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  1. I enjoyed this score but it felt like every Courage reference left the theme too quickly - why did they do this?!
  2. This score is very reminiscent of Djawadi’s choral music in Game of Thrones season 8, which has some of my favorite Djawadi music ever, so by extension I quite like this score.
  3. This score is absolutely gorgeous and I’m surprised there isn’t a full concurrence on that!
  4. I’m looking forward to more Djawadi music in this universe, and I’m also glad he’s composing it because that makes him less likely to be hired for LOTR!
  5. Late to the conversation, but Pagemaster is a very nice fantasy Horner score (though the expansion only adds like 5 minutes).
  6. I recall reading that Zimmer (and co) had to write the entire Dunkirk Tenet score twice, and possibly three times, so I’m inclined to think Zimmer said “never again”. At least Ludwig is an excellent composer!
  7. I really liked the American Pickle score so I’m excited for this one!
  8. This score very much sounds like a (semi-rare) Brian Tyler score where Tyler actually put in effort. So, pretty good.
  9. She’s only referred to as Captain Carter, and her shield has the British flag, so I understand her not getting Silvestri’s Cap theme (which I did still hear in the episode).
  10. Stark


    These are extraordinarily different composers, difficult or impossible to truly compare.
  11. I will never understand how people like Atlantis more than Treasure Planet!
  12. Wow, people who grew up with the prequels are watching a piece of their childhood grow up and potentially die in this show.
  13. Powell’s assistant scoring a show based on movies scored by Powell seems like the best possible choice!
  14. Snake Eyes’ composer is “just” another modern action composer (Martin Todsharow), I listened to his (rather short) discography recently and didn’t hear anything that would interest your average John Williams aficionado! As far as modern RCP-imitations go, I’ve heard many worse that Todsharow at that, so he might have potential.
  15. I enjoyed this score quite a bit - between this and Raya, JNH has still got it!
  16. My expectations for this movie are so low after Fallen Kingdom that I might actually be pleasantly surprised!
  17. Yes, I also found both Planes scores to be quite good!
  18. Just saw the words “Mark” and “Mancina” which means I must proclaim my love for Twister, Bad Boys, and Speed 2 with no context.
  19. This wailing woman music is completely unlike the wailing from Gladiator, a much better comparison would be the vocals from Black Hawk Down, or indeed Dark Phoenix. And three albums of music! I’m excited!
  20. All interesting options! I can’t really see Giacchino having time for it though, and somehow I have a feeling Desplat isn’t enthusiastic to work on another Disney franchise... Britell could be cool, I’ll throw Daniel Pemberton’s hat into the ring because I love his music and he composed the Dark Crystal show recently.
  21. Is there any rumor or theory as to who will score this?
  22. Zimmer is truly confirmed, although I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he doesn’t end up doing much.
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