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  1. Nightmare Alley is my favorite film from him
  2. mhh i don't like it... i hope the main theme from shore can save it
  3. The score was okay. But i still missed hans...I was never emotionally touched by the music. i found the story much weaker... But let`s hope Nolan is still one of my favourite! And i love Cillian and Florence <3
  4. i am very curious. tenet was the worst nolan film so far.
  5. can’t wait! Just 15 month
  6. love it, love it, love it <3 5:50...jesus christ, so beautiful!
  7. The complete Score from Crimson Tide is one of my favs! <3
  8. there is now also a masterclass with the duffer brothers https://www.masterclass.com/articles/duffer-brothers
  9. thanks yeah that makes sense...sadly i hope they release an extended version of it
  10. I really like this cue the rest is meh
  11. 80 cues…and this one is unreleased…AGAIN can’t understand. Played two times in season 3 and again in season 4. @2:15 His Theme for Eleven is amazing
  12. Will the score come out tomorrow? Any infos? :-)
  13. i have a Doepfer LMK and i love it. It's like a real piano keyboard.
  14. Backdraft (Zimmer) The Hobbit 1 (Shore) Last Samurai (Zimmer) it would be so nice to get the complete scores officially on cd! :-)
  15. Lea Seydoux, Florence Pugh <3 niceeeee
  16. I liked the music in the last episode (4)
  17. can't understand... for me it's the best score from 2021
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