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  1. At least Junkie's contribution doesn't diminish the wealth of great music written for the big G. I'm about to make my peace with the score for GvK
  2. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/KICC-1276?s_ssid=e435836069592fa5eb
  3. Confession time: I listen to Holkenborg's score alot right now, mainly because I'm a sucker for all things Godzilla and that's all there is to have of Godzilla vs. Kong in my part of the world since the movie theaters are closed and HBO Max not available. Eather the music did grow a little on me or I just got used to it by now but I enjoy it more now than right after the release. But I also think it's a rather weak entry in Holkenborg's cataloge. I dig his Fury Road a lot and there is good stuff in Alita. GvK seems quite uninspired in comparision.
  4. Nope. It's the opening of "Godzilla Main Title" (which is part of the end credits in the movie) in KOTM. The same motive pops up for the first time 1962 in the opening from "Godzilla's resurrection" (on Lalaland's King Kong vs. Godzilla disc). And Junkie sort of "abbreviated" this motiv for his Godzilla theme (or used it as "inspiration", if you wanna call it that way)
  5. Maybe Junkie was just pissed that Bear grabbed the 62 King Kong vs. Godzilla theme for KOTM My favorite Ifukube scores are Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II and Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Monstrous music, monstrous fun scores. Recently I rediscovered Godzilla's Revenge (1969) from Kunio Miyauchi: such a charming score for a charming movie (yes, the King of the Monsters is also a master of versatility and can be charming too) Yes, Oshima is great! I love every entry of hers in the series
  6. Discuss music for any Godzilla movie/anime here. Please refrain from spoilers as long as a movie or series is still fresh and not released worldwide (like GvK right now: no release date in Europe due Covid 19), thanks! Let me start with Holkenborg's Godzilla vs. Kong: A huge disappointment to me, mainly because of an uninspired theme for Godzilla. Kong's theme is better (maybe because of the little girl's bond to Kong as seen in trailers) but the bulk of the score is quite generic and nondescript action stuff which could be from any other action movie. Rarely there is a "
  7. Where else here is the score of Holkenborg for GvK discussed? Where? Oh my, I'm too old for this shit...
  8. He lost me when I read "The excellent score by Junkie XL might be his finest work to date, especially the glorious third act where I was reminded of Blade Runner and Escape From New York."
  9. 1. The Force Awakens 2. The Rise of Skywalker 3. The Last Jedi 4. Rogue One 5. Mando Season 2 6. Mando Season 1 7. Solo
  10. But... but... it sounds like "EVE" from Wall-E... not that this makes it less beautiful.
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