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  1. Mutter, seems to say they rushed home. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158560983554063&id=17971374062
  2. Just for everyone's info, my friends who play and work with the LSO, say unfortunately nothing has been booked in the diary as yet for Williams to visit London again. At least to perform with the LSO.
  3. Yes, it was me..... Luckily you got your money back, but I ended up not getting refunded as the person who actually paid never refunded me.... live and learn. Started as a favour, but ended up messy and costing everyone.. sorry.
  4. He was doing the rehearsals anyway. Williams was only going to do 1 run through of the program in one rehearsal.
  5. He was in Liverpool UK last week conducting the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for On the Waterfront Live.. He comes here regularly and is excellent. Does pre concert talks to small groups. A very popular choice. I've seen him rehearse and he is very detailed in what he wants and he knows Williams scores very well.
  6. Anyone who wants to cheer themselves up a bit and is in London tonight, I have 1 spare box ticket for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban live in concert, tonight. You can have it for free if you buy the beer! Oh, and I like beer!
  7. Just spoken to one of my colleagues in the LSO, who was saying that they don't as yet know the health issue that has occurred, and that they didn't get to rehearse with him, which they'd expected to do yesterday. Will update when more info becomes available, but the orchestra are as shocked as those attending.
  8. For those that want Raiders, when he conducted this year's Hollywood Bowl concert, he walked on and started with Raiders even though it wasn't listed on the program! Expect something similar.
  9. If anyone living local to Vienna wants to go to the concert on the 4th I have 2 standing tickets that I will gladly donate for FREE to anyone desperate to see Williams and hasn’t managed to get tickets. 2 friends are unable to make it, so these will be going spare. I also have 2 good seats for the concert on the 3rd which I’ll gladly sell , otherwise I shall return these to the box office for resale.
  10. Not sure what Williams would make of this ! starts at 1:30. https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCNews/status/1017485896075997184/video/1
  11. A few video clips of the London Close Encounters. Including 'The Conversation'. (fully orchestrated) and part of the End Credits. Not brilliant quality, but will give you an idea. The Conversation. Opening 'slam' Atonal section. Appearance of the Visitors. End Credits (partial).
  12. Just in case anyone is after this set . Just seen this. Multiple set available. grabbed one for myself to fill a few gaps. 20 cds for £25 ... Bargain. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/John-Williams-John-Williams-Conductor-CD-2018-NEW/292545497512?epid=241921219&hash=item441d1209a8:g:OpQAAOSwrY9a6HNH
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