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  1. Powell at the top obviously. He's basically the only one there who's created outright masterpieces. Harry Gregson-Williams I never really cared about outside of his animated work, and a lot of his stuff always sounded dull to me. Weirdly enough, I find James / Jim Dooley to be more entertaining than a lot of these guys. He's made some great contributions to a lot of HZ scores (the Tortuga theme from POTC 1 for example), and his score for Epic Mickey is pretty great. His trailer music is basically schlock, though I always had a soft spot for "Trinity", aka the trailer music for Spider-Man 3
  2. I love the newest cue! My only issue is the repeat of "Window To The Past" when Sirius dies honestly just feels too happy, and kind of lacks the emotional impact. I get it's supposed to contrast from when Sirius escaped (arguably when he was happiest), but I think at the least a new / darker key signature for the theme would have really helped push the trauma and sadness Harry feels.
  3. Don't worry, Junkie will find a way to top that!
  4. Great news, especially if Tobey comes back! I honestly never understood the love for Giacchino's themes though. Strange's theme sounds like a rewrite of his Star Trek theme, which is pretty lame and dull to hear the same sound for a completely different franchise. His Spider-Man theme is ok, but I don't think it has anything on Elfman, or even Paesano's themes. As for the whole Batman and Superman thing, Zimmer's Batman theme sucks, plain and simple. It's just a combination of the "I'm Batman" theme from Batman Begins, and his Richard Parker theme from ASM2
  5. I don't care at all about these ratios of aspect, I'm just happy the trailer finally answered one of my most lingering questions... We do in fact live in a society.
  6. Might as well list the films in order: Danny Elfman's Spider-Man 1 and 2 (plus Young's SM3 of course), Harry Potter, Star Wars, Transformers 1 (strangely), The Lion King, and finally Lord of the Rings is the trilogy that got me completely hooked on film scores and composing in general.
  7. Transformers 2007, strangely was the first that came to mind. Some other Steve Jablonsky scores like Your Highness or TF5 also come to mind. Star Wars Episode 1 definitely also had a better album release just because it showcases how much was cut. Prisoner of Azkaban, I would have agreed, though the recording sessions revealed that Williams originally brought back the cloak ambience when Harry learns about Sirius being his godfather. Little touches like that, and other tracks here and there that were missing add so much more to the listening experience for me. Plus the recording s
  8. I've always found the Prequel / HP action material to be the most exhilarating by far, but I do love the action music in Empire and Return about as much.
  9. Desplat's first DH score feels like it's desperately trying to make up for Hooper's failed attempts at thematic material and general good writing. So he writes a plethora of themes, along with cleverly using Hedwig's theme like Williams did, (hell in Sky Battle he even brings back the 3 note motif after Hedwig is killed), but since it's literally the last 2 movies, it's too little too late. Though I will say his theme for the Order of the Phoenix in "Polyjuice Potion" is an ear worm for me. Yates is used to the generic style set up by Hooper in HBP, and so while Desplat is trying
  10. I always remember The Battle of Endor III in ROTJ for the sour notes in the brass when reprising the Rebel Fanfare at 0:18 and 0:49.
  11. Definitely Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone for best. It's thematically brilliant, complex, iconic, varied, and develops perfectly in the recording sessions. Worst is definitely Half-Blood Prince. By far the most generic, toneless, spineless, and dull of the HP scores. At least Desplat has some good themes and ideas that he attempts to develop, even if they seem to get undercut or downplayed in the film. Not to mention "Polyjuice Potion" and "Sky Battle" being two of my favorite tracks in the Williams-less movies. I do want to mention that the videogame scores (at least
  12. Haven't seen the newest stuff so I'll just rank the ones I've bothered with. 1. Solo 2. The Force Awakens 3. Rogue One 4. The Last Jedi
  13. Probably not a very popular choice, but definitely Chamber of Secrets (with the edited tracked in material from Philosopher's Stone), and the new suites. I just love how it expands on the old themes, and the new material Williams created for that film. Even the completely reprised stuff from the first movie I end up associating with the second movie more, just because I think a lot of it fits better in that film's context.
  14. Well, if Ed Helms is the star then it's gotta be good right...?
  15. Please let it be cancelled like so many other recent attempts at remakes. Modern Hollywood will never get comedy as good as that right. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...probably not, no.
  16. I haven't gotten around to Skyfall yet, but I've always loved Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. There's just so much style and heart in those 3 scores. ASOUE in particular is just brimming with personality, and his music really fits with the tone of the film and the book series.
  17. Wow, so glad I saw this thread today! I've always wanted to see an extensive project like this, and I love the ideas so far! @Ravendor StudiosI quite enjoyed your rescore of the Goblet of Fire ending, so I'd be very curious on your thoughts on my alternate take on it. Here, I included Patrick Doyle's Harry / Heroic theme, while still including William's original themes and orchestration style. I originally thought to have the more quiet version of "Leaving Hogwarts" for this scene like you did, but I felt it might be more impactful if this ending was the last
  18. Gotta go with Revenge of the Sith. Yeah, Battle of the Heroes sounds exactly as it does in-film, but I love the remasters and uses of Leia's theme, and the full throne room suite from 77'. Both transition into the original trilogy, while also reminding you that the prequels are over (as both Luke and Leia's themes were part of "Across the Stars"). The entire sound and feel of those end credits in general feel like the true finale of Star Wars, and the throne room suite lead in to the final section of the end credits just flowed so well into a triumphant send-off.
  19. Definitely agree with that. For whatever reason, ROTJ has the only main and end titles that I always distinctly remember the sound of. All of the material from ANH just sounds so refined and precise by ROTJ. Really think that's when Williams got the Star Wars sound perfected. Edit: I just re-listened to the original movie's main title, it seems the trumpet countermelody is there, but weaker sounding in the French Horns instead for whatever reason.
  20. Well, this definitely gives me the motivation to go back to college once the pandemic is stabilized (I personally don't work well in online classes). I did try by my fifth piece of music to make the orchestra sound more realistic and make the woodwinds more quiet except when they were the centerpiece, the brass more loud than strings, as well as try a little more EQ, make sure the reverb sounds the same, etc. As for doubling chords, I believe I usually double the root or the fifth, unless I want to have a more unusual sound or am having the brass / strings travel throughout a chord to give it
  21. Huh, I didn't know about that album with the similar title! You don't sound condescending at all, I wanted some criticism so I actually know what I'm doing wrong. You think all of it sounds like 1990s sounds? I understand with the first 3 as I was using all Logic Pro X instruments and no other libraries, but I thought the quality had gotten better in the last 2 tracks, especially the 5th one as that one was mostly Kontakt and the free version of Spitfire's BBC Orchestra set. What about the orchestration is lacking to you in the last 2 tracks? I am self taught (but I am being taught how to play
  22. Hey, I'm new to this site and I saw this section which is really exciting to me, as I've been working on composing my own music as well! Here's an album I'm currently working on I titled "Journey Through The Stars" (cheesy name I know), but I'd love your guys' opinions on it. The first track is a bit generic but I personally think the tracks get gradually better. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd2VIEZ4pds9KR7ZjlGFF5BvTmG4VdDdG
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