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  1. Here's one for you.. 5m32 Takes One to Rogue One Yes, that's official, in the event..
  2. Fargo (Carter Burwell) 1m01-02 Fargo, ND 1m11 Forced Entry 2m12 Lot of Woe 2m13 Paul Bunyan 2m14 The Trooper's End 2m15 Rubbernecking 2m16 Mallard 3m18 Moose Lake, MN 3m20 The Ozone 3m25 Dance of the Sierra 4m28 The Delivery 4m29 Safe Keeping 5m30 Chewing on It 5m33 The Eager Beaver 5m34 Beautiful Day in Bismark, ND 5m36 Brainerd, MN
  3. Zola (Mica Levi) ZOLA 1m01 New Intro ZOLA 1m02 Waterfall 1 ZOLA 1m03 Z &S Dance ZOLA 1m04 Waterfall 2 ZOLA 1m05 Waterfall 3 ZOLA 1m06-07 Boyfriend Chimes 1 ZOLA 1m08 Z& S Chat on the Phone ZOLA 1m09 Zola's Sweet ZOLA 2m10 Z & S No Dance ZOLA 2m11 Car Drive ZOLA 2m12 Scene 35-36 ZOLA 2m13 Buzz Kill Z ZOLA 2m14 Out of Sight, Out of Mind 1 ZOLA 2m15 Waterfall 4 ZOLA 2m16-17 Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2 ZOLA 2m18-19 Scene 46-47 ZOLA 2m20 Sine ZOLA 2m21 Drive 2 ZOLA 3m22 Deep Worry ZOLA 3m23 New Zola Intro ZOLA 3m24 Zola & Derik X Motel ZOLA 3m25 Scene 57 ZOLA 3m26 Boyfriend Chimes 2 ZOLA 3m27 Sex Montage/Classical Music ZOLA 3m28 My Baby ZOLA 3m29 Mushrooms ZOLA 4m30 Zola Trepid More ZOLA 4m31 I'm Not Crazy ZOLA 4m32 Zola, Get in the Car ZOLA 4m33 Dance Idea ZOLA 4m34 Harp Zola ZOLA 4m35 First In-Call ZOLA 4m36 Zola Piano ZOLA 4m37 Drive 3 ZOLA 4m38 Wood Block ZOLA 4m39 Cot Zola (no snap) ZOLA 4m40 Drive 4 ZOLA 5m41 Zola Drives More ZOLA 5m42 X Magic Derik ZOLA 5m43 Wood Block (solo) ZOLA 5m44 Deep Worry Screensaver ZOLA 5m45 Scene 103 ZOLA 5m46 Peaceful Bowls ZOLA 5m47 Credits
  4. No love for the source cues, eh? Yeah, that looks very suspect..
  5. Interestingly enough, I was looking through my set of Soundtrack Library boots (proudly procured from Craig at SAE years back).. but that aside, a lot of them have super long track titles. Time after Time, and Land of the Pharaohs come to mind. for example. A few titles, even, wouldn't register b/c the track name was super long in characters.
  6. In the last week, I've listened to: The Village My Best Friend's Wedding The Three Musketeers (Kamen)
  7. Currently (re)watching some older series on dvd. Most recent watch was "Surface". Current watch is "NCIS: S3".
  8. Don't forget these: ins, overlay, etc. Also, the M-slates (ie: M01, M02, etc) are usually typical of Warner Bros releases, fyi. That's not to say it cannot happen elsewhere, but it is most common in the WB "realm". And those are done by a ME usually; as the score itself could have 'normal' slates (1m02, 3m32, et al).
  9. It could be possible and wouldn't be the first time. However, I simply shared it as I received it. With the exception of changing the art (as this came with OST art, which I didn't care for). I didn't even think of shrinking the image down when I asked a friend to make a different cover for me...before attaching.
  10. Yep., I can attest to those sessions! For obvious reasons. But.. b/c your slate list is missing several cues, and I see some numbered wrong, I will post them. WW1984 1m01 Themyscira WW1984 1m02 Games WW1984 1m03 Short Path WW1984 1m04 No True Hero is Born from Lies WW1984 1m05 1984 WW1984 2m08-09 Mall Rescue WW1984 2m10-11 Diana Alone/Meet Barbara WW1984 2m12 FBI Assistance WW1984 2m13-14 Girl Friends WW1984 2m15 Drunken Harrassment WW1984 3m16 Barbara's Wish (mix 1) WW1984 3m16 Barbara's Wish (mix 2) WW1984 3m18 Meet Maxwell Lord WW1984 3m19 Black Gold WW1984 3m20 Stone Research WW1984 3m22 You Look Amazing WW1984 3m24 Lord Grabs the Stone WW1984 3m26 Wish We Had More Time WW1984 3m26ALT Wish We Had More Time WW1984 3m28 Like a Creep WW1984 3m29 Lord Gets Stoned WW1984 4m30-32 Super Strength WW1984 4m33 Maxwell Lord, Wishmaster WW1984 4m33ALT Maxwell Lord, Wishmaster WW1984 4m34 Fashion Montage (mix 1) WW1984 4m34 Fashion Montage (mix 2) WW1984 4m36 I Wish I Had More Help WW1984 4m37 Strong Lock WW1984 4m38 Language of the Gods WW1984 4m39a Invisible Plane (mix 1) WW1984 4m39a Invisible Plane (mix 2) WW1984 4m39b Fireworks WW1984 5m41 Cheetah WW1984 5m42 The Wrath You Will Face WW1984 5m44 Open Road WW1984 5m45 The Wall WW1984 5m46 The Stone's Origin WW1984 5m47 Craving for Wishes WW1984 6m48 Without Armor WW1984 6m48ALT Without Armor WW1984 6m49 The White House WW1984 6m49ALT The White House WW1984 6m50 Barbara vs Diana WW1984 6m51a Wish Madness WW1984 7m51b Already Gone (mix 1) WW1984 7m51b Already Gone (mix 2) WW1984 7m51bALT Already Gone WW1984 7m52bc Already Gone/I Like the Way You Think WW1984 7m52c I Like the Way You Think WW1984 7m52cALT I Like the Way You Think WW1984 7m53 Lights! Camera! WW1984 7m54 Radio Waves (mix 1) WW1984 7m54 Radio Waves (mix 2) WW1984 7m55ab Golden Armor/Cheetah Fight WW1984 7m56 Lord of Desire WW1984 7m57a Beautiful Lies WW1984 7m57aALT Beautiful Lies WW1984 7m57b The Beauty in What Is (mix 1) WW1984 8m57b The Beauty in What Is (mix 2) WW1984 8m58a I Renounce My Wish WW1984 8m58aALT1 I Renounce My Wish WW1984 8m58aALT2 I Renounce My Wish WW1984 8m58b Truth WW1984 8m59 So Many Things WW1984 Lost & Found Pt1 WW1984 Lost & Found Pt2
  11. Needing to fix two cues listed and those changes are these (based on the sheets): 3m7 Lights On 5m6 Follow That Kid!
  12. The Number 23 (Harry Gregson-Williams) source: complete score N23 1m00 Opening Titles N23 1m01v2 February 3 N23 1m03s Blue Christmas (source) N23 1m04v30 Ned N23 1m05v3 'The Number 23' by Topsy Kretts N23 1m07v4 Starting the Book N23 1m08v5 Chapter 1 N23 1m09v14 Fingerling's Childhood N23 2m09as Tear You Apart (source) N23 2m09b-10v14 Suicide Blonde N23 2m11-12 Kill Her! N23 2m15ab It is God? N23 2m16 23 Obsession N23 3m17 Fabrizia N23 3m18 Paranoid N23 3m21a-v16 Agatha N23 3m21b Nightmare N23 3m22 11:12pm N23 3m24 Laura Tollins N23 3m25 Kyle Flinch N23 3m26 Special Delivery N23 4m27ab Suicide/Old Man N23 4m28 Nathaniel's Institute N23 4m29 Remains N23 4m30 Doubts About Agatha N23 4m32 The Truth Revealed N23 4m33 Finishing the Book N23 4m34 The Killing N23 5m36 The Book's Origin N23 5m37 Recovering N23 5m38 I'm a Murderer N23 5m39 Atonement N23 5m40s The Banality of Evil (source)
  13. Matchstick Men (Hans Zimmer; Addtl Geoff Zanelli) source: recording sessions MM 1m00 tk1 Flim Flam (whistle hi) UNUSED MM 1m00 tk2 Flim Flam (whistle lo) UNUSED MM 1m00a Imagemovers Logo MM 1m00bs The Good Life (source) MM 1m01 tk14 Ichi-Ni-San MM 1m01alt tk13 Ichi-Ni-San MM 1m01old tk13 Ichi-Ni-San MM 1m02 tk18 Prizes MM 1m03 tk18 Victim of Fraud MM 1m04a tk18 Open Window MM 1m05s This Town (source) MM 1m06 tk18 Grocery Store MM 1m07s Charmaine (source) MM 1m08 tk18 Losing the Pills MM 1m08 tk19 Losing the Pills MM 1m08a tk18 Shoes Off MM 1m08a-alt tk18 Shoes Off MM 1m08bs Swedish Rhapsody (source) MM 1m08cs The Lonely Bull (source) MM 2m09 tk18 Shrink Pt1 MM 2m10s Summer Wind (source) MM 2m11 tk13 Shrink Pt2 MM 2m12 tk11 I Have a Daughter? MM 2m12 tk18 I Have a Daughter? MM 2m13s Suzi's Topology (source) MM 2m14 tk14 Meeting Angela MM 2m14 tk18 Meeting Angela MM 2m14old tk19 Meeting Angela MM 2m15a tk11 Lunch MM 2m15b tk12 new Frechette MM 2m15ab tk18 Lunch/Frechette MM 2m15ab tk19 Lunch/Frechette MM 2m16 tk12 Moving In MM 2m16 tk14 Moving In MM 2m16 tk18 Moving In MM 2m17 tk14 Obsessive Compulsive MM 2m17 tk19 Obsessive Compulsive MM 3m18s See You Again (source) MM 3m19-22s Tijuana Taxi (source) MM 3m23as Cowboy (source) MM 3m23b tk19 The Club MM 3m23c tk19 The Club MM 3m23d tk19 The Club MM 3m24s El amor eres tú autor (source) MM 3m25 tk13 Ichi-Ni-San Reprise MM 3m26s Cowboy (source) MM 3m27s Almost There (source) MM 3m28 tk19 Ichi-Ni-San Reprise MM 3m29s La Paloma (source) MM 3m30s Beyond the Sea (source) MM 3m31s Che Soave Zeffiretto (source) MM 3m32s The Best Thing (source) MM 3m33 tk11 Let Us Greed MM 3m33 tk12 Let Us Greed MM 3m33 tk19 Let Us Greed MM 3m34 tk14 Nosy Parker Pt1 MM 3m35 tk19 Nosy Parker Pt2 MM 3m36 tk13 Con Artist Teaching MM 4m37 tk17 Not Bad MM 4m37 tk18 Not Bad MM 4m38s L'Amore in Citta (source) MM 4m39 tk17 Realizing MM 4m40 tk14 Scouting MM 4m40 tk17 Scouting MM 4m41s Perfidia (source) MM 4m42s Leaning on a Lamp Post (source) MM 4m43s More Than This (source) MM 4m44 tk14 In the Airport MM 4m45 tk12 Do You Mind if I Sit There? MM 4m45 tk13 Do You Mind if I Sit There? MM 4m45 tk17 Do You Mind if I Sit There? MM 4m46 tk12 Walk Him to the Plane MM 4m46alt tk17 Walk Him to the Plane MM 4m47 tk13 Airport Con MM 4m47alt1 tk14 Airport Con MM 4m47alt2 tk17 Airport Con MM 5m48 tk19 Do I Get a Cut? MM 5m49s How Sweet it Is (source) MM 5m50 tk14 Parking Escape MM 5m50as What's My Name? (source) MM 5m51 tk14 Angela Arrested Before MM 5m52 tk14 No More Cigarettes MM 5m53 tk18 No More Pills MM 5m53alt1 tk15 No More Pills MM 5m53alt2 tk18 No More Pills MM 5m54 tk16 Vitamins MM 5m54alt tk18 Vitamins (alt front) MM 5m55-56 tk19 Visiting Klein MM 5m55-56alt tk13 Visiting Klein MM 6m57s Danke Schöen (source) MM 6m58as Nunca Me Va a Dejar (source) MM 6m58bs Antigua Capitana (source) MM 6m59 tk14 Frechette is Shot MM 6m60a tk14 Heaven MM 6m60b tk14 Interrogation MM 6m61 tk14 Dear Roy MM 6m61alt1 tk20 Dear Roy MM 6m61alt2 tk20 Dear Roy MM 6m62new tk14 No Baby MM 7m62old tk11 No Baby MM 7m63 tk11 Carpeteria MM 7m63alt1 tk16 Carpeteria MM 7m63alt2 tk20 Carpeteria MM 7m64 tk11 I'm Grown Up MM 7m64a tk13 I'm Grown Up (end fix) MM 7m65 tk13 Happy Ending MM 7m66s Summer Wind (source) MM 7m67 tk12 End Credits MM Waltz 1 MM Waltz 2
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