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  1. Oh I know. I just see that he seems to have an affinity for certain types of films. Maybe his connection to Air Force Service ? He could be a history nerd like I am.
  2. Unlike Goldsmith, Barry, or Morricone, John Williams tends to graviate towards Historical Based Films or Docudramas when he wants to do a " serious " film; Born on the Fourth of July, Schindler's List, JFK, Nixon, The Patriot, Munich. And the trend is that almost all of these films have something to do with War, American Revolutionary War, World War 2, the Vietnam War, and the later 20th century conflicts. I wonder what attracts him to these types of Films ? A personal connection ? His love for American History, and world History for that matter ?
  3. But this particular influence seems somewhat interesting. JW once again has served as a bridge builder between parts of society that have felt left out. His music unites and inspires everyone, no matter race, or gender.
  4. https://www.thathashtagshow.com/2021/03/04/composer-jermaine-stegall-talks-how-john-williams-more-influenced-coming-2-america/ He also gave a nod to his favorite composer, John Williams. Williams, of course, is responsible for the iconic scores behind Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jaws, and more.
  5. That reminds me; I wonder what Williams thinks about the toxic culture in Hollywood today. He has probably seen it all ( the good and bad ).
  6. So I am also a part of the Audrey Hepburn forum on Facebook, two of them actually, and I found some very interesting connections between these two legendary figures of cinema and our time. 1. John Williams worked as a Pianist under HENRY MANCINI, ( Who of course was good friends with Audrey Hepburn ). Williams also played the piano for many of the Films that Audrey appeared in the early 1960s; Charade and Breakfast at Tiffany's are two of them I believe. 2. Williams would himself score just two films with Audrey Hepburn as a star; 1966's How to Steal a Million, and 19
  7. I mean there is Damien Chazelle..... he directed La La Land ....
  8. Well there was the " Hugo " Movie in 2011 which Scorsese directed, and the topic is up Williams's Alley.
  9. I'm just saying that there could have been some amazing scores had Williams found the time in his very very busy career.
  10. It's true ! On Wikipedia, it shows all of John's movies that he worked on, and not one of them invovles Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. It's a shame. I can think of many Scorsese movies that would have worked with John's Musical style.
  11. Also in addition to his music, Williams's work as a Conductor I think has ingrained himself into wider American and maybe even World Culture as well. The Boston Pops, Olympics, TV News Themes, Concerts with people ranging from Seth Mcfarlane to Yo Yo Ma,
  12. You make some very good points there. I would also like to add that his work as Conductor of the Boston Pops has made him more visible in the eyes of the Public. We can perhaps answer this question a few years from now; when and if Williams passes away. Are people going to remember him for Star Wars, ET, so on and so forth ?
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