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  1. Hello guys: It has been a while since my last post. First of all: Congratulations to Elliot Goldenthal for his new award Congratulations to Ricard and Andreas for the excellent new desing of the web Now: I need your help Last time I was undecisious to buy a score, I asked you The result was very good as the score was Schindler's List My new buy is The Red Violin composed by John Corigliano. It is cheaper today as there is a sale, so it costs 18 euros. I would like to know if this score is worthy Thanks for your help CharlieSherry
  2. Hello guys I need help: I went to a shop and bought two score but I amn't sure of them. One of them is Frida, which I have already a mp3 files copy but the original release looks very good. Are the extras good? I got Lawrence of Arabia too but I just know about the main theme Please I need help Bye!
  3. Well I guess all of them!!! :spiny: I will try to guess the winner, but that will take me time Almodovar twice nominations! Where is Dennis Quaid? Spiderman gets two? Strange CharlieSherry who loves to predict academy awards
  4. My cd is here!!!!! What a score!!!!!!!! Incredible, John Williams have composed one of his best scores ever in my opinion. But there is something odd in my cd......... In some moments in the cd, I listen like noises at the background of the music (like vinyl discs sound) For example in Track 2, at 2:40 until 3:05, I can listen to this. Please, I look for replys Thanks for play the cd
  5. There is one score that I didn't put on my list that has many options to be nominated The Hours composed by Philip Glass Being a composer (not for many scores) I didn't count him, but people really like his work and however Golden Globes and all these awards used to nominated strange composer, the population of the film can make it a winner in the score category. That would mean that the score would be nominated instead of....... Catch me if you can? Impossible, the music is very important in the movie Far From Heaven? Not after Howard Shore being awarded for Gangs in another awards Frida? So
  6. Signs is a different score, but it was a summer film and Academy used to forget.
  7. When????! When?????????????! When???????????????????????????????????! When?????????????????????????????????????????????????????! When??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????! I cann't wait more without this score!
  8. The cd can not be found here still When??????????????????????? I cann't have it
  9. Well After the numerous awards that have been given and the Golden Globes, I have decided to post a topic where I want to explain the scores more easy to be winner. Here they are: Catch Me if you Can by John Williams Positive: It is a jazzy work with old songs and Academy loves that (as well as Williams' material) Negative: It would be a winner, if they would be less competition. It could have won another year. Road to Perdition by Thomas Newman Positive: This is a creative work by the composer. It works great in the film and makes it one of the best scores Negative: However it is very creativ
  10. Goldenthal as well as many composers needs at least an award. But don't be afraid! Golden Globes winner usually is not the same one as the Academy Awards. CharlieSherry who is sure of the scores that will get nominated and is going to post a topic about it.
  11. Monkey Island games are all excellent! By the way, Merkel Where did you get the barman?
  12. Maybe I have not explain right. I mean I want the score to like it, but I guess that I don't like drama music too much... At last I am sure that I will get it I should, not?
  13. Well, I think I have to say it to all of you, I need help. I have all the classic scores composed by John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET...) except Schindler's List. I have tried to buy it many times in the past, but I have never got it because I always thought that it is "sad music". Let me explain: The rest of the Williams' scores were not so dramatic as this one. But Williams have surprised to me many times (this year with Minority Report) All the web sites put it as the best score of the last decade and the last best classic Williams so... Is it incredible musi
  14. This is the most difficult post ever! 1. Star Wars a New Hope 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Jurassic Park 5. Catch Me if you Can 6. Home Alone 7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Secrets 8. The Phantom Menace 9. Attack of the Clones 10. Jaws CharlieSherry who is not sure at all
  15. I started to watch Star Wars when I was 7. I got in love with the music. But when I was 8 Spielberg directed a film that I couldn't stop to watch. It was Jurassic Park. I loved the music as well. Maybe Jurassic Park was more than Star Wars. CharlieSherry, who cann't make up his mind
  16. You can listen to the whole soundtrack online in www.austinpowers.com Go to the soundtrack section Yeah Baby yeah, Austin Powers songs are the best! CharlieSherry, who have Austin Powers 1 and 2 soundtracks as well as the scores and can imitate (and his friends love it) Fat Bast"rd and Dr. Evil
  17. I got: Home Alone 2 Romancing the Stone Big The Sand Pebbles Excellent all of them!
  18. Hello! Welcome to The Lord of the Rings..... :wow: wait a minute Welcome to the John Williams forum CharlieSherry
  19. Link didn't work for any people This is the web where the tracks are: http://www.dreamworks.com/catchthem/soundt...iycST_high.html Bye
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