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  1. Only in concert, but John Williams and David Newman at Williams’ annual concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Attended four separate years. Can’t remember if Newman helped conduct the first two times I attended, but he definitely did in 2017 and 2018.
  2. Alien, Back To The Future 1 & 2, Legends Of The Fall, and the Rambo scores are back in stock.
  3. Definitely: Titanic Good Bad And The Ugly Rocky Halloween Potentially: Godfather Terminator Back To The Future Forrest Gump Braveheart Friday The 13th Gone With The Wind Psycho Beverly Hills Cop Chariots Of Fire Avengers Mission Impossible I think a lot of it comes down to your generation. For instance, Gen X would definitely know Police Academy, but would Millennials?
  4. Favorite score is The Outsiders by Carmine Coppola. None of the genres listed really cover that one. Honestly, the list of options is way too short. At the very least I’d recommend adding non-specific drama, comedy, horror, and romance to the options. Also, animation is a technique, not a genre.
  5. I really like Conan but Willow is one of my favorite adventure scores, so this one was easy. And to be honest, I prefer the soundtrack to Destroyer more than Barbarian. (But Willow still would have gotten my vote.)
  6. It's so odd this poll popped back up today because I just watched Braveheart last night and was asking myself the exact same question. For me, it's almost impossible to choose between the two. I have a lot of history with both. Both are scores I loved before I loved film scores. But the tie breaker was how much the music enhances the ending of Braveheart, from his execution to the final shot of the sword in the grass. ("Freedom"/The Execution/Bannockburn on the expanded score) No sequence in Titanic matches that marriage of music and imagery. So Braveheart got my vote. Barely.
  7. The deluxe editions for Hook, Independence Day, Untouchables, Robocop, and Starship Troopers are my top five officially OOP misses that I regret. I've seen a bit of speculation on forums that Hook is due for a reissue, so I'm hoping that pans out.
  8. For most music I've basically been all digital since about 2005. When I'm working from home, though, I prefer to listen to film scores through my blu-ray player and sound system.
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