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  1. Since the conversation is veering into political territory, it's time to bring it back to the topic at hand. Thanks.
  2. Politics aren't allowed on JWFan. Next time, everyone participating in such jokes will get a 24-hour ban.
  3. Cancel culture and related talk is not allowed under the new rules. Thanks for understanding.
  4. So you are saying that you should be allowed to insult Bespin, but Holko should not be allowed to insult you. Is that correct? I did not say "personally attack", I said "personally insult". How is "Only a Bespin could like ___" not considered an insult? That was a post from 3 weeks ago (before the new rules), FYI Bespin did not put a Laughing reaction on Holko's post. 4 other members did, but Bespin did not. This is not correct. Any pictures in a forum post are automatically downloaded by anyone viewing
  5. Your report of Holko's post did not indicate what your problem with it was, nor what rule you felt it violated. There is no real difference between what he said about your past posting behavior (it is a fact that you posted an abnormally large amount of pictures), and what you just said above about Bespin (personally insulting him, instead of arguing against his opinion on Hermann's conducting).
  6. Time for this conversation full of politics, personal attacks, and pitting people against each other, to come to an end. Quintus is banned for 24 hours. If anybody has any commentary about the rules as a whole that has not already been stated you may post it. But this Bilbo vs Quintus conversation is done.
  7. To all members of JWFan, Long time board member @Incanus has decided to step down from his Moderator position. This leaves Ricard and Jason as the forum moderators for the time being. We do not have any immediate plans to add another moderator to replace him. Incanus is still a member of our forums, and you can look forward to reading his review of the new "Spotlight on John Williams" album on the main page soon. We'd like to extend our thanks to Incanus for a job well done for many years! Now onto more pressing matters. In recent times, the forums hav
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