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  1. Along Came a Spider by Jerry Goldsmith Twilight Zone by Jerry Goldsmith Dennis the Menace by Jerry Goldsmith I think that I've now heard a bit more than a third of Goldsmith. Damn the man compose so many great score. I wish I have more time to listen to all of them.
  2. Ok my bad. I had a problem with my player, I realized it when it told me that The Adventures of Tintin by John Williams was 120 minutes long....
  3. I think we already have 145 minutes so that shouldn't be to hard to do.
  4. That's so true. Me in four month: "alright I buy Apollo 13 today now the ones I wanted more are gone or already buy" Intrada: Apollo 13 (Sold Out) Me:
  5. Sorry. Stay calm just relax... I have to see Raised by the wolves though.
  6. As long as Scott doesn't decide of everything I think we should be safe from another Covenant (which is in my opinion the only bad Alien movie)
  7. Yeah. But do we know if Blomkamp might be part of the Alien show that Disney is developing or not? It could be a cool way for him to show us what he could have done and even cooler without breaking the timeline.
  8. Just start to listen to it. Love The Office's like intro and Agatha all along.... PERFECT! [edit] I've just finished. Well to me this one is the best. I remember to have said the exact same thing last week so if Beck continue this way, I can't wait to listen to the final episode...
  9. I didn't know Trevorrow throw away the 2 other JP. I know he doesn't like the III because it did take a lot of pleasure to destroy the Spinosaurus but damn throwing away The Lost World is a enormooooooous mystake. I mean it's one of the best sequel ever (with ESB, ToD, Godfather part.II and BttF part.II)
  10. Agreed. How many time will they reboot the serie? They did it with Salvation then Genesys and then Dark Fate. If they do it again I swear I'll invent Skynet to send a Terminator back in the past to kill myself before they do all this.
  11. Personnaly I really wanted to see it but I have to say that I wasn't much pleased like Thor by the break with the timeline. I don't really like when they do that. When you fucked up you have to assume it and learn from it not to do it again. Pushing away the mistake doesn't make you learn the lesson.
  12. I find it was a bit too much. It makes me laugh every time reducing the tension of the scene, so I don't really like it but it was surely an original idea.
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