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  1. I relistened to Elfman's Justice League score in full a few days ago. If I'm honest, it's not as bad as people make it out to be (and even then I think most just dislike it because it doesn't use most of Zimmer's themes). It's actually quite good IMO. There's a lot of stuff that works. Steppenwolf's theme is amazing, the usage of the 89 Batman theme are great, Flash's theme is great, the orchestral version of the Wonder Woman theme is really good etc. It's a pretty decent score. I think it has a lot more going on musically than Holkenborg's score for the Snyder cut and is ultimately a better l
  2. Yeah this is spot on. The only addition I’d make is that X-Ss from Xperiments should be the final track due to being the End Credits cue from the film. I’m not sure where (if any) other cues from Xperiments should go, since some shorter cues might be included in some of the longer suites there (I vaguely recall hearing the ‘Car Crash Aftermath’ cue there). So it looks like this: 1. Gap (X-Men Space Mission/Jean Absorbs The Phoenix Force) 2. Dark (Jean Loses Control and Learns Her Father is Still Alive) 3. Frameshift (Jean Returns Home/Jean vs X-Men) 4. Amity (Jea
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