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  1. I'm rather proud of these for only my second time doing this. I was trying for an early 90's vibe.
  2. This thread has inspired me to try my hand at this. It has bugged me that the Spielberg/Williams albums are inconsistent, so I re-did the Struzan cover for all three.
  3. Regardless, it is more musically complex than the earlier themes.
  4. When my D+ runs out in a month or two, I will not be subscribed to anything. I'm still thinking about getting PBS, but I really want off this train. I'm rebuilding my dvd collection. I never thought I'd get rid of Netflix, having been subscribed since before the streaming service existed, but once it went, I decided I didn't really need any of them. If a streaming show looks good enough for me to want to own, well, there are places for that sort of thing.
  5. As a trumpet player, it can only be Summon the Heroes. So much fun. I learned how to double tongue playing along to this cd. Tim Morrison is on my trumpet Mt. Rushmore.
  6. Favorite game/experience 1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past i first played this game when I was fourteen. I grew up poor and didn’t have much access to games, but I had a SNES with Mario All-Stars and World. I thought all games were platformers. One day, a friend of mine tries to show me Final Fantasy II. I don’t get it, you have to choose your attacks from a menu? Why can’t I just hit it. He tells me Zelda might be more for me. It’s raining outside. It’s raining in the game; the atmosphere at the start is superb. I get to the castle door, and can’t get it in. My friend says to go around the side, there’s an entrance there. I go over, and don’t see anything. He says it’s below that bush, just lift it up. My mind is blown, I didn’t know games could do things like that. Similar to seeing Star Wars, or listening to Mahler, for the first time, my life will never be the same. I’ve been chasing that high ever since. 2. Halo 3 I’m a senior in college. I, a diehard Nintendo fan, had jumped ship to the Xbox 360, and was playing catch-up on some old games, and decide to give this Halo another shot. I had played it when it came out at my friend’s house, but it was with the Duke controller, and I couldn’t wrap my head around dual analog movement. I try it again, and fall in love. I sell a bunch of textbooks I’m not really using and by the cat helmet edition. I buy game fuel. I play Halo 2 on a screen projected onto the side of a GameStop, waiting for midnight. I take the whole next day off school, and play the entire campaign. I fall in love with online multiplayer. I’ve been chasing that high ever since. 3. Rogue Squadron In 1997, I had a big brother from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. He took me to see the special editions (see above about life changing). A year later and I am a hardcore fan, reading every book I can find, and replaying Shadows of the Empire on my beloved N64. I get Rogue Squadron for Christmas from the same Big Brother. The attention to detail astounds me. The little stormtroopers running below, the adaptive music, the ability to see planets I had only read about. 2 might have been better, but the first one is my favorite. I’ve been chasing that high ever since. 4. Mass Effect The real catalyst for me switching to Xbox from Nintendo. It’s as if BioWare came to me alone and said “we have read your mind, and have made a game based on all the nerdy space shit you seem to love.” The sequels lost the feel of the first game, except Andromeda, which has some issues, but I still defend. Give me a space ship and unexplored worlds, and a AAA graphics budget with the design ethos of Star Trek, and I will buy your game no matter how flawed. I’ve been chasing this high ever since. 5. Solaris When I was young, and before my Super Nintendo, I got ahold of my grandpa’s Atari 2600. The games were primitive, and didn’t particularly enjoy playing them, but one day at the thrift store were we would usually buy my clothes, I came across a cartridge for a space game (see above) called Solaris. For a buck, it was worth a shot. I enjoyed the game, but my mom fell hard for it. My 2600 was plugged into my very old tv in my room, and my mom came in every night for weeks to play this game while I was falling asleep. My dad died when I was three. It was hard, just me and her. It was comforting having her there, not in a “mom” capacity, but in a “you’re not alone” capacity. It’s not a high I have a desire to feel again, but I’m thankful for the experience. I call “now” the time I’ve had the worst gaming experiences. I don’t like where the industry is at, particularly in the big-budget space, both business and game design-wise. I find myself playing a lot of older games. I have hope the industry might find its way again, but with the amount of money at stake, I’m not holding my breath. I generally don’t succumb to the “it was better in my day” type thinking, but with the current state of film and video games, I understand the pull.
  7. That's a way of putting it lol. Using FPGA, it's basically hardware emulation instead of software. It is, in effect, reproducing the games identically to original hardware, but with 1080p upscaling, and an ability to load roms. (It can play cartridges, too, obviously)
  8. Waiting for my Super NT to come. Anyone here have experience with it? If it's as good as the Mega SG, it should be mighty fine.
  9. The headband just above the earcup. I lifted one side to listen to something, and it broke. You can hold your hand over the right earcup, and it turns off the noise cancelling so you can hear. I'll have to remember to do that more with my new ones. Still, I used these 5-8 hours a day for 5 years. I got my money's worth out of them I believe the MDR line is all wired, studio-type headphones. I gather they are also pretty good, but don't have any experience with them.
  10. I have a plasma, also, but LD is interlaced, and doesn't do 24fps, which is a no go for me. I definitely get the appeal, though. Like vinyl, but even dumber lol.
  11. I gave serious consideration to just going to Laserdisc, but I would need a new (old) TV, and I also think the aughts were a pretty good decade for film, and I wouldn't have access to them. Shame there were no Laserdisc burners. I could put the LotR trilogy on Laserdisc, like a maniac. Oh, well, DVDs are fun, too.
  12. I'm still rebuying a bunch of stuff on DVD. Too many blurays have poor remastering. Also, in my experience with the 4K77 project, I've discovered that for me, DVDs are closer to the look of a theater print (not the original negative, the print that would actually be seen). This is incidental, of course, due to the loss in resolution, but it just looks "right" to me. I have a nice bluray player than can force 24p from DVD. I've made exceptions for a few things, especially in rare cases when the DVD is demonstrably worse than the bluray (Star Trek: TNG, for instance), but otherwise, I've gone all-in (again) on DVD. Also, I love buying up ultimate collector's editions and stuff. I can usually get them for under $15 off eBay. Hopefully, all the hipsters go back to VHS, and leave DVD alone lol.
  13. Rattle Mahler 8 with the BPO. MUCH better than the old one he did with the CBSO. This piece requires a level of control on the podium I'm just not sure he had back then, although I enjoy the Wunderhorn symphonies from that cycle. I've only heard a couple of 8ths that I actually like. It's a weird piece.
  14. My trusty MDR1000's broke tonight after 5 years of heavy use. Time for an upgrade, I guess.
  15. Since I don't think Nolan has a single film better than the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven, I don't really care what he thinks. Thinking that the theatrical cut of Blade Runner is the superior version only confirms my opinion on Nolan (fwiw, I like Batman Begins, and Inception is a fine piece of editing and film-craft, even if the story isn't as deep as it thinks it is. I couldn't stand Interstellar or Dunkirk. The Batman sequels decrease in quality) But I rank KoH as a top 3-5 Ridley Scott film. I love it.
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