47) Jabba the Hutt (2:47-end) 06 Lapti Nek (Jabba's Palace Band) (2:49) ??? ??? (0:00-end) 07 The Forest Battle (4:01) The Battle in the Woods (0:00-end) 08 Rebel Briefing (2:22) 13M4 New Leia Breaks the News (0:00-end) 09 The Emperor (2:41) 12M5 The Emperor's Death (0:00-end) 10 The Return of the Jedi (5:02) 4m4 Rev. Jabba's End (0:00-end) 11 Ewok Celebration and Finale (8:00) 13M5 ??? (0:00-1:57) 13M5A ??? (1:30-2:00) ??? End Titles (1:58-end) notes: track 11 from 1:30-2:00 contains both 13M5 and 13M5A, they are mixed over each other on the album again based on an excellent spreadsheet by @Jay: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tCtNQueYBMVw35JKof4FqCK_tKOFfxW_NJ_sgkuc9Wg/edit#gid=173484386 oh whoops good catch
  12. Star Wars (1977) 01 Main Title (5:20) 1M2 Main Title (0:00-2:07) 12M2 End Titles (2:07-end) 02 Imperial Attack (6:10) 1M3 The War (0:00-3:14) 1M4-2M1 The Escape Hatch (3:14-end) 03 Princess Leia's Theme (4:18) The Princess Theme (0:00-end) 04 The Desert and the Robot Auction (2:51) 1M5-2M1 Desert Song (0:00-0:52) 2M3 Rev. More Little People (0:52-end) 05 Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack (3:46) 9M3-10M1 Ben's Death (0:00-2:03) 10M2 Here They Come (2:03-end) 06 The Little People Work (4:02) 2M3 New The Little People (0:00-end) 07 Rescue of the Princess (4:46) 8M2 Rev. The Rescue (0:00-2:05) 9M2 The Swashbucklers (2:05-end) 08 Inner City (4:12) 7M1 New Is It a Bird? (0:00-1:34) 4M2 Obi-Wan Kenobi (1:34-3:07) 5M6 Rev. The Inner City (3:07-end) 09 Cantina Band (2:44) ??? ??? (0:00-end) 10 The Land of the Sandpeople (2:50) 3M3 Rev. The Sand Speeder (0:00-1:01) 3M4-4M1 Rev. The Sandman Attacks (1:01-end) 11 Mouse Robot and Blasting Off (4:01) 7M2 The Mouse Robot (0:00-2:01) 6M1 Blasting Away (2:01-end) 12 The Return Home (2:46) 4M4A A Home Destroyed (0:00-end) 13 The Walls Converge (4:31) 8M4 The Walls Converge (0:00-2:58) 8M3 Rev. The Water Snake (2:58-end) 14 The Princess Appears (4:04) 3M1 Rev. The Princess Appears (0:00-1:50) 3M2 New Lost R2 (1:50-end) 15 The Last Battle (12:05) 8M2 New More Rescue (0:00-1:55) 9M1 Ben Creeps Around (1:55-4:25) 11M2 Rev. Approaching the Target (4:25-7:38) 12M1 The Last Battle (7:38-end) 16 The Throne Room and End Title (5:28) 12M2 End Titles (0:00-1:50) 12M2X End Titles (1:50-2:16) 12M2 End Titles (2:16-end) notes: mostly based off @Jay's excellent spreadsheet breakdown: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NTJGw3zWk6qamNFBPNCfrQiMefuO2BQCDlovHwi6ud4/edit#gid=0
  13. Well if I hadn't already heard really bad things about it I think I would've been really disappointed. Visually a lot of the CGI looks really bad, especially on the desert planet they start out on. It starts to improve a bit once they leave but it's still not that great looking. I thought a lot of the hardcore violence early on was out of place tonally, it felt almost cartoonishly extreme in some parts. It doesn't help that it doesn't work visually either. A lot of the gore looks really obviously fake, I think it would've probably been better without it at all. I also thought it was strange that the weapons in the show don't really work the way you expect. For example, Master Chief was the only one who's weapons penetrated Elite armor even though everyone was firing bullets. At least give him a plasma pistol or something and it would've made sense. Also I was very confused on some of the bigger lore that they made. Why can Pelicans travel in slipspace? That'd be like seeing a Republic Gunship in Star Wars capable of hyperspace travel by itself. Even if it is theoretically possible it makes no sense to use a dropship as a long range transport. That's what they have larger carrier ships for. Also, why was there a human girl with the Covenant leaders? I get wanting to study your enemies but it doesn't seem to fit with their religious motivations in the games, assuming those are even still relevant in this show now. Also, why were there only Elites in the opening battle? Where were the Grunts, or the Jackals? It's not so much a lore issue but it was a little disappointing that they have so much diversity in the number of Covenant aliens in the games, and they chose to show so few of them. It can't have been a budget problem right? I thought this show cost like $200m or something. Anyways, the music was extremely disappointing too. I didn't have high hopes to begin with when they announced it was some no name generic tv composer, but I didn't expect a generic sci-fi action score with no memorable tracks at all. For me one of the best parts of Halo as a game series is its excellent music, and I don't think the show captured it remotely. Even if it didn't use any of the pre-established themes, I would've been fine with it if it at least got the sounds right. Most Halo game cues are made of a light melody with a choir or synth, layered on top of a memorable drum line. I would argue that almost every track from the game series (at least from CE to Reach) has some kind of memorable percussion. I don't remember a single cue from the first episode of the show, except for the butchered remix of the main title theme that they played at the end. However, with all that criticism in mind, I didn't actually mind the story. I was kind of surprised that I sort of enjoyed it. It was definitely different from what I would expect from Halo, but it did have me interested the whole time. Obviously, I can't really judge it on this aspect until the whole season is out, but I'll remain cautiously optimistic about the direction they're taking it story-wise.
  14. I actually like quite a bit of the early Clone Wars music. The best was when it was experimental. The music sounds a lot better when it isn't trying to emulate an orchestra with synths but instead tries something new:
  15. I wonder if this means more R rated content will reach Disney+? Originally in the US my understanding was that family friendly content would go on Disney+ and R rated stuff would go on Hulu, whereas in other countries the R rated stuff would show up on a sub-division of Disney+ called "Star" that we don't have over here. Along with the announcement of the Marvel Netflix shows coming over they are also adding parental controls settings to Disney+ in the US. Could we see more Hulu/Star content come to Disney+ in the US ?
  16. This is actually an idea that's sort of touched on by KOTOR 2. It probably would have been expanded on by the third game, had it not been cancelled and replaced by SWTOR. To quote an exchange from KOTOR 2 between the Exile and Kreia: (spoilers)
  17. I just checked the DVD/BD menus and it isn't there. Maybe it plays in one of the Blu-Ray bonus features? DVD: intro: Krennic's Aspirations (2:19-2:24) main menu: Confrontation on Eadu (7:00-7:10, 7:11-7:13, 7:13-7:19, 7:20-7:22, 7:26-7:33, 7:35-7:41, 7:42-7:44, 7:46-7:54) scene selection: Hearts of Kyber (0:05-0:48) set up: AT-ACT Assault (0:09-0:34, 0:38-0:54) subtitles: Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (0:00-0:25, 0:59-1:14) languages: Rogue One (0:00-0:31.5, 0:39-0:48) BD: main menu: Confrontation on Eadu (7:00-7:10, 7:11-7:13, 7:13-7:19, 7:20-7:22, 7:26-7:33, 7:35-7:41, 7:42-7:44, 7:46-7:54) Also, is there a thread for writing down the music used in DVD/BD menus like this?
  18. Actually that's not really the case. The VEVO video @Disco Stu linked to isn't for the Expanded release it's from the original OST. The only place the Expanded release appears on youtube is on the Michael Giacchino - Topic channel. Even then it actually seems to be shadowbanned, in that it takes a lot of effort to actually find the videos. Searching "Rogue One Expanded" or similar searches doesn't return the album Tracks from the OST that were uploaded by VEVO only have the VEVO uploads get promoted Even the official playlist for the expanded album replaces the OST tracks with their VEVO versions, I'm not really sure why The only way to find the playlist is to explicitly search "Michael Giacchino - Topic" and then find it under the albums list. You could also look up track names directly provided they weren't on the ost. If you search on google instead and only show uploads from the last week then it will return you the Topic channel's uploads. Very weird setup YouTube has ===================================================================================================== Also, I had some free time earlier and was comparing the new album against the film; I think I might have found a cue that isn't on the expanded album. It's the piece that plays from 0:00 to 0:22. It should be between Jedha Arrival and Hearts of Kyber. Is it tracked music from elsewhere that I'm just not thinking of, or is it simply unreleased? It's worth noting that on the FYC Jedha Arrival is 2m11 and Hearts of Kyber is 2m13, but on the expanded release they are right next to each other. Is this cue 2m12?
  19. 1) He's Here For Us (3:21) [1m01 - same as OST01 and FYC01) 2) A Long Ride Ahead (3:57) [1m02 - same as OST02 and FYC02) 3) Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (0:57) [1m03 - same as OST03 and FYC03) 4) There Are Spies Everywhere (2:16) [?m04 - new material] 5) The Detention of Jyn Erso (1:13) [?m05 - new material] 6) Jyn's Interrogation (1:57) [?m06 - new material] 7) Mission to Jedha (2:00) [?m07 - new material] 8) Trust Goes Both Ways (2:46) [?m08 - same as OST04] 9) When Has Become Now (2:00) [?m09 - same as OST05] 10) Jyn's Memories of Childhood (0:51) [?m10 - new material] 11) Jedha Arrival (2:49) [2m11 - same as OST06 and FYC04] 12) Hearts of Kyber (0:57) [2m13 - same as FYC05] 13) Ambush in Jedha City (1:09) [2m14a - new material] 14) Jedha City Ambush (2:20) [2m14b - same cue as FYC06 without the microedits (1:11 new)] 15) Let Them Pass in Peace (Part 1) (1:24) [?m?? - new material] 16) Let Them Pass in Peace (Part 2) (0:39) [?m?? - new material] 17) No Friends of the Empire (1:07) [?m16 - new material] 18) Imperial Departure (0:54) [?m17 - new material] 19) Reunion at Saw's Hideout (0:46) [?m18 - new material] 20) Cassian's Prison (0:19) [?m19 - new material] 21) Today of All Days (3:51) [3m20 - same cue as FYC07 but without the microedits (0:17 new] 22) Star-Dust (3:48) [3m21 - same as OST08 and FYC08] 23) An Imperial Test of Power (3:37) [3m22 - same cue as FYC09 but without the microedits (0:48 new) 24) Apologies Are in Order (1:37) [?m23 - new material] 25) News from the Ashes (0:59) [?m24 - new material] 26) Approach to Eadu (1:19) [4m25 - same as FYC10] 27) No Trust Among Rebels (2:25) [4m26 - same cue as FYC11 but without the microedits (0:24 new)] 28) Jyn's Path Is Clear (2:31) [4m27 - same as FYC12] 29) Confrontation on Eadu (8:09) [4m28 - same as OST9] 30) Krennic's Aspirations (4:17) [?m29 - same as OST10] 31) Rebellions Are Built on Hope (2:55) [5m30 - same as OST11 and FYC14] 32) A Rebel Change of Heart (1:53) [5m31 - new material] 33) Rogue One (2:06) [5m32 - same as OST12] 34) Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (4:01) [5m33 - same as OST13 and FYC17] 35) Good Luck Little Sister (2:49) [5m34 - same as FYC18] 36) What Brings You to Scarif (2:31) [5m35 - new material] 37) Are We Blind (1:33) [5m36 - same as FYC19] 38) Scrambling the Rebel Fleet (1:34) [6m37 - same as OST14] 39) AT-ACT Assault (2:56) [6m38a - same as OST15] 40) Finding a Way Through (3:36) [6m39 - new material] 41) Project Star-Dust (3:46) [6m40 - same as FYC23] 42) Entering the Imperial Archives (1:24) [6m41 - same as FYC24] 43) Get That Beach Under Control (1:13) [6m42 - same as FYC25] 44) The Master Switch (4:02) [6m43 - same as OST16 and FYC26 - interestingly the FYC lists this as a FV] 45) We Have to Press the Attack (2:40) [7m44 - same as FYC27] 46) Scarif Antenna Alignment (3:16) [7m45 - new material] 47) Your Father Would Be Proud (4:53) [7m46 - same as OST17 and FYC28] 48) Hope (1:40) [7m47 - same as OST18] 49) Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (5:53) [same as OST19] 50) The Imperial Suite (2:31) [same as OST20] 51) Guardians of the Whills Suite (2:52) [same as OST21] 52) Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (Alternate Open) (6:02) [new material] 53) Guardians of the Whills Suite (Alternate Ending) (2:23) [new material] 54) A Long Ride Ahead (Alternate Ending) (3:59) [new material] 55) Jedha City Ambush (Alternate) (1:11) [new material] 56) Rebellions Are Built on Hope (Alternate) (2:57) [new material] 57) Scarif Antenna Alignment (Alternate) (1:22) [new material] Notes: * I didn't include any of the FYC tracks that edited out material but didn't match the film as all those tracks were also on the OST without the edits * I'm not entirely certain all the alternates are completely new material as I haven't listened to them * The complete end credits are not in this expansion total time of new cues (not counting alternates): 28:27 total time of new cues + new material for existing cues (not counting alternates): 31:07 total time of new cues + new material for existing cues + alternates: 49:01
  20. Yes people were upset about that when Mando S2 came out, my understanding is that they tried to make them long like they're supposed to be and it didn't work practically do to the lightsaber stunts they wanted to do. In fact here's it directly from the mouth of the costume designer:
  21. I have to say, as somebody who's only gotten into film soundtracks recently, the entire industry is extremely obtuse and off-putting to an outsider. I don't know what the first film score was where I really noticed that the music on the soundtrack didn't match what was in the film, but I do know there have been many times where I've tried looking for music I thought was memorable, and I couldn't find it anywhere on the album. The only reason I even got into this niche subject, all started two years ago, when I decided I wanted to rip some of my dad's old CD collection. When I was ripping the Phantom Menace soundtrack, I noticed that the track titles on the back cover didn't line up with the order of events as they occurred in the film. Then I decided to Google "phantom menace ost chronological order" and I stumbled on that chrono-score blogspot page, and then eventually onto this site. But it wasn't really until I was looking into the Clone Wars music a week or two later and found CGCJ's spreadsheets that I realized not only are OSTs out of order, they're also generally incomplete, and there are other ways to get extra music not on the album. Over the last two years, I've grown accustomed to things that everyone else on this forum has probably thought were normal for years: OSTs have music that's not in the film The film has music not in the OSTs Film music is often microedited in the film Film music is often microedited on the OST, but in a different way than it is in the film OSTs often present the music out of order OSTs often combine multiple cues together OST track tiles don't reflect the original composer's titles of the original cues Credits are often not given properly, if at all. For example, on all the official Star Wars animated show OSTs, the only one who's credited is Kevin Kiner. On Hans Zimmer movies, he is often the only composer to get credited despite having additional composers writing cues. Even John Williams has been known not to credit orchestrators from what I've read in other threads. All of these things are completely nonsensical and honestly anti-consumer. Speaking of which, I haven't even addressed music platforms themselves which until extremely recently only ever really offered lossy downloads and even now want to charge an exorbitant amount for lossless releases, when the music is already arguably too expensive the way it is. I want to go on a tangent for a second about video games. On the PC platform, the most common place to buy games is the platform Steam. Steam rakes in billions of dollars per year in game sales, even despite how easy it is to pirate many of the games that they sell. The CEO of Valve (the company that makes Steam) has gone on record saying that he believes most piracy has nothing to do with people being unwilling to pay for a product, but is a consequence of pirates providing a better service than the legitimate sellers. The way Steam combats piracy is by doing the exact opposite of that. If you buy a game on Steam, you have complete social integration with your friends, you can earn trading cards, you can earn achievements, you can participate in the Steam Workshop, you can use their integrated livestreaming tools, etc. These are all features that you would not have access to if you were to pirate the game. Additionally, the Steam platform has a very good user review system that helps you to decide if games are worth the money. They also make sure that pricing is not an issue for consumers, by bundling products together and offering discounts on the bundles, and by constantly having sales every 3 months or so where games can be and often are up to 95% off their normal price. All this is to say, Steam is a better choice for most consumers than piracy. Why should I risk going to a sketchy Russian site and getting malware just to miss out on all these features? With the film music industry, I feel that it is the exact opposite the way it is designed currently. Why should I buy an OST album if I know that there's going to be a bootleg, or an expanded release, or an FYC album coming down the way eventually with more music? Further, why should I buy the expanded release, if I've already paid for the OST? I'd argue for most consumers, it just looks like a money-grab. I believe that if the people at specialty labels want to continue to make money, the entire industry has to be burnt down and rebuilt from the ground up. I think film music should be released in its expanded form from the get-go, ideally in its complete score form rather than an isolated score. Most consumers are not going to know the difference between all the different film score jargon, and they honestly probably don't even care. They're just going to buy the "soundtrack album", and so making just one of them makes things less confusing. As much as I like physical media, CDs are a dying format, and so releasing the music digitally is a given. While I think lossy/lossless downloads should be presented as download options, the same purchase should get you the album regardless of the format. In other words, the album should not cost anymore in FLAC than it does in MP3. Finally, I think the music sellers need to offer incentives to buy from their platforms. I don't know if that means detailed liner notes, maybe excerpts from sheet music, interviews with composers, but there has to be something to give people a reason to want to buy from them. And I think the prices as they are are way too prohibitive. Very few people have the money to drop $20+ on every album that they buy, especially in today's world where music is streamable digitally for free. Either the prices come down, or they implement a system like on Steam where there are regular sales and bundles.
  22. The Empire Strikes Back has this problem too. If you think about it, the stuff with Luke and Yoda very clearly takes place over several weeks or more, and if the Cloud City stuff lines up than that means the Han/Leia stuff has to be several weeks long too. Then you realize that they travelled to Bespin at sublight speeds due to the damaged hyperdrive. The film doesn't really imply it at all, but Han, Leia, Chewie and the droids had to have been stuck together on the ship for several weeks
  23. There actually was an official one in the old EU book Kenobi, of course this is no longer canon so take it with a giant grain of salt
  24. It's worth mentioning all of the tracks that have the random text at the end can also be accessed without the text. For example, your index lists 2m17 as : https://disneystudiosawards.com/media/soundtracks/The_Kings_Man_Matthew_Margeson__Dominic_Lewis__2m17_Rasputin_Convinces_the_T_vyKCJJx.mp3 but it's also accessible as : https://disneystudiosawards.com/media/soundtracks/The_Kings_Man_Matthew_Margeson__Dominic_Lewis__2m17_Rasputin_Convinces_the_Tsar.mp3
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