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  1. I love them both, but at the same time, I listen to The Asteroid Field much more. I love the energy of The Asteroid Field, because it sort of has a ballet-quality, very operatic.
  2. This is very exciting! And, if it sounds like A Timeless Call (which I liked), so be it, because it is a new Williams composition.
  3. From http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7779011.stm EDIT: Being discussed here
  4. Who are those guys? I assume David Newman is related to Thomas Newman? Yes. They're brothers, and Alfred Newman is their father.
  5. I voted "Star of Bethlehem". This is quite simply an awesome piece of music. It has so much power. I saw Home Alone on the big screen yesterday, and it was great hearing this music on the screen.
  6. I voted Option "B". I heard this live in Boston, and yes, it is a very lively, energetic piece. I really don't think that it fits the character of "Mutt" (more like Robin Hood -and yes, I saw the JW interview). Also, it is very repetitive. By about 2 minutes in, I was ready for something new. But, I'll listen to it every once in a while, especially if I went to be in a peppy mood. -odnurega1
  7. A great author, who will be missed by all in my household. RIP.
  8. Does anyone have the scene where the Dean grabs the Bible for the Wedding? I particularly like the music during that scene.
  9. Oh, definitely. I wasn't saying it mattered to me. I agree with everything you said, it is great to see different types of attire.
  10. I like the Raiders shirt. What was the attire that night? Everything from t-shirts to suits, I suppose, as it was in Boston.
  11. The Machinist- I have to say, I'm not really into these types of films, however you want to classify it. But, I enjoyed it, and a severly underweight Christian Bale was haunting in his role. The Rocker- I did not expect to like this. I went into it because I wanted to see a movie that was marketed to make me laugh, and I actually really did enjoy it. Rainn Wilson was funny, and musician-turned-actor Teddy Geiger was not actually that bad.
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