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  1. So which of these track title correlate with the titles of the tracks on the normal commercially released score? Since I don’t have access to the FYC/more complete version of the score you posted here, all I have to work with is the normal version, and I don’t know which track is which since it seems this version has entirely different titles……
  2. Anyone else besides me notice there’s a cue towards the end of the “Knife Fight” track (beginning at 2:22, to be exact) that sounds almost like a mixture between Henry Jackman’s “Civil War” leitmotif and the main theme from Michael Giacchino’s two Planet of the Apes films?
  3. Yeah, I remember the two times during the actual film when Neytiri sings it. It was just the version featured as the last track of both the soundtrack (released Friday) and the score (released yesterday) that sounded more like……well, a non-diegetic recording meant to be listened to in the vein of a pop song, rather than the two diegetic versions we get during the events of the film itself that I was confused about. But thanks, this really helped a lot.
  4. So that’s where “The Songcord” is supposed to go………(after “Nothing is Lost”, I mean.)
  5. So I’m a bit confused about something. In the thread regarding Avatar The Way of Water’s score (not the soundtrack album that was released last Friday alongside the movie itself, but the score album that was released today without The Weeknd’s song as apart of the tracklisting), I was told that the score (I repeat, the score album released today, December 20th, not the soundtrack album, released December 16th) is already in chronological order…….but the tracklisting I’ve seen from multiple sources says the first track is called “Hometree”, but on Spotify the track seems to be called “Leaving Home”. Are these the same tracks? And if not, then is the album actually in chronological order?
  6. There’s an entire track missing from your list named, “Wet Rocks”. https://youtu.be/a_lLNsgKLOc
  7. Also, is “The Man in Black” the track that plays during the final blow of the final battle does it play afterwards?
  8. Btw, is “Wet Rocks” not used in the main score? I don’t see it anywhere here…….
  9. Thank You so much. I was wondering how long it would be until someone posted this.
  10. Has anyone managed to figure out the chronological track listing yet?
  11. I typically don’t know how to reach those independently. Usually I’m linked specific links. Also, there’s no need to be rude……..
  12. Is Volume 2 also pretty much in chronological order?
  13. It’s been a few months, but I’m still not entirely certain if David Buckley’s Sandman score is chronological order……..also, on a similar note, I’m pretty sure Nicholas Britell’s Andor score (for episodes 1- 4) is in chronological order already given how the main title themes seem to be a breaking point for which episode the track is located in………..but if that isn’t the case and anyone here has any further insight on that (as well as with Sandman), as always, I’d greatly appreciate it.
  14. Is the “Wedding Dance” track named “Targaryen Dance” in the official tracklisting? Because I’m not seeing any track with the name “Wedding Dance” and I also don’t see the “Targaryen Dance” track anywhere on the list you compiled, here.
  15. Anyone figure out the chronological track listing for the Black Adam score yet?
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