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  1. I mean the new forum rules were pretty obviously anti anything they enjoyed doing so I can't say I blame them. I remember Drax specifically saying at one point he could live a more strict politics ban, but not allowing derailing threads as jokes and no criticizing the admins was what did it in for him.
  2. That was a lot of fun! Really enjoy your KOTOR / The Old Republic sound for this book. It really fits, and it's just nice to hear more Star Wars music in that style. I actually did a cover a week ago of the final swing music from the first Spider-Man film. I know the timing is a little off, strangely the YouTube video's timing is more off than my original rendered version. I would have adjusted it more if my rendered video had the timing of the YouTube version.
  3. Those mockups are impressively realistic! I'm curious though, how'd you have 250 tracks on some of these? Most of the complex, realistic orchestral mockups I've seen are almost always around 50-100 tracks, sometimes less.
  4. Well they showed off the winners today. Pretty much what I expected. All of them were in a modern / RCP style with similar textures and instruments. Considering it's Spitfire that's probably the way everyone should approach these competitions if they're looking to win.
  5. You could also say saying no is the coward's answer because you could just make the exact cop-out argument you made here. "Movies are subjective!" "Different movies appeal to different kinds of people!" Really? Wow! I never looked at it like that before, you've really opened my eyes. You could almost say that this poll is asking a bunch of people's opinion of modern mainstream movies. This is our mistake though. We weren't thorough enough with our hypothesis. I expect a 100 page essay explaining the objective merits of every movie released in the last 20 years, that had a budget of at least 50 million dollars on my desk, by next Friday. If you do not objectively prove the value of movies like Black Widow, Batman V Superman, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I'm giving you an F!
  6. I wouldn't say they all suck, but I voted yes to the poll because 99% of them are bland, unmemorable, or rely so heavily on special effects that the story is thrown to the wayside for a mindless roller coaster experience. There's nothing wrong with that once in a while, but the issue is that the MCU and DC shit especially is almost exclusively mindless roller coaster stuff with the rare exception every now and then.
  7. Return of the Jedi does still have some of my favorite musical moments from the entirety of Star Wars. The final minute of "The Return of the Jedi", "The Death of Yoda", "The Final Duel", and "The Emperor's Death" have still not been topped by any other Star Wars score as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I'm one of the few who love ROTJ and Star Wars more or less the same. Films and scores. I have problems with both, and love the highlights from both, but the only film and score that I personally think has little to no problems, and is nothing but highlights, is The Empire Strikes Back.
  9. Very satisfying to hear the variations on the 3-note motif in cue 20. Cue 21 is exactly what I was hoping for! So nice to hear the new variations on the Quidditch and Ron material.
  10. Speaking of the Goblet of Fire rescore, do you ever plan on remastering that one with your new instruments? I'd love to listen to the whole score, but I'm not a fan of the samples that were used, so it makes it difficult.
  11. The entire score is available on YouTube through Transformers: The Game OST playlists. It's a lot of fun, but some sections are better than others. Generally I enjoy the Autobot music a lot more than the Decepticon ones.
  12. I second "The Asteroid Field", but if I had to pick another piece that I love listening to when the stars are out, I have to go with this:
  13. Been recently re-playing Transformers: The Game based on the 2007 movie, and I'm always struck by how much fun that game's score is. It's certainly better than the movie's music on a technical level, and is probably one of the best scores Steve Jablonsky has ever done (with co-composer Jonathon Flood).
  14. @Permanent WavesI did! I finished mine a week ago and I forgot to mention it here. I like your melding of electronics, sound design, and the orchestra. It sounds almost alien and distinctive. I did mine in a more traditional superhero style:
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