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  1. That's true for any movie he scored regardless of the movie quality
  2. Those two would be very nice, espacilly JP3 plus it would be a right timing for June
  3. Well lots of people were saying that of Wrath of Khan and now it has been one of the biggest sale from LLL lately
  4. Really hope it's a remastered of Star Trek III Still it's really great to hear that he's always busy, he's doing such a great work
  5. Damn I didn't see some of them when I placed my orders sooner. Do you think they might let me add some titles to my previous order?
  6. Peppermint by Simon Franglen Notre-Dame brûle by Simon Franglen I wanted to hear what Franglen has done without Horner and while Peppermint didn't really convince me, I found Notre-Dame brûle to be very good with some very nice action writing
  7. No news yet about the new titles but Varèse will be doing a great spring cleaning sale
  8. No Logan Main Title? You're also missing his Max Payne score which is terrific and some other really good like In the Electric Mist, Long Shot and Agent 47
  9. Ready Player One is certainly one of the best Silvestri from the past decade (that, Marwen, Endgame and Cosmos). About the movie I think it's a lot due to the fact that it is not part of any saga and that people were expecting far too much of it. The movie is really good, certainly not as great as E.T., Indy or Jurassic Park but far superior to all the 2018 blockbusters of that year.
  10. It's really sad news indeed. RIP to this great composer
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