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  1. The first score is my favorite score of 2020, so I’m very excited for this.
  2. It feels like a big deal that they got Plan 9 to write a song for this project.
  3. I’ve enjoyed most of this show. A few of the lore changes are questionable, but so many things are better than I expected that I have no will to complain. I do hope the pacing picks up now that the Numenor-set plot has finally made progress. The music, needless to say, is absolutely excellent.
  4. So far the music is rather Blade Runnery, which is not a bad thing given the setting (and has some precedent within Star Wars via the last season of Clone Wars). I’m hoping it expands as the show does, though.
  5. Franglen has also had a good seven years knowing that it was likely he would compose this, for all we know he’s been working on Avatar music and ideas that entire time.
  6. This film is a tiny bit better than Fallen Kingdom… which makes it definitively terrible.
  7. I like it so far - there have been no egregious sins against the world or characters, the “vibes” are well done, the music is sublime, everyone involved clearly does know their Tolkien and is trying to do a good job. It’s not perfect but I have no serious complaints and, for a new Tolkien adaption, that is most impressive.
  8. Matches one of my most prevalent concerns, which is that being based on only the appendices set this show up to be essentially incapable of succeeding as a Tolkien adaption. (Hopefully it can still manage to be a good show though.)
  9. Greetings Mr Griskey, I have enjoyed all your music that I’ve heard. Would certainly be happy to see you compose and/or release more Star Wars music!
  10. Star Wars has a good enough musical history that this might genuinely be the worst Star Wars score.
  11. To my ears, this is a great score on its own merits in almost every way. As a follow-up to Shore’s music, Bear seems to be aware of how Shore’s music “sounds” and Bear certainly put some effort into replicating those sounds (in his choir and so on) and Shore’s method of building his score (the many themes and how they interlock), but at the same time he did not try very hard to replicate Shore’s own style. I would therefore consider this respectful of Shore but not an attempt to replicate Shore. Of course, one must wonder if any of that would have happened differently if Bear had access to Shore’s themes…
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