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  1. I really like the cover of the film by Erin Brockovich. And the film itself is very good, I recommend it for viewing. I looked it up after reading a book that I learned about on https://studyhippo.com/essay-examples/erin-brockovich/ from essays on Erin Brockovich. This film was shot in a Hollywood style, with the idea that the United States is a land of opportunity. It allows you to see our country from the outside.
  2. This is one of my favorite pieces! In general, I really like different plays, especially Shakespeare. Unfortunately, I haven't seen so many good productions, so often I just re-read the play as an additional reading or find essays on Twelfth Night on the Internet. It is always interesting for me to read and find out the opinions of other people about my favorite literary works.
  3. I saw a very good movie - Firebird. It tells the story of a dangerous relationship that arose at a Soviet airbase during the height of the Cold War between a young soldier, his best friend and a brave pilot. In general, many good films have been shot about this period - get more info about the Cold War by reading research papers and essays. Historical films based on real events have always attracted me - Pearl Harbor, Jeanne D'Arc, Schindler's List and other popular well-known films.
  4. I wonder if there is an educational institution there now? And were there any subjects at Westlake College of Music not related to music but to general education?
  5. I love the gothic elements in films. I'm a fan of Allan Poe's stories https://freebooksummary.com/category/the-raven and the understated ending is an important element for me. I recently saw a short film based on "The Raven" and this is a unique film about the human soul. One word can change your fate or mood.
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