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  1. For any one who is into Goldeneye, be sure to check out Le Femme Nikita's score. I didn't see that mentioned. All of John Barry's Bond music is such a high achievement in film scoring. But that doesn't have to make them my favorite.
  2. Serra's Goldeneye score get soooo much undeserved hate. It really baffles me how people can think it's that bad. I personally love it. It's definitely in my top three, alongside Casino Royale and Thunderball. I really like the comparison to the "cold war, snowy sound", I never looked at it that way. Favorite cues would have to be Overture, WSTSP, and Fatal Weakness. FW is such an awesome tension builder with that driving industrial edge (this was back when industrial was more relevant). WSTSP and That What Keeps Us Alone feel like throwbacks to the Barry sound, with their more sweeping melodie
  3. There have been mentions that Sony ran it through some sort of process that enhanced the clarity slightly. Anyone else have opinions on this? I am considering replacing my old RCA releases that I have owned since 97 with this > http://www.amazon.com/Music-Star-Anniversary-Collectors-Edition/dp/B000VEA38E/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Quotes regarding the 2004 Sony release off Amazon... 2007 reissue of 2004 release...
  4. Is the beginning of "Eye to Eye" not used in the film? From the cue list it looks like it was to appear during the first stop at the T-Rex paddock. It sounds like it was re-written for the beginning of TLW.
  5. Has anyone done the new two disc version of BLADE RUNNER?
  6. Man Against Beast - When we first see the shark in full as it passes beneath the Orca. Reunion in the Tent/Searching for the Well - The fadeout. Far from Home/E.T. Alone - The climax as the ship takes off and leaves Earth. Luke & Leia's Theme - End Credits reprise. T-Rex Rescue/Finale - The whole thing!
  7. I thought I had heard something like that somewhere else in a Williams score.
  8. Oh gosh does did anyone else notice how beautiful "Reunion in the Tent/Searching for the Well"'s ending is? Just those last few seconds... wow. Such a nice little moment.
  9. Eric Serra's score for Goldeneye is brilliant. Boo hoo. Graeme Norgate and Grant Kirkhope definitely took some notes from it, because I hear alot of nods to it. I happen to have an excellent extract of it from the game in case anyone is interested.
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