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  1. Hi folks. Just thought I'd stop in and say hi. Seems to be quiet tonight.
  2. Thank you Jurassic Shark and Sandor. The Netherlands. My first ancestors who came here were from the Netherlands. They were in New Amsterdam with Peter Stuyvesant. Their names were Kruessen.
  3. Thank you Bruce and Bayesian. I don't know how to change the way I write. My point was simply that it is probably a fact that my writing is mechanical. But I'm old and don't change easily. Composer of the decade is nice, but for me, it is composer of an era. My other favorite is Rachmaninoff, maybe because my mother was a pianist. Don't hate me saying that. No underlying issue is there. When I get onto one of these issues it takes me over. When a county park ranger told me I couldn't take the handful of about 5 leaves that my daughter and I had picked up off the ground for a
  4. I recently broke 2 front teeth off of my upper denture chewing ice and my avatar from facebook is older than dirt and doesn't look like me anymore. I told you I am on a mission and The medal of Freedom may be the most prestigious award because my understanding of it is that it comes from the people. And I know that he won that. Since the congress of his country has given the Gold Medal to others in the "entertainment" industry I feel that JW deserves this additional honor. The rules for being considered for this award are tough and I'll go anywhere I have to in order to find others who are
  5. You don't need to ignore me - I'm outta here.
  6. Beyesian one more thing. I was being facetious. Badly I guess.
  7. Why are you here if you find him a rich old white man who wrote silly music? The picture you have posted tells me everything. So I've decided to take your words for what they really are and change from being upset to being amused. Beyesian - Why are you so mean? I have been here many times, but not in the recent last couple of months, if you must know. So no, I do not know about the bot issue. Try to chill a little - you'll give yourself ulcers or something. Personally I have others I rely on to judge my writing and I don't care what you think about it.
  8. Thank you Jay. I suspect some posters have recently learned how to use the word "bot" in a sentence and are practicing. Quite the extensive vocabulary there who cares. Thanks Bruce and I understand, but I do give emphasis to these issues in my life and just like everyone with a pet issue - I want to foist on anyone who will listen. lol
  9. I am a retired computer programmer and analyst. For my 45 year career I had to write proposals, cost/benefits analyses, programming specifications for the programmers, user guides and other things that others had to be able to read and understand. I have a mission right now - the CGM - and this is just one venue I am using for help. For some reason, I thought there would be true fans of JW here who would want to help me. That's the story in a nutshell. I am flattered that you think I write so well that I am a robot - but its just years or writing stuff. I hope that makes you feel better a
  10. To Mr. Marshall. I'm surprised to see the climate accord remark or to see that Nancy Pelosi is likely your rep. The issue is not how much the medal costs or even whether he wants one. The issue is that he be recognized by the government of his country for his achievements. If your interested, I think "will the climate change" is a dumb question. It has changed many time since the planet's inception, and will do so again. The question and the effort has to be on how we live or die with it. It is unintelligent to believe mankind can stop it.
  11. Sorry. First of all I am a woman and I really had this site pegged wrong. I have been there many times and did not show up out of the blue but I don't usually post to it. I think the man should receive all the music awards that are available to get. I don't like congress any better than anyone else, but where else would you geniuses go? Oh, I can tell you where to go, but I won't. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am.
  12. I have sent a request to my US congressman to have Mr. Williams presented with a Congressional Gold Medal as was done for Irving Berlin, John Wayne and others. He has been very helpful and amenable, but they require constituents of 300 congress people to request one to consider the action. Mr. Williams is not getting any younger, he absolutely deserves it, and it appears you guys are my best hope of making that happen. So please get on the computer to your congressional representative and request a medal for the pre-eminent musician of an era. Thanks.
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