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  1. In this thread about The Fabelmans score, a discussion of its chances to win an Oscar can be considered on topic, but a wider discussion about gender politics in movie-making and award-giving is not. Let's stay focused on the topic at hand in threads like this one. Thank you.
  2. Had to remove some posts. No politics allowed on JWFan, especially in a thread in the Williams forum about a John Williams concert.
  3. This is a forum to discuss music and movies and not the place for having a back-and-forth about cancel culture and gender identity. You can continue to talk about John Williams' music and Rowling's possible thoughts on it, but not her stance on political issues. Thank you.
  4. Guys, please refrain from discussing politics on JWFan. Thanks.
  5. Warning given for violating rule #1 Please be respectful of your fellow JWFanners. Thank you.
  6. A politically- and religiously- charged post and its follow-up replies have been removed from this thread. Please use the Report feature on these type of posts in the future, instead of engaging. Thank you.
  7. A number of off-topic posts that derailed this thread from its intended purpose have been deleted and a user has been warned for continually violating these rules:
  8. All these posts violate the current board rules. You all may discuss how she may or may feel about JW's music but leave politics out of it. Thank you.
  9. Since the conversation is veering into political territory, it's time to bring it back to the topic at hand. Thanks.
  10. Politics aren't allowed on JWFan. Next time, everyone participating in such jokes will get a 24-hour ban.
  11. Cancel culture and related talk is not allowed under the new rules. Thanks for understanding.
  12. Time for this conversation full of politics, personal attacks, and pitting people against each other, to come to an end. Quintus is banned for 24 hours. If anybody has any commentary about the rules as a whole that has not already been stated you may post it. But this Bilbo vs Quintus conversation is done.
  13. To all members of JWFan, Long time board member @Incanus has decided to step down from his Moderator position. This leaves Ricard and Jason as the forum moderators for the time being. We do not have any immediate plans to add another moderator to replace him. Incanus is still a member of our forums, and you can look forward to reading his review of the new "Spotlight on John Williams" album on the main page soon. We'd like to extend our thanks to Incanus for a job well done for many years! Now onto more pressing matters. In recent times, the forums have been drifting away from its original intention (a place to share a love of film music with other fans) and more towards a broader discussion forum of many topics, often venturing into political territory, with all the consequences that this entails. In order to continue to improve the forum experience, we have therefore decided to completely rewrite the Forum Rules, which are now effective immediately. Also immediately, we will be changing the way we moderate. We will now be using our discretion to delete posts that violate the rules, and increasing the length and frequency of bans as we consider necessary. This moderation will now exclusively be done from under a new forum account titled "JWFan Moderators". The best way to draw attention to posts that violate the rules continues to be the "Report" feature, which is available under every post to logged-in members. Please note that you will not receive direct feedback about your report, but know that all reports are taken seriously and will be attended to as our availability allows. Also note that we will not be deleting old posts or threads, as the new rules only apply to new content from this point forward. However, some old threads will be locked if the subject matter and/or recent content in them is considered to be a violation of the new rules. These changes have been designed with the intent of making the JWFan Forums a place where all people interested in productive discussion of film music and related media can feel comfortable and enjoy their time doing so. Thank you for bearing with us as we adjust and adapt together. Signed, Ricard and Jason
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