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  1. What’s your source for this supposed information aye? And in regards to your demand to stop asking at the end, sorry I didn’t know some team was trying to release it, so there’s no need to be so blunt with the demand. We have a right to ask and seek information buddy. Still hopeful a label will release it commercially someday in better quality and perhaps in full as I’m sure there’s more than what we got here.
  2. Thanks for that info, glad to finally listen to it after all these years waiting but hope a label releases it officially someday soon in better quality and with what I’d image are alternates and missing pieces like in all Horner’s scores. does anyone also know of any good sites that took over from fantasy shrine, that have links besides the one soundtrack download out there?
  3. Hi just wondering is there any way of getting this in lossless (Romeo & Juliet by James Horner)? Many thanks
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