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  1. The first one definitly looks like What Lies Beneath as for the second one I can't see anything else but Starship Troopers but to be fair I would have said that for those clues:
  2. Thank you for sharing this really good performance. Now I'm on my way to listen the full score again
  3. Is this just me or does the second picture is at a low paint level? Otherwise make up looks fine
  4. Here's a nice batch. I've took advantage of Varèse International sale to get my hand on some old ones and finally succeed to get an Innerspace copy at a decent price (get ready for a new remaster next month)
  5. Basic Instinct closely followed by Star Trek TMP
  6. I've had the same issue with disc 1, that final track never ripped. However it plays perfectly fine so I was okay with it
  7. There's so many but my biggest regrets are probably Starship Troopers, Cosmos vol. 1, Back to the Future III, Gremlins: The New Bacth and Alien: Resurrection I really hope some of them will be reissued perhaps Quartet will do Alien one day giving the recent reissued of old LLL program
  8. Yeah but I was wondering if they did the same mistake as the US store which was corrected
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