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  1. My very last two soundtrack covers in this style.
  2. Yeah, that took me about a day before I realised I'd been Rick Rolled, lol. Still, awesome covers.
  3. The Book of Boba Fett soundtrack cover using official concept art.
  4. Here's a soundtrack cover I've made for the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars Series Andor composed by Nicholas Britell. I used official series concept art within the Star Wars logo. Overall it could be better quality but is 1000 by 1000
  5. Created this Obi-Wan Kenobi soundtrack cover using official concept art.
  6. Created this one over Christmas using the art from Drew Struzan's Episode II poster.
  7. I've made two Star Wars OST covers in the style of the Target Exclusives. I've used Drew Struzan's classic poster art and will eventually be making A New Hope and Episode II as well. I found the process challenging as those posters are very difficult to cutout individual characters and scenes without doing quite heavy editing.
  8. I've just made an account and have created some posters that are based on the Star Wars OST Target Exclusves. The size is 1000x1500 as I am using them as film and series posters. I've been a long time lurker and have been inspired by the work of heidl and Justanothercrow421. The quality is not nearly as good as the soundtrack covers here as I am a bit of a novice... ... but If anyone thinks some are good enough to repurpose as soundtrack covers, please do.
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