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  1. I ordered an hour of this going live and had no issues- discount included and is already awaiting shipment
  2. Thanks crumbs! To be fair I'd agree with King Mark on this one as there's no physical damage/scratch to my copy of the cd itself. It appears its ripping the cd that's causing issues for some people. Fortunately I ripped the affected tracks a second time and have had more success - no pops/crackling this time around.
  3. Hi Guys! Long time reader, first post (about time I joined). Also having the same issues with ripping the last few tracks of CD 1. Also had issues with The Rocketeer as others commented on that thread. Importantly the discs themselves play fine so it's my crappy disc drive. My own fault for not listening to the actual CD I suppose! Really enjoying this release though - thank you Matessino (yet again!) and Intrada.
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