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  1. I think it's more likely that he'll start a professional golf career if he decides to stop composing!
  2. Nice little piece! I'm always amazed how John Williams can use the craziest jazz harmonies and still make it sound "classically symphonic"!
  3. Is there a release date yet? Will it be released digitally?
  4. If you judge Bear for using those clichés, you also need to judge Shore as well, because he does pretty much the same Imo. Those clichés just work, that's why many use them and it's completely fine for Film Music...
  5. Come to think of it, it's not unlikely that they did that when they were preparing the score for the recording, because they probably learned from the original trilogy that it's a pain to go back to the original scores and adapt them to the film, with all the tempos and so on. So they probably did it directly, but Disney just hasn't come around the corner with TROS yet, for unknown reasons (the movie's recognition, probably). I asked this score copyist specifically about TROS, and he immediately mentioned the LTP score, so JKMS probably at least sent the LTP score to Disney, what happens to it then is more the mysterious thing....
  6. I asked a score copyist who worked on the Sequel Trilogy (he put together the leaked TFA document) about the confusing situation with the TROS score and sheet music (we only have very few cues available) yesterday: Does this mean there is a LTP score for TFA, TLJ and TROS????????
  7. Damn, I thought Spitfire Audio were only good people.... Unbelievable how many people are still inhumane and hurtful, from whom it is not expected and not wanted.... But I don't think we should let people like Christian Henson take down such valuable achievements as Spitfire/Pianobook have achieved. It would be a shame for all the good people who worked so hard on this project. I will continue to use their great products....
  8. Much more tempo rubato, especially towards the end. Also, the ending is again not the original, but the revision that we heard on Celebration as well.
  9. Also sounds a lot like a tribute to Victor Young's Love themes. This piece is basically a mix of TROS friendship theme, Marion's theme, Debussy-like impressionism and Hollywood classical style! Amazing!
  10. I love this piece, it has that bittersweet classic Hollywood character. The use of the Lydian mode at the beginning and end is very similar to the friendship theme from TROS. (0:35 and 1:16) It also has some great impressionistic traits like this progression:
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