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  1. I have a Vizio 50-inch, HDTV, that's 3D capable. It's older now, so I'm hoping I'll get a few more years use out of it.
  2. Listening to Goldsmith westerns today. Started with Breakheart Pass (LLL), then Stagecoach (LLL), now on to The Loner. I finally just started watching my DVD set of The Loner. Now moving on to modern-day western, Lonely Are The Brave.
  3. Nope. John Davis Chandler, from the film, Once A Thief (1965). Moving on up again in my estimation as a favorite movie bad guy.
  4. I've been listening to Michael J. Lewis' score to Theater Of Blood. Such a melodic score for a Vincent Price horror film, I went looking for more Michael J. Lewis scores. Picked up North Seas Hijack (Ffolkes). I also have a compilation CD with themes from a number of his films. Recently rewatched it in honor of Diana Rigg's passing. Greg Espinoza
  5. Anybody listen to her album, Ask The River? A non-score album that's a collection of intimate pieces for violin, cello, and piano. I just picked it up as a special request for my wife's birthday.
  6. Ralph Bakshi's animated film, American Pop, which had a lovely adapted score by Lee Holdrige. Somewhat depressing, but I think it may be his best realized film. Greg Espinoza
  7. Happy to join this forum. Hello to those I know from other forums, and new people. Greg Espinoza
  8. Professional artist, writer, and generally a troublemaker. Working in Comics, gaming, animation, and illustration for more than 40 years. A lifelong score fan, Goldsmith, Morricone, Barry, Schifrin, Poledouris, and Williams are some of my top faves.

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