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  1. Yep. I have tickets for my first three viewings, taking different people for each of their first viewings. The first will be with my wife on Thursday evening, the second will be with my childhood friend since 1982 (who I always see Star Wars with) on Friday morning, and third will be with my son (for his first theatrical Star Wars) on Monday morning. I'll probably go back for an IMAX 3D viewing whenever my brother comes to town. I hope it's good enough to see 4 times! My least favorite Star Wars film was AotC, and I saw that 5 times in the theater. If TFA is better than AotC, I'll do car
  2. Yeah, I'll agree that the nebula had lots of gas matter that could be reorganized into a star and Genesis planet. In real life, nebualae are the building blocks of stars and planets. No. I wasn't suggesting that Spock's katra be entered into someone else. I think you misunderstand Vulcan mysticism. Forget about ST:III for a moment. When all Vulcans are about to die, they put their katra into someone else if possible. Then what normally happens is that person goes to the Mt. Seleya temple on Vulcan and the usual ritual puts the katra into an katric ark: an artifact that can somehow store
  3. Cool! One of my all-time fave non-Williams movies and scores. It says on backorder but I just ordered it. Can't wait to get it. I have all the songs and will probably make a version with the songs in the appropriate places. I'm not much for oldies or pop music, but these songs have somewhat grown on me from watching the movie so much. But if I listen to it and think the songs break up the flow of the score music, then I'll go back to just the score. I'll just have to try to see what I think.
  4. Oh good, big TSfS fans. I am a Star Trek fan, but a couple things don't make sense to me about TSfS, and no one so far can answer my questions. Stefan or John, maybe you can help me appreciate this movie more? I'm being serious. I want to enjoy this film. It connects TWoK and TVH, two classics in my book. I buy that Spock's body was regenerated by the Genesis Wave. But what reason would Kirk and company on Earth have to go get Spock's body? They didn't know that Spock's body was alive on Genesis. They discovered that McCoy had Spock's katra, and why would they need Spock's dead body to
  5. I'm sure the Prequel scores will be given the same treatment as the OT scores in due time. It's just a matter of when. Maybe when the Saga is finally released on Blu-Ray we'll get the intended editions of the Prequel scores as part of the soundtrack tie in. Yes, I must have all complete Star Wars scores, starting with the two we have the least music on: AotC and RotS. I'm still bummed that some of the Jabba'a palace and sail barge music masters are lost or destroyed.
  6. I don't know if I would call it great, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I guess. The soundtrack was definitely much better than the movie, that's for sure. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock was a pretty bad movie. And I didn't care for Memoirs of a Geisha that much. I don't have very many soundtracks for movies I don't like. I think of it as a way of controlling my budget on my film score hobby.
  7. I found other threads for this topic, but this one is the longest, has the most discussion, and was posted in most recently... Last night my wife took me to the Columbus, Ohio concert as a birthday present. I first want to say, wow! Awesome! Being a big fan of Star Wars, film score, and Star Wars film score, I absolutely loved being at this concert. I'm not big fan of listening to recorded live music, because it never compares to the studio recordings (here I'm referring to music in general, not just film score). But being there live, it can just be magical. You can feel the energy of the
  8. 1. Star Trek (2009) 2. Revenge of the Sith 3. Shadows of the Empire (ok, not a film score, but I iike it anyway)
  9. ID4, The Mummy and Narnia are in order. I love that. Thanks.
  10. Thanks a lot for your reply about ID4 and The Mummy. But the Batman link you posted is about Elfman's Batman. I was asking about Batman Begins (2005, by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard).
  11. I have borrowed the following soundtracks/scores from my local library, and I would like to listen to the tracks in chronological order. Can anyone help me? Dune (1984) Apollo 13 Independence Day The Mummy (1999) Troy Batman Begins The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) Thanks.
  12. I'm posting from a planet where we watch the movie before we review it or decide to boycott it. It is very simple to live on this planet. If we read about a movie and we are not interested in watching it, then we don't watch it. If we want to watch it, we do. After viewing the movie, we may decide if we like the movie or not. Sometimes we tell other people our opinions, even when no one else cares. For example, I have seen both Terminator and "T2." After veiwing each movie, I decided that they sucked. Based on my experiences, I decided to not bother with the third Terminator movie. I h
  13. I already had the 3 released BttF OST/scores, and the trilogy re-recording. Thank you Nemesis, and thank you Delorean90 for your BttF (Part I) compilation. Delorean90, I have read your thread on the trading board. Do you mind clarifying the source of each track (bootleg, DVD rip, trilogy re-recording) if not already obvious, adding any additional commentary about the quality of any tracks? Thanks, and Merry Christmas! Whill
  14. Is this worth the money? eBay listing I realize this a bootleg, but I'd really like to have the score at the best possible quality. I only have one complete score (IJatToD) and don't know how to trade it anyway, so I didn't post anything about BttF in the trade sections. Thanks for your advice...
  15. It looks like someone has watched his special features. I stand corrected. But I still think Serkis is a shoe-in, the easiest person to get to be in these movies.
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