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  1. Think Anne-Sophie Mutter will still be touring with him and they’ll play the violin concerto no. 2 in NY for the second time?
  2. Sounds like it is moving to a Black Friday release.
  3. I received this update from MOV. Thank you for your message. We're still working hard to make the Hook release happen, but sadly we have no additional information on a possible release date yet. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as we know more, we'll make sure to immediately update every customer that ordered this item.
  4. Every time I preorder an album months in advance, I end up having to leave town when it arrives. My friend that grabs my mail thinks I have a problem.
  5. I was heading to bed. But now I'm going to watch this. Glad it dropped earlier!
  6. I'm all for not having to show up to a record store on RSD.
  7. If you have an Atmos system or soundbar then you probably have something along the lines of a 5.1.2 or 7.1.4. The last digit representing the up firing/ceiling speakers. If you're listening to an orchestra I have no idea how they would utilize those last speakers. It would seem weird to have some of the music sound like it's coming from above you and I doubt they use it that way. So by that point you're back to typical surround sound with 5.1 or 7.1. Maybe it's supposed to sound a little better but I really doubt anyone could listed to it and say they can tell a difference. I think adding atmos to music is pretty gimmicky. It can be pretty cool for movies though and I have a Atmos soundbar that works okay for sounds above you. If they really want to utilize Atmos, Williams should arrive to the concert on a helicopter.
  8. Yeah I’m a little bummed that he didn’t at the one concert I’ve been able to attend! I hope I get the opportunity to see him again.
  9. Mine finally came in today! I was pleasantly surprised since it had been two weeks with no tracking updates. I’m giving it a full listen now. The first thing I noticed was how low the volume was and I had to crank it up for this album. I listened to side 1 earlier and noticed a lot of surface noise so I stopped and gave them a good clean and now it is sounding much better.
  10. Hope everyone enjoyed the concert! I’m a little bummed he didn’t bring out the Imperial March in Philly.
  11. Did anyone here record any vidoes? I noticed a lot of people in the audience recording.
  12. The concert was amazing! I’m really happy they played Schindler’s List.
  13. Yeah I would consider the mondo version the better version. Despite having less music on it seems like a lot more work was put into it to make sure it sounds like it should. I’ve seen a lot of comments around the internet complaining that mondo didn’t release this expanded version.
  14. musiconvinyl 3 LP release for Hook coming. https://www.musiconvinyl.com/shop/original-soundtrack/hook-john-williams Update as of June 2022: According to MOV, they are still trying hard to make this release happen but couldn't provide an updated release date. Preorders directly from MOV haven't been cancelled but other distributors have been cancelling orders.
  15. I read cheesecake at first also! But thanks! I’ll check those out. We definitely plan on the visiting the historical sites.
  16. My copy was at the post office a town over 5 days ago and has been “in transit to the next destination” ever since. 😓 I’m sure it’ll be here in the next couple days. I’m just impatient knowing it was so close.
  17. This is coming up quick! I’m trying to plan out a 4 day trip. Anyone have any must sees or eats for someone’s first time?
  18. Not sure but I can let you know after the concert on the 19th lol.
  19. Yeah I ordered on December 15th. A lot of vinyl preorders are months in advance. The Berlin Concert is another record shipping this month that I ordered last year.
  20. Started listening to the podcast recently and just made it through the 60s. I don’t listen to podcasts often but I’m enjoying this one very much! I’m also taking this opportunity to go through my personal collection and hopefully fill in some of the holes.
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