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  1. Totally 100 percent get what you’re saying here. And I agree. It’s very dangerous to use mouse leitmotifs as a standard practice. But in the end, zero references is a problem. There’s ZERO Star Wars DNA running through it. The rebel fanfare, into the trap, imperial March, imperial danger motif from ROTJ, all could have practical application here. I mean Eve Luke’s themes gets a pass when it’s truly a “Star Wars” moment. But nothing. It all sounds flat. There’s no connective tissue. I often cite Joel McNeely’s amazing score for that Shadows of the Empire project. New stuff o
  2. Well, gave it a listen. I was half joking before but I’m pretty sure now they prohibit Haab from using any of JW’s material. It sounds like a ...parody score. Emulating style with no substance. He has to want to use them right? I mean the only logical thing I can think of is that it’s a Disney/ Lucasfilm thing preventing him from doing it. I know the guy can do it. Very, very frustrating. What a dreadful missed opportunity here to showcase what could have been a real blended score of original and old ideas.
  3. I agree. And it’s almost like they prohibit him from adapting or using JW’s themes in full? It’s the most frustrating part of listening to his scores, there are so many times you think it’s going to erupt into one of the legacy motifs but it turns into this knock-off boiler plate JW-ism. Ya he sounds like JW but there no weight. Everything sounds like DVD main title screen music. Really hope they let the guy loose to really flex his muscles, because I think he has the potential to really give us something.
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