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  1. IMO, McCarthy had the best TNG film score. I thought Goldsmith's work on the series was average, except for the Nemesis end credits. I'm totally psyched about the Lost S2 album, though I wish we could get some more Alias music released. Giacchino was the only member of the main creative team still giving his all through the end of the show.
  2. No, but the final cue from "Deus Ex Machina", which is almost the same, if not exactly like "Walkabout", is on the album.
  3. Having listen to the album a few times now, I have two issues: 1) It's missing the cue from the pilot when the camera pans up the mountain. That should have been on the "Hollywood and Vines" track. 2) "I've Got A Plane To Catch", while a fine cue in of itself, totally breaks the mood of the album. I normally don't do this, but I think I'm gonna have to un-check that track on iTunes.
  4. It should be added that "lay" people often refer to music from scores as "songs" when the proper term would be cue.
  5. Just got it, listening right now. It's amazing so far (as expected). I can already see there's at least one track I'd recorded from the DVDs, but I'd expected that too. I'm waiting to hear Locke's walking theme, but it hasn't come up yet. As a side note, whoever comes up with the track names for Giacchino's albums has out done themselves. There's some pretty clever ones on the disc. I wish everyone put this kind of thought into naming their tracks. EDIT: Locke's Theme is on the disc, thank goodness. The one cue that I wanted to have that isn't on it is from Exodus Pt 2, just after Jin is told "He'll never be free." Track 26, "Parting Words" comes close enough, though. In fact, I'd say track 26 is the highlight of the album. It's not my favorite theme of the show, but the way the whole piece builds is fantastic. I will say right now that I do not think that Giacchino's M:I-3 will top this. The producers of Lost give him a tremendous amount of time to play with, like Boone's death, and the full 6 minutes w/o dialogue at the end of the season finale. I don't think he'll get chances like that in a big Hollywood film.
  6. At any rate, the movie will be a hard sell if that spoiler is true. I think the audience would be willing to accept a more serious story, but not that serious.
  7. Does anyone know what the choral lyrics are in Secret Weapons over Normandy? "East Prussian Factory Run" and "Fjords of Norway" sound so cool, I'd really like to know what the choir is singing.
  8. Anyone know where this clip is from? It sounds like Goldsmith to me, but I really have no idea.
  9. Not to interrupt, but has the release date been confirmed? Is it November 22nd as reported? Or December 13 as listed on Amazon?
  10. Can I get a big whiskey-tango-foxtrot here? What kind of a film has an entire album of music "inspired by" it (ugh) released almost three months before the actual movie? I know Disney wants to squeeze every last cent out of it, but this is ridiculous. Do they sense Harry Potter and Zathura breathing down their necks? I wonder...
  11. Man, Peter Jackson has gone the complete reverse of George Lucas. Jackson is quite obviously HALF the man he was even just a year ago. I'm all for fitness, but I hope that the obviously intense changes he's gone through have not had any adverse effects. As for the score, I'll definitely wait to hear it on screen before getting the album.
  12. Well, both have the narration. Have I been gypped by iTunes?
  13. Oh come on, man. The Rocketeer is one of Horner's best. I'm normally the last guy to defend him, but The Rocketeer is one of the few that does not deserve such criticism. Go pick-on "Enemy at the Gates". 8O
  14. I just bought the original Medal of Honor album off iTunes. After listening to it I found that "The Road to Berlin" and "The Road to Berlin (Radio Broadcast)" were the same track. Was this some problem with iTunes? Or are they the same on the album? Also, on the store site, the album name is "Medal of Honor (Original Soundtrack)". However, all but the last two tracks I downloaded have the album as just "Medal of Honor". It's not a big deal for me, but I'd like to know if I got the wrong files somehow.
  15. Agreed. No way this film would be released in February. There is a FAR greater chance it won't be made at all.
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