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  1. Up, for sheer quality and emotional resonance, Shape of Water for interesting, French experimental weirdness. The rest I either haven't listened to or can go suck on a donkey stick.
  2. The Hobbit Songs aren't even worth mentioning in comparison to the LOTR ones. Personally I always thought Gollum's Song was the best. A beautifully haunting new theme (with great lyrics) for Gollum for his depressing reversion in The Two Tower's ending. It even has some terrific foreshadowing when it incorporates lines of dialogue that would reappear in his transformation in Return of the King!
  3. Steve Jablonsky - all of his recent sound design gobbledygook Jeremy Soule - Warhammer Hans Zimmer- Man of Steel / BvS (same thing really) Danny Elfman - Alice in Wonderland (can't remember a thing from it.)
  4. On the whole, I admire him, and he seems like a cool guy, but the prequels and his changes to the OT are worse than anything J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, or Kathleen Kennedy could even hope to screw up. ...Maclunkey
  5. Sure, but my point is similar to @TheUlyssesian. There's so little going on, so little to distinguish it, so little style, and so little to get out of it that the fact that R&R made it means basically nothing to me. I understand that with the film the musical style change probably works wonders, but I've never been more bored listening to a piece of music than when listening to R&R tracks. They're not just simplistic, they're barren. I understand they're not catering to me, but it's so mind-numbingly bare that I don't understand how ANYONE gets something out of it. Good for
  6. No I get what both of you is saying. Once again, you can easily do this with orchestra and jazz, or a Thomas Newman-like approach. Composers have found many ways of conveying different worlds and moods through many different instruments. I like electronic music. I don't just like one musical idiom. I even said I thought "Pursuit/Terry's World" was very well done. The issue is the electronics never get to that level of sophistication in the writing ever again. I think the issue is, electronic music is relatively recent, so we think the most basic progressions and sound design are m
  7. First, orchestral music with themes can have ambiguity and not necessarily tell you where it's going. LOTR is a quintessential example of an epic orchestral operatic score, and there are times where the music leaves the audience wondering where it's gonna go. That's almost the definition of musical tension that people like Wagner perfected in. It doesn't have to be simplistic. The Sixth Sense also succeeds in this (yes I know a lot of people say certain themes give the twist away, but the themes in that movie I think are purposefully hard to assign a label to). Second, even if you
  8. Well, after hearing the score in the movie, it's not good, and I don't blame anyone for skipping through it. It's just Man of Steel and BvS again. Loud, pounding drums, simplistic action writing, dull motifs classified as themes, and occasional emotional cues that are written well enough, but sound like they could come from any movie. I will say that I hated the Superman theme in Man of Steel, but in the Snyder Cut of JL, I did find it to be surprisingly touching at times, and somewhat epic when he saves Cyclops. Part of that was the fact that it was actually used in different way
  9. Well, decided to listen to this score after looking through this topic and seeing many here give praise to it. Jon Batiste should have done the whole score, without a doubt. I'm sure he could have made some heartwarming orchestral / jazz pieces that would have worked brilliantly. I'm in agreement with @TheUlyssesian that Thomas Newman has danced circles around the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score before it was even written (if you can call loading in a bunch of Logic instruments and playing basic harmonies and looping melodies written). "Pursuit/Terry's World" is the only Rezno
  10. Never changed my diet so I just stayed the same more or less. Some days I lose a few, some I gain a few, but it all evens out.
  11. I just want to be an extra in the way distant background. My head just pops up in the back of the frame every now and then.
  12. Finally finished a classical composition for spring. I didn't have any specific form in mind, it's more or less my attempt to develop a single motif through many variations.
  13. That new Wonder Woman choir was the most pathetic theme I've ever heard in my life. I watched the Snyder Cut with my friends, and every time that theme came up instead of HZ's theme, we burst out laughing. We even began to reference Minnie the Moocher whenever we heard it. 0:49
  14. The sound is exactly the same. Yes the progression itself could have been thought of independently, but it's almost the exact same, so even that I have a hard time believing. Plus the 2 note motif is only one part of that progression, the rest sounds exactly like Jablonsky's. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt and say the exact same chord progression is a coincidence, someone from HZ's team decided to get the exact same sound for TDKR brass from Your Highness. I think the TF3 situation is more likely overall.
  15. Found a shocking example of Hans Zimmer possibly stealing an idea from his own student! 3:30 2:02
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